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A Reflection on Five Essays (or, Send in the Clowns)

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Mark S. Stephens, PhD

This composition offers a retrospective critique (and extension) of my five articles that The Duran was kind enough to post to their website over the past year.  In the time that has intervened since their internet publication, historical developments have largely, but not completely, vindicated the observations and predictions therein articulated.  But, rather than subject the reader to a narcissistic self-congratulatory monograph extolling whatever perspicacity may have been displayed in that five-piece series (a “pentagraph?”),  I judge it more profitable to here examine the mistakes I made while authoring those essays (with their submission dates appended, according to Texas time). 

#1- “Le Mirage Rouge Coup d’État”

(Oct. 31, 2020)

An initial inspiration for this article was the unusual pre-election speculation, then profusely circulating, concerning possible Pentagon intervention into the 2020 presidential election.  And now, amazingly, discussion of analogous army activities has already resurfaced.  In mid-December of 2021, an open letter from three retired generals (Anderson, Eaton, and Taguba) has again previewed the possibilities for such coup-like intrusions.  Reading between the lines of this piece, it appears the Deep State wants everyone to prepare for another stolen 2024 presidential contest.  In particular, the generals strongly recommend for the armed forces to “identify, isolate, and remove” all educated Patriots so that no one will be in a position to challenge another Big Steal from some “Trumpian loser.”  It is looking more and more like the United Soviet States of America around here (pending our complete “Haitification,” of course).

The next reflection regarding this opening piece (and the other four, as well) is that all writers need an editor.  But alas, to my limited knowledge, all mainstream professional copyreaders are bought and controlled by The System, the very existence of which I am dedicated to undermine.  Hence, I must somehow try to be my own editor, a possibly impossible task.  That syntactical and literary delimitation being admitted, I now turn to specific errors in my analysis.

One possible shortcoming of this article is the uncertain time frames of my findings concerning mail-in ballot deadlines.  I referenced various “pre-pandemic” parameters that may have actually been determined after March of 2020.  I am neither an attorney nor an expert in election law.  Hence, some indeterminacy is attendant to minor details in the relevant paragraph.  My emphasis on mail-in voting may also have been slightly misplaced, as I have now learned that some tabulation machines (not necessarily Dominion’s) were so tightly pre-programmed that they would cancel the president’s reelection, no matter how many physical ballots were cast (legally or illicitly).

My next mistake was to believe that, under predicted outcomes, The System would have little choice but to report that Trump won a majority of the Electoral College (EC).  And, of course, he actually did.  As I was then thinking, the only way to overcome Trump’s impending landslide was if crooked jurisdictions reported an impossible voter turnout exceeding 100% of eligible voters.  But my presumption that the media and courts could not ignore such obviously irrefutable data proving undeniable fraud was mistaken.  When these proofs eventually emerged (as when Pennsylvania reportedly revealed almost 200,000 more votes than voters), they were astonishingly ignored.  I am still “pinching myself” over this revelation, chagrined at underestimating my country’s utterly surreal level of corruption.  This error also explains why I spent so much time examining possible Congressional routes to thwarting Trump’s victory.

Another problem with my essay was to think that Republicans would retake the House and retain the Senate.  While the latter did happen in reality (the Georgia Senate runoffs were nakedly stolen from Republicans, as revealed in Byrne’s The Deep Rig), House control did not flip to the GOP.  Perhaps they missed their majority because of more election theft, but I have not yet seen the evidence of this.  Ultimately, I am not very confident of House election rigging in 2020, because stealing dozens of those seats could have produced a backlash in support of Trump’s fraud claims.  As long as House RINO’s were not themselves being cheated, they would be happy to sit on their hands regarding presidential re-election thievery.  But Republicans did almost capture the lower chamber, in defiance of most polls, which might mitigate my error a bit.

Also, I definitely underappreciated the extent of venality among Establishment Republicans.  While I did write they might embarrass me on this score, I was (and still am) gob-smacked that so many of them are so totally rotten.  For some reason, I continually underestimate human degeneracy.

