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Dead Man Voting

If Joe Biden does become President shortly, he will have many people to thank. Alas, some of them won’t hear him because they are pushing up daisies.

On November 5, Adam Laxalt and Ric Grenell gave an outdoor press briefing in Nevada in which they pointed out that dirty tricks had been used in the election. Predictably, a local news outlet reported the story as Trump campaign alleges ‘illegal votes’ in Nevada, provides no evidence, totally ignoring the fact that they were accompanied by a woman who when she went to vote was told she had already voted.

Last month, officials in Florida discovered what can only be called a plot to register dozens of dead people as Broward County voters. Would it surprise you to learn most of these had been Democrats? Pundits including Michelle Malkin have pointed out the likelihood of voter fraud in other states, including Wisconsin.

The sad truth is that nothing should surprise anyone when it comes to Democrat dirty tricks. The contrast between the Trump campaign and the Biden campaign was staggering. Trump traversed the country with the vigour of a man a third of his age, and everywhere he went he was greeted by adoring crowds. When he emerged from his basement, Biden could barely muster an audience of a few dozen including staff. Are we really expected to believe this election was even close much less that Biden won it?

Talking of dead men, where is William Barr? Indictments against the conspirators are now long overdue, and as the election is all over apart from some of the counting, it is surely time for justice to be served.

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November 6, 2020

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