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Light versus Darkness – the Final Assault on America is in progress [Video]

The attempt at repression of free speech by companies in the US is making news all over the world

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

Author’s NOTE: To my regret, I am unaware of a good Orthodox Christian perspective on this situation in English. The video clip supplied is a first attempt. If an Orthodox source appears, I will move the current video to be embedded in the story and highlight the Orthodox one, since that reflects my own personal faith. – ASH

There is a coup d’etat on in the United States. Dark forces are trying to seize control of the country and its people.

This kind of line has been used in the US for decades, usually by conspiracy theorists and severely introverted left- and right- wing nutters that often get in very heated discussions about this… only to eventually fizzle away into the vast static noise that marks a free press as it does in the US. While such thought was often discussed, it was never taken seriously because overall we seemed to witness a relatively free press, if somewhat biased.

This began to erode very rapidly in 2015-2016 as government insiders met and conspired about what to do to prevent Donald J. Trump from winning the election. His accession to the White House was definitely not in their plans. Somebody more malleable, like Jeb Bush, or Hillary Clinton (who is both more and less of a power broker than many of us want to believe, but she IS on the inside track of THE PLAN). They did not want a populist who would actually carry out the will of the Deplorables and the Great Unwashed who just were too stupid, really, to see the things that really needed to be done to the world.

Compared to now, though, 2015-2016 looks like a free press unrivaled in the world. Now we have blatant moves by big companies and known people and faces: Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Jack Dorsey (Twitter), the great search engine Google and its subsidiary YouTube. CNN, MSNBC, CBS, The New York TimesThe Washington Post, and so many more now, all united in their efforts to do one thing and one thing only:

Stop Donald Trump from doing what he promised to do, and by any means necessary, to prevent his re-election.

The American people have been brought to this point, and many of them do not even know it happened. Those that make CNN and MSNBC their world probably have no idea what the issue with Hunter Biden and China even is, or why it is being brought up. How can this be? Easy. These news sites have not breathed a word of it. Not a whisper nor a hint. They did try to float the idea that President Trump has a Chinese bank account, and that story seemed to die of lack of interest… like a lead balloon. So, what? said the American public, but many still may have no idea that this is a block against the GOP’s October Surprise.

Since we have more of an ability to express thoughts and stories freely here (not total, but more), I wish to directly make a bit of speculation for those who may have interest in reading it. As in all speculation of this type, I may be wrong, for it IS but speculation, though arrived at by careful analysis of what I see taking place in this election fight. There appear to be several points and possibilities:

  • The outcome of this election is not knowable by any attempt to follow trends. The polling is too partisan and political to be taken seriously by anybody on either side.
  • Trump supporters who are rejoicing in their great numbers in rallies should not discount the tiny and spotty rallies and public performance by Kamala and Joe. Most of their supporters are afraid of COVID and would never gather in great public masses. This reflects a massive psychological and spiritual difference between the two camps. They do not exist in one another’s context and should not be evaluated according to one’s own context.
  • Reports keep coming in of astonishingly large amounts of money to keep Biden’s campaign going. The sources of that money are not reported in any obvious sense on the sources that I follow. That can mean (a) it is Soros money, which is quite likely – Soros has a good ability to hide when doing things like this. (b) Everybody on the Left is desperate to shore up their frontsmen – er, candidates and this money may be used effectively enough to swing the election their way.
  • Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, if elected, will not last the first year. The powers behind them are desperate and very likely to be sloppy and quite abrupt in their seizure of control of the country. I do not expect either of them to survive. The current fear over COVID may provide perfect cover for what looks like a tragic demise, but will in fact be a pair of assassinations. These will be carried out by LEFT-wing sources – the Radicalized Democrats and the powers behind them. Those powers have the following objectives:
  1. The abolition of Christianity in the US. – The secularists know that the Right’s strength springs from belief in God. The early attacks against Christian churches that really try to do the deal will increase in a way not seen since 1917, and it will be worse.
  2. The marginalization of anybody with conservative viewpoints. – Say goodbye to more people in the alternate media – Steve Turley, Tucker Carlson, Fox News as a whole perhaps, Breitbart – anybody holding traditional conservative views will be cut out of the mainstream of communications and commerce. This is already underway and will increase if the Democrats win.

After that, I cannot see what comes next. But with these events, the United States, while perhaps remaining intact in name, will no longer exist. The Democrat radicals seek to punish those who oppose them, and many conservatives will simply comply, just as almost all of our Church leaders worldwide all complied with the secular authorities on COVID-19. To shut down prayer services in the time when logically they are needed the most would have been unconscionable even five years ago. But almost everybody, and tragically, even from the oldest and most traditional Christian communions worldwide, and especially in the US and the West, hardly even bothered to explain what or why we were shutting down. In fact, it seems like they welcomed the break. Think about it.

Even our Russian hierarchs demonstrated a tragic lack of resolve in many significant cases, and their refusal to either stand up for Christ no matter what, or (if the virus really is that serious) to pastorally and seriously explain to the people that rely on their positions as overseers of the Church why these measures, never taken before in the history of Christianity, are being done now…

You get the idea, I am sure.

It may seem like I am hyper-focused on something that ought not mean that much – religious faith. Such is the state we are all suffering from due to decades of luxury and comfortable living, where praying to God for a better job or a nice car was all most of us ever really did. We created much of a secular paradise with our technology and distractions and we continue to do so. This is not likely to change, but all of our fantastic technology and luxury has come with a price – the softening and erosion of the kind of faith in God that actually sustains our existence, more than food and more than drink.

Such faith is what gave many people the courage to stand up to tyranny and oppose it, because they knew that there was something better that should be pursued. Faith kept generations of Americans free because we understood that liberty is a gift from our Creator, and not something we deserve, but nevertheless, cherish, even to giving our lives to defend it.

Faith gave Mahatma Gandhi the resolve to face off and defeat the British Empire without firing a shot. Faith of Christian believers facing the lions in the Collisseum led to the Roman Empire becoming the longest lasting and Christian empire on earth. The ending of slavery came about because of people of faith like Abraham Lincoln and the fulfillment of freedom for all came through the faith followed by Dr. Martin Luther King.

And now, our faith is so soft that people are afraid to go to a church to pray. Now the pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church cannot even defend the teachings of St Paul or Christ himself, upon which the 2000 year history of the Church rests.

The struggle going on in the United States is not the only struggle in the world in this area, but at this time, I believe it is the pivotal struggle. Of all the things the US brags about being “first and best” at, this is not something that is worthy of pride – our rejection of how we came to be in the first place, and our abandonment of the principles that made America truly the most amazing nation on earth for most of its short history.

The world will go on without the United States as a force for good, but it may suffer if the powers that want to control America decide to deploy its vast power for their purposes.

Donald Trump probably looks remarkably frail in light of all that you have read. But he stands for the country as it was founded, and despite many errors and secularist ways he himself has, I have never seen an American leader stand in defense of Christianity like he does, nor of life, nor of those things that are good, beautiful, honest, holy, pure and true.

He ain’t perfect, as many would say, but he is who God has given us, and he is on the right side.



The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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