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Bill Gates TED talk says Reduce Population 4 TIMES!! MUST WATCH

(From Humans Are Free)

Bill-derberg Gates thinks he is at a eugenics meeting and openly discusses population reduction via vaccines and “healthcare.”

Did you know? Bill Gates’ Father Was The Head Of ‘Planned Parenthood’ And Inspired His Population Control Views

Bill Gates Paralyzed Half A Million Children With Polio VaccinesDo We Really Want HIM Vaccinating The World For Coronavirus?

Also read: Bill Gates Is The Biggest Depopulationist Alive

It’s Time To Launch An Investigation Into The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation For Possible ‘Crimes Against Humanity’

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December 31, 2020

Seriously?? !!!! May be should get Bill Gates to stand in line with his whole family and Kids what’s good for the world population is good for him !!

January 1, 2021

Origins of Nazism,ideas that were popular among the elites in the Anglo Saxon world in the late 19th century and the early 20th century ,who admired the teachings of Lycururgus ,and wanted to re-imagine the Spartan law giver for the modern world to improve the race,this is to some is a odious philosophy if implemented in our world ,and would be untenable,but the new elites like Bill Gates keep trying,it is true that over population will be a problem for future generations,and the once absurd idea of humans living off world will be one day a real thing,but still eugenics… Read more »

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January 1, 2021

That’s what a huge fortune does to a low thinking/ I’m superior to you/
I have big bucks, so should be the “leader”, type of ugly bonehead….

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