     Another recurring problem of mine was a certain over-specification of some predictions.  For example, while Trump did indeed fire Secretary Esper, and tried to fire Director Wray (but was reportedly blocked by Bill Barr), he did not dismiss Director Haspel or declassify reams of documents (as I thought he would).  I should have been less categorical in those forecasts (employing words like “probably.”)  The underlying reasons for these misapprehensions might be found in the stories of Establishment Republicans (such as Senator McConnell) threatening Trump if he stepped too far out of line in his last days in office.    

  I should have been similarly less categorical when foretelling an attempted Section 230 crackdown.  While Trump actually did try to rein-in that legal exemption for Big Tech, he did so as a “lame duck” (I had written that he would go after 230 after being reelected).  I also speculated that Biden would “tear down the border wall.”  While this has not literally been done, it has figuratively been erased.  I leave it to the reader to decide if that constitutes prediction invalidation or not.  

Other prognostications will need more time to judge.  Time will tell if they try another national lockdown, but if they don’t, I made another mistake there.  Also, my assertion that Biden will “quickly” resign or be replaced needs rephrasing.  I should have written that His Fraudulence will not last his full term due to self-evident senility.  In my defense, the horrifying prospect of a Harris fake presidency may have stalled the “hand of Brutus,” thus prolonging Creepy Joe’s tenure as Imposter-in-Chief.

#2- “An Open Letter from MAGA Country to Our President”

(Nov. 20, 2020)

Unlike the other four, this brief essay was less an explication of events than a reaction to them.  Simultaneously living through a pandemic/scamdemic and The Big Steal was a historically intense clown-world experience, to put it mildly.  Ultimately, if there is anything illuminating to be gleaned from this missive, it might be the “taste or smell” of the transformative times during which it was composed.  In that sense, perhaps this piece’s best (or only?) contribution is lending future readers some appreciation for (or a “snapshot” of) the surreal atmosphere of incredulity and concern that was then thick enough to cut with a knife.  

Initially, I thought my biggest mistake in this piece was calling for Trump to stay in Washington.  Maybe if he had hit the road and staged dozens of rallies attended by millions, I once believed, the president could have mobilized sufficient momentum to overturn the theft of his reelection.  Now, though, I am reasonably confident that a nation-wide whirlwind series of rallies would have simply been subjected to the same variety of false-flag/antifa attacks that we witnessed on January 6.  Trump might have held two or three stops at most, but manufactured violence would have probably shut down any putative presidential “Stop the Steal” tour.

In extended retrospect, however, the biggest mistake I made in this open letter was to presume the loyalty of Mike Pence.  In hindsight, of course, Vice President Pence and Attorney General Bill Barr were deep cover agents of the Swamp, not Trump loyalists (as they most assiduously pretended to be).  They were there (along with Jared Kushner?), very strategically placed, to guarantee The Donald could not do anything drastically threatening to The System (like becoming reelected).  I should have known that pair (or trio) was dirty as ditchwater, particularly given their history.

 Barr had a long record of whitewashing Establishment corruption (e.g. the BCCI and Iran-Contra scandals).   And now, the former AG’s notoriously noxious nature has just been reconfirmed.  In early November 2021, a number of reporters from Project Veritas were raided by the FBI as the result of a probe reportedly earlier initiated by Barr himself.  James O’Keefe’s Veritas organization has probably been the most intrepidly successful group of investigative journalists in the country, as the lawfare against them proves.

