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Doctor who cured 350 coronavirus patients with 100% success rate speaks out passionately in Washington D.C.

by Lance D Johnson

(Natural News) Dr. Stella Immanuel of the Rehoboth Medical Center in Houston, Texas went viral in a matter of hours after appearing live at the “White Coat Summit” in Washington, D.C. in front of the Supreme Court of the United States. Dr. Immanuel gave a hopeful, passionate speech about curing coronavirus patients with 100 percent effectiveness.

The event was led by an organization called America’s Frontline Doctors, a group founded by Dr. Simone Gold, a board-certified physician and attorney. The group of medical doctors came together and presented a message of hope and addressed a “massive disinformation campaign” about the coronavirus — disinformation that is suppressing immune system modulating cures, treatment, and prevention.

Courageous doctor goes public with covid-19 cure

Dr. Immanuel cured three hundred fifty coronavirus patients with a 100 percent success rate using a combination of hydroxychloroquine (sixty-year-old anti-viral compound with a track record of safety and effectiveness) zinc (an immune system modulating mineral) and azithromycin (broad-spectrum antibiotic).

The original video has already been removed by almost every Big Tech social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube), as the Big Pharma gatekeepers of information try to keep the people in the dark, controlled, afraid, and subservient to an official, helpless narrative. Access the video here at

Dr. Immanuel wrote that the fear, sickness, and deaths were “senseless and unnecessary.”

“Covid19 has a cure,” she spoke. “It’s time for politicians to let doctors be doctors and for doctors to stop being afraid. They can silence a few but not a multitude. Join us in the fight doctors! America needs you!”

Dr. Immanuel said that any study that claims hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) is not effective for treating patients with coronavirus is “fake science.” She knows this for a fact because she used the antiviral medication to help all her patients recover from coronavirus infections.

In fact, Dr. Anthony Fauci, who downplayed the drug’s effectiveness, actually knew about its effectiveness for treating coronavirus for fifteen years, when the NIH published studies on chloroquine’s effectiveness for treating SARS.

Dr. Anthony Fauci trying to suppress effective treatments to force experimental vaccines on people

In what appears to be a matter of corruption, Dr. Fauci is currently trying to convince the world population to stay confined in their homes and to comply to contact tracing, restricted gathering, and indefinite mask wearing until a DNA-altering vaccine is available for population control. Fauci’s guidance has left countless men and women to die from a respiratory infection that could be cured using a simple antiviral, immune system modulating protocol.

The research that Fauci knew about while working at the NIH finds that “Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread.” HCQ is a less toxic derivative of this chloroquine and can help deliver zinc into human cells, halting viral replication and speeding up recovery time for patients. Since the new covid-19 virus is genetically related to SARS, the NIH and Dr. Fauci should have rushed to try the drug and promote its use. Instead, Dr. Fauci began raising money for new vaccines and suppressed the effectiveness of this cheap antiviral molecule.

Instead of reigning from a fearful pulpit and doing photo-ops, Dr. Fauci should be meeting with front line doctors and nurses who care for coronavirus patients first hand. HCQ is an effective prophylactic and therapeutic, stopping the replication of viruses in human cells before and after infection with a live virus.

Dr. Immanuel is a light in a dark world and a true leader in medicine at a time when people are being conditioned to fear their own hands and breath while submitting to arbitrary controls.

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August 2, 2020

I loved her anger and the way she said it like it was. She outshone everyone else in the video and she doesn’t give a stuff about what the architects of this scam say. The world needs more doctors with balls!

Craig Watson
August 2, 2020

Should be obvious to anyone informing themselves the USA’s government wants us dead or bankrupt. They are the enemy. If hcq had been offered free to everyone when this flu bug first hit, nobody would’ve died and nobody would’ve lost their jobs. The government has to be destroyed totally and the country broken up into several new ones asap, for the good of all life on earth. It is the most evil country to ever have existed on earth, far surpassing Nazi Germany in worldwide, and now domestic, genocide.

John Ellis
August 2, 2020


Most people eat a diet that has 400% more fat than food as it comes from the garden, a diet so packed with gooey fat that the red blood cells clump together at the entrance to all your capillaries, reducing blood flow by 50% and clogging up every immune system, internal organ, vein and artery in your body.

For a healthy diet giving you health virus killing antibodies is 10% fat, 10% protean and 80% nutrition rich complex carbohydrates.

Reply to  John Ellis
August 2, 2020

Spot on John, the other things are personal hygiene, wash clothing more often and clean your house properly. Went and visited a friends house the other day and showed them what was living under the mat inside at the front door, the mat needed a good wash.

Reply to  Wesaf
August 2, 2020

Under the mat?….Let me guess….some MI6 guys with a spray bottle of lime juice tagged ‘novichok’.

Reply to  LOL
August 2, 2020

….and why’d they have to take the whole roof off anyway? Was it where all the surveillance cameras were hiding? Can’t leave those traces. Somebody might ask silly questions.

August 2, 2020

I thought her first attempt at a cure by sticking pins in look-a-like covid pin cushions worked for a while but then kind’a fell by the wayside for some reason.

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