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Democrat-pushed Mueller SPECTACLE continues to oppress the United States

Recent move by Democrat Party to sue Trump, Russia and Wikileaks symptomatic as President Trump’s campaign shows up clean

The Democrats are incredulous, one might suppose. They cannot seem to get over the fact that President Trump is simply not like they are.

After all, their party rigged their own primary in 2016 to make sure that Hillary Rodham Clinton was to be the nominee. The Party threw their very popular candidate, Bernie Sanders, completely under the bus. Of course, he also opted to join them, despite his own campaign rhetoric being in stark contradiction with much of what Hillary’s campaign was about.

The only thing they shared in common was a (D) by their name as candidate.

In Michael Goodwin’s piece in the New York Post, the reason for the Democrat despair is given: Mueller is simply not finding anything wrong with President Trump’s election campaign, no signs of collusion with Russian agencies or anything else. Mueller’s bizarre and unbridled investigation is reeling along from person to person, looking for something but coming up empty save for minor process crimes which are themselves largely driven into existence by Mueller’s questioning, a.k.a. interrogation techniques.

Says Goodwin:

In a move that reeks of desperation, the DNC filed a civil suit Friday against President Trump’s campaign, Russia and WikiLeaks, alleging a vast (right wing!) conspiracy to tip the election to Trump.

The suit’s flamboyant charges made headlines, but that only served to obscure the real meaning. Namely, that top Dems are giving up their fantasies that special counsel Robert Mueller will deliver them from political purgatory by getting the goods on Trump.

The trashy suit is their way of trying to keep impeachment and Russia, Russia, Russia alive for the midterms in case Mueller’s probe comes up empty.

Truth be told, party leaders are right to be disheartened by setbacks in the War against Trump. For the second time, the president was told he is not a target of Mueller, this time by Rod Rosenstein, the deputy assistant attorney general who created Mueller.

While Trump could still become a target, the odds of that happening decline by the day.

President Trump has repeatedly stated that although the investigation is pointless, he has no intention of blocking it or of firing the Special Prosecutor, Robert Mueller. This is wise, as such a move would be taken by the rapacious Dems and press as a sign of guilt.

However, former New York City Mayor, and former federal prosecutor Rudy Giuliani has been brought aboard the Trump legal team. He is a very capable legal expert and although it is unclear exactly what his presence on the legal team will bring, speculation runs that he may be able to pressure the investigation to be ended.

The nation is hobbled by this stupid investigation. Although the ending of the Mueller probe will not stop the Deep State and the likes of CNN and other lefty- or Trump-opposing media outlets from blasting away at him, the ending of the RussiaGate debacle would be helpful in easing the hysteria and Russophobia that is promulgated upon the American people.

Then we could more easily get good things done with a great partner nation.

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