Then, there was Pence’s conspiratorial role in the firing of Lt. General Michael Flynn.  In retrospect, it seems quite clear that The System was afraid of this general.  While Flynn was at the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), one may recall, he had made the incendiary prediction that American aid for so-called “moderate” Syrian rebels could actually lead to the strengthening of “Salafist” (radical Muslim) militants.  The fact that the US was a leading supporter of Islamic terrorism was one of the most forbidden taboos in Washington.  By revealing this (open) secret, Flynn had committed the unforgivable sins of telling an important truth, advising against pointless bloodshed, and demonstrating personal integrity (the “trifecta” of Washington no-noes).   What’s more, as former head of the DIA, the general knew the Deep State well.  From a perch in the White House, he could have made heads (figuratively) roll from one end of the capital to the other

Indeed, I have long felt that the scenario the Establishment most feared was for Trump to team up with Flynn and Roger Stone.  In tandem with the president, this savvy and experienced duo had the best shot at actually helping the president to drain the Swamp.  Such an eventuality had to be forestalled at all costs, including sacrificing whatever integrity may have remained in the federal legal system.  That is the reason for this pair’s profoundly and persistently pernicious persecution.    

At the end of the day, my open letter does leave me with a tantalizing “What if?” hypothetical.  What if the president had, as I suggested, offered a pardon to the first five election stealers in each state that turned states’ evidence?  Would that have worked?  Probably not, since the first few “stoolies” would soon die in “mysterious” car crashes, etc., thus ending the defections tout de suite.  In support of this conclusion, I remind the reader of what happened to the boyfriend of Governor Kemp’s daughter.  In the middle of Georgia’s post-election maelstrom, this young man (Harrison Deal) was killed in an auto accident so “fiery” that his engine block was somehow ejected a considerable distance down the road.  The “hint” was duly registered, and thereafter Kemp resolutely refused to convene the state legislature (thus preventing it from addressing The Steal).    

#3-“An Update for Le Mirage Rouge Coup d’État”

(Nov. 28, 2020)

There might be less to fault in this article, simply because it was more descriptive than predictive. But the piece was still far from perfect. One observation I should have made regarding Pennsylvania AG Josh Shapiro’s categorical assurance of a Biden victory was this: I have never before seen an attorney general “guarantee” a specific electoral outcome before the vote was taken.   Also, one likely instance of a needed rephrasing might be my mention of the “Pennsylvania State Senate” that perhaps should have been written as “Pennsylvania state senators,” since the referenced Gettysburg meeting was not of the whole body. 

Another possible fix might consist of adding the words “one of” before describing the election heist as the “biggest psy-op in US history,” since the September 11 event(s) and the Communist Covid Cult might be considered as even more far reaching than The Big Steal.  However you rate them, though, all three of these breathtakingly audacious deception operations might be considered as interwoven segments in the greater conspiracy for establishing the New World Order.  

 Another possible critique of this paper might be that I spent too much time examining possible court challenges, as events later proved that our legal system would reflexively prostrate itself before the steamroller of The Big Steal with astonishingly supine spinelessness.  When I wrote that the civil mutiny across the nation might enrage judges, I failed to consider that, on a sufficiently large scale, such contempt of the law might instead cower the judiciary.  Given such omnipresent and resolute impudence as was then on display, I imagine that Judge Roberts could have argued to colleagues that if the Supreme Court issued orders in support of Trump (say, to delay certifications) those rulings would have just been ignored in a national rebellion against the judiciary, irreparably damaging its authority.  

Much like the 1937 “stitch in time that saved nine” (NLRB v. Jones and Laughlin Steel), the high court was, most unusually but also most strategically, turning down a chance to further aggrandize its influence because so doing would embolden efforts to emasculate their already held powers.  Seen in this light, this branch of government was, like all others, still effectively seeking to maximize its significance (but this time, by not losing it in a futile effort to overturn the electoral heist).  More specifically, had the Court sided with Trump, all his formidable enemies would have turned on it, resulting in a political onslaught that would likely have mortally wounded that institution.  It is ironic, then, that with this craven attempt to selfishly protect prestige and influence, the Court so totally debased itself that we should no longer call its members “Justices.”

