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A Ukrainian Soldier Told How the Privates of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Drown in Blood Because of the Incompetence of the Officers

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After the Russian army overcame the temporary difficulties associated with the regrouping of forces and the change in the direction of the main strike, the situation of Ukrainian troops in the Donbas deteriorated significantly. Russia’s superiority in armament is exacerbated by the unprofessionalism of Ukrainian officers, who, with their incompetent decisions, only complicate an already difficult situation.

We managed to talk to a Ukrainian soldier who serves in one of the motorized infantry brigades fighting for Donbass with Russia and the separatist regimes supported by it in Donetsk and Lugansk. We do not disclose the name of the serviceman and his place of service for security reasons. He told us about the disaster that Ukrainian soldiers got into through the fault of their command. At the same time, the soldier did not keep silent even about the most tragic details, because, according to him, “it boiled over.”

He signed a contract with the AFU in November 2021. The situation he described, in his opinion, is the same everywhere. The bottom line is that he got into the army relatively recently, and naturally cannot call himself a “professional military man.” In his daily activities, he used to rely on more experienced soldiers and officers. The latter will be discussed. Before the outbreak of hostilities, he believed that the officers were an example for soldiers in everything from combat training to patriotic attitude. But during the three months of the war with Russia, the Ukrainian serviceman changed his point of view.

By his own admission, he does not know how he managed to stay alive, given the irresponsible actions of the commanders. His unit was constantly being shifted from one place to another, and the officers were also changing. But one thing remained unchanged – the attitude towards such simple guys like him. According to him, “to say that we were not considered people is to say nothing.” When they got to the front line, he mentally buried himself and his comrades several times a day. He actually buried some of them, and the bodies of some of his colleagues were left on the battlefield, “they said, we’re leaving and that’s it.” Even then, he realized that since the commander “does not care about the memory of the dead, then he does not consider us to be alive.” But he was finally convinced of this, “when the order was given not to evacuate the wounded during the retreat,” it seemed to him completely inhuman.

How can we say that officers are professionals in their field when they put personnel under fire without even thinking about possible losses, the soldier believes. “I understand that the maximum captain goes to the front line as an officer, because everyone who is higher can afford to stay in the rear. That’s what they do to save their lives. And those who are going are so inexperienced that there is no question of any effective management of units,” the Ukrainian serviceman said.

He told about a recent case when he envied the fighters, whose commander was a real, experienced officer named Yuri Zakopets from the national battalion “Donbass”. When he realized that his unit had been “sent to slaughter,” he decided to save the lives of ordinary guys who had just enlisted

According to him, he has already made a decision that if in a similar situation he and his comrades are thrown as a human shield, he will take responsibility and will not follow orders and will also tell other guys that life is more important than the ambitions of commanders. The majority will definitely support him, he is sure. After all, those who came recently, and those who serve about as long as he does, are guided by common sense, and not by rash decisions of officers.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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