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Aussies weigh in on American election with verdict: Biden is a joke. [Video]

It is encouraging to know that outside the maelstrom of US media other sources see what is going on.

A new week begins, and after the big news that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is no more, the train of funny and poignant REAL news is launched. The Sky News Australia program “Outsiders” featured quite an interesting video montage detailing the activity in the United States concerning the runup to the Presidential election this November.

The verdict of the three-member panel was pretty clear. This looks like Trump is dominating the campaign. By contrast, the day Justice Ginsburg passed, the Biden campaign simply announced a day off for their man.

A campaign like this is too weird to comprehend. But what is even more weird is the level of uncertainty there really is about the outcome of the election.

What does this mean?

It appears to mean that some Americans are so utterly ignorant of reality that they actually would vote for this really poor, poor man. It further appears that there are enough such Americans that they might succeed in getting this tired, worn out guy to actually reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20500.

However, hope springs eternal that regular educated people still number in the majority in the US, whether they be Democrats or Republicans, and if this video montage below is representative of where the country really is, then this bears good news. Not conclusive news, but at least hopeful.


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One Good Joke Deserves Another
One Good Joke Deserves Another
September 22, 2020

“Obama gave our secret hypersonic missile plans to Russia and the rest, they stole. That’s how they came to build their less than super duper missiles and thanks to me, we now have one that flies five times faster than the speed of light. You knew that, right? You knew that, right?”

Can’t get much closer to being a joke than that, eh? The moral of the American story is:

“One good joke deserves another.”

David Bowlas
David Bowlas
September 22, 2020

Well Well Well!!!! She didn’t weigh in over Julian Assange apparently, or if she did—– it shows that she wasn’t the heavy weight person that we are all being bombarded with. ie The Sky News Australia program

Simple Truths
Simple Truths
September 25, 2020

Bidens, the family of carpetbaggers ready to deal with the scum of the Earth for brown bags full of mere millions. At least the Clintons knew how to suck out billions. Must be the sell your soul on the cheap year for the DNC.

The Persecution Of Posie Parker

DEMS WARN, Pack court, riots. Pelosi, IMPEACH Trump & Barr. NANCY-BOT system reboot