#4- “The Political Anatomy of The Big Steal”

“Fraud-auguration Day”

(Jan. 20, 2021)


This piece contains a few possible misjugments, one of which may be rather substantial (regarding Giuliani, below).  But first, I cannot avoid extending a quotation cited in this January essay.  One may recall how, in 2020, Fake President Biden was bragging that he had the support of “the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”  Well, the “Freudian slips” keep coming.  On December 14, 2021, His Fraudulence was literally “channeling” Stalin when he told the DNC that: 

The struggle is no longer just who gets to vote,

or making it easier for eligible people to vote-

it’s about who gets to count the vote and

whether your vote counts at all….

Now we look to 2022.  I want to tell all my 

Republican friends, get ready pal, you’re in for a problem.

  Turning now to an error (of omission) in this article: I failed to sufficiently condemn Trump for “fast tracking Big Pharma’s vaccine.”  I made this mistake, one, because the jab was then too new for a “bio-amateur” like myself to confidently condemn, and two, I didn’t know the president was definitely cognizant of vaxx dangers.  In fact, as I have since learned, he was so well aware of the risks associated with current vaccines that he commissioned America’s leading inoculation safety advocate, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., to head up a task force to look into the issue (circa January 2017).  Establishment advisors, plus huge donations from the pharmaceutical industry, put a swift end to this effort, however.   Ultimately, “Operation Warp Speed” will likely be remembered as Trump’s greatest blunder as president.  And, I should have also criticized killing the JCPOA.

Another candidate for a mistake concerns certain (possibly inconsequential) specifics regarding Dr. Sebastian Gorka’s “wrongthink purge” from YouTube (and others?).  Writing “Anatomy” in January, I had reacted to his pompous condemnation of conspiracy theorists by then predicting that Sebastian himself would, ironically, someday fall victim to the very cabal he so loudly insisted did not exist.  Now, after Big Tech did indeed ban him in mid-April 2021, I have a question for the good doctor: How does it feel falling victim to a pernicious plot of the powerful that is nothing more than a figment of my demented imagination?  My only misjudgment here may have been in the precise number of multinational corporations that went after Gorka. 

A more serious possible interpretive error of mine concerns the role of Mayor Giuliani, Trump’s chief lieutenant for contesting The Big Steal.  As I watched Rudy and his allies operate over the course of November and December 2020, it seemed they were making progress.  The mayor appeared optimistic, energetic, lucid, and dedicated to the cause of the Unsteal.  But, as I have written, other (more closely placed) observers were less sanguine in their assessment of the presidential lieutenant’s efforts.  One such critic, Patrick Byrne, has complained that Giuliani was unorganized, ineffective, and/or intoxicated throughout most of Team Trump’s efforts to prevent the electoral heist.   While I cannot asses all of these allegations, we can at least agree that, in the end, Rudy definitely did not succeed in stopping The Steal.

A full explanation for his failure could itself be the subject of an entire article (or book).  But the fact that the mayor did not even come close to thwarting the election’s theft might speak volumes.  Was he (like so many others) yet another plant, a snake in the grass lying in wait to seal Trump’s doom?  Was I fooled yet again?

Let us first consider the leading indicia supporting the contention that Giuliani was a traitor.  For one, recall his background.  For six years, he had one of the most corrupt jobs in all of America- federal prosecutor.  These people are notorious for their political servility and ruthlessly draconian mercilessness.  America’s jails are teeming, to this day, with the victims of their inexhaustible pogroms (like the insane war on drugs or the January 6 persecutions, etc.)  The attack dog manner in which US attorneys went after Stone and Flynn were just well publicized examples of how they have long acted on a quotidian basis.

Next, one should remember that Rudy was mayor of New York City before, during and after the 9/11 attacks.  Whatever strength or courage he may have then exhibited, he was still a major player in the greatest domestic tragedy (then) in American history.  His placement of an emergency command center carelessly adjacent to what would become Ground Zero was suspiciously stupid (because it proved unusable).  At the very least, he should have stopped the even more questionable destruction of the crime scene evidence (e.g., the steel from the Twin Towers and WTC 7 was quickly spirited away before full forensic inspection).  It is most curious that Giuliani played a key role in 9/11 and The Big Steal.  What are the odds that the same person would innocently be at the center of both of the biggest mass hypnosis criminal psy-ops in human history (until arrival of the Communist Covid Cult)?    

However, in fairness, one must always consider exculpatory evidence.  Exempli gratia, the way The System treated Giuliani after the election seems quite telling.  For one, the media savagely turned on him.  The presstitutes who had lionized “America’s Mayor” for years now portrayed the “hero of 9/11” as a deranged lunatic and a danger to democracy.  Fox News, long a mainstay of Giuliani, has reportedly now banished him from appearing on the network.  Even more revealing, Fox has apparently also banned his son, gubernatorial candidate Andrew, from its airwaves.  However, the network does find ample face time for Andrew’s leading rival in the primary.  And, of course, the Establishment’s comedian-whores gratuitously ridicule Rudy at every opportunity.

Furthermore, the government has gone after Giuliani and his friends.  One such associate, Lev Parnas, has fallen afoul of what smells like a political vendetta.  On October 22, USA Today alarmingly reported that Parnas had been convicted of “funnel[ing] money to US political campaigns in an attempt to win favors.”  Wait a minute, this kind of legalized bribery is done dozens of times a day in Washington.  Now it’s a crime?  Then, the prosecutor made the case even more redolent of corruption with his hyper-sanctimonious “victory statement,” sonorously couching the verdict in terms of “protect[ing] the integrity of our free and fair elections…freedoms that Americans hold sacred.”  Sounds like hogwash to me. 

Look, I am done with being insufficiently cynical.  To my jarringly jaundiced eye, everything and everyone coming out of the US government is now guilty until proven innocent.  Accordingly, I must conclude that the Parnas case is about punishing Rudy’s allies as a way of getting to him (as we observed these same people relentlessly do to Trump and his confidants).  It is a classic example from your typical corrupt regime- the political weaponization of the “justice” system (aka “lawfare.”)  It is also a possible indicator that Rudy is genuine.

Also on his behalf, one should note that the mayor has been stripped of his law license for the “crime” of representing his presidential client.  I have never heard of this before.  Lawyers have long revered their reputation as intrepid defenders of the accused, even if the crime in question was mass murder or child rape.  But now, providing legal counsel to the West’s Last Chance (Trump) is an abominable transgression?  Alas, in the age of Trump Derangement Syndrome, no insanity surprises me anymore.  

Giuliani is also currently being “slow-roasted” in a billion-dollar lawsuit from the Dominion voting machines company in the wake of his allegations concerning their impropriety.  And, I expect that the Congressional “January 6” inquisition, I mean committee, is collectively drooling at the prospect of raking the mayor through the coals.  Also, let us not forget that Rudy had his Manhattan home raided and ransacked by a team of federal agents- another sign of his probity in this Clown Age.  In that search, 16 electronic devices (with thousands of items on them) were confiscated as part of a continuing probe.

A preliminary judgment might conclude that the preponderance of evidence seems to be on Giuliani’s side.  But, again, I have so often underestimated the treachery of Trump’s inner circle, and the Republican Establishment in general, that I must remain wary of any exoneration.  One development that might end this mystery of motives would be if Rudy is sued into oblivion by Dominion,  Ironically, if the former mayor of NYC ends up living in a one room apartment in the Bronx, we’ll know, well and truly, that he is a real Patriot!  But, if he completely “skates” out of all his legal troubles, that might indicate he’s dirty.  The most telling “tell” might be the way the mayor is posthumously characterized by the corporate presstitutes.  Much like, in death, the bloodthirsty madmen George Bush Sr. and Colin Powell became recast as heroes, officialdom’s Rudy eulogy might be quite revealing of his true role in history.

#5- “Requiem for a Republic: A Political Obituary”

(Sept. 11, 2021)

One possible metaphorical misfit in this essay was my comparison of the Covid Cult to Soviet Russia.  While historical analogies are usually fraught with incongruities, a significant mismatch here concerns the vaxx.  As we know, the USSR mainly sent their dissident minority to the death camps, but today’s Cult want to give the death shot to everybody (except certain “chosen ones,” who seem to be faking their jabs).  This situation makes our optimum defense strategies rather tricky.  

While people in safer places (like Red States) can afford to hibernate until an opening presents itself for a peaceful uprising or, more likely, political secession (as I am doing), others might not have this luxury.  In medium bio-tyranny areas (like France or an American Cult Corporation), sickouts/strikes seem to be an effective option.  But in the Covid-hells, I am not sure what the best course of resistance might be.  For example, on November 22, Covid “positives” (and even their virus-negative contacts!) in Australia’s Northern Territory were reportedly being forcibly shipped to quarantine prisons by the state.  These people, in the most “Cultivated” places, are in a bind.  As one beset by the “pacifist’s curse” (i.e., diffidence), I admit to perhaps an excessive reticence for action.  Nonetheless, I do offer below an idea that might be useful.

Perhaps the most successful strategy to break free from the Cult would simply be overwhelmingly massive non-compliance.  This will require some planned synchronization, which may be difficult if social media demons censor the campaign.  But, if enough people, in any jurisdiction, act as if lockdown is over, then it should be over.  

For example, if a million or two Austrians (jabbed and non-jabbed), just peacefully and simultaneously took to the streets, opening and patronizing their restaurants, bars, gyms, theaters, and shops, then that might finalize victory of the people.  The System simply can’t lock all these people up, right?  If just a few citizens defy the Cult, then those resisters might be done for; but hundreds of thousands of people at once?  Of course, a one-day march of millions is great, but just pretending lockdown is over should be more effective.  Rather than marching in the streets, try marching to normalcy instead.  This idea is so simple that it just might work (but requires bravery and coordination).

The closest instance to a factual mistake in my “Requiem” article may have been neglecting to delineate between geographic regions of Australia in my characterization of that continent as under attack by mad Covid Cultists.  On the ground observers report the eastern half of their nation as the part most horridly beset by the medical tyranny, while the western part is much less draconian in its response to the scamdemic.  Perhaps this bifurcation mirrors what I am observing in the USA, where the more leftist regions have the most stringent lockdowns and mandates, while the most conservative parts are relatively free of the virus lunacy.

This political correlation with pandemic reactions is strikingly strong and persistent.  After almost two years of consideration, I am beginning to form an increasingly confident interpretation of this phenomenon (at least regarding the States).  My conclusion here is that the more intensely one was devastated by Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) these past few years, the more likely one is to be captured by the Communist Covid Cult (i.e., in proportion to the severity of the TDS “infection.”)  As I wrote in “Requiem,” that Syndrome possesses the most curious property of leaving its victims strangely “allergic to the truth.”  

Hopefully, someone better equipped than I with the analytical tools of (uncorrupted) psychiatry will someday author an authoritative account of Trump Derangement Syndrome and its sociopolitical ramifications.  But even with my own humble skill set, for the past year I just know that whenever I see someone riding alone in a car, windows rolled up and wearing a mask (or two),  I am looking at a TDS-addled liberal (ditto for masked people running alone in the park and masked singers in a choir, believe it or not).  

Some evidence supporting my TDS speculation was recently revealed by an October 2021 University of Texas/Texas Tribune survey that found a stark partisan divide regarding the pandemic.  For one, the poll revealed that Democrats were almost three times more likely than Republicans to wear a mask in public.  Another announced result was that 75% of Democrats consider the virus to still be a “significant crisis,” while only 15% of Republicans feel the same.  This study also revealed that 93% of Democrats have been Covid “vaccinated,” while only 59% of Republicans have conceded to be Bill Gates’ guinea pig.  But even more worrisome, three-quarters of “Demoncrats” have or will inject their children with the experimental gene-hijacking “vaccine,” while only half of Republicans are so horrifyingly stupid.

This data set seems confirmed by a Rasmussen Report from early December of 2021.  Their survey found that 64% of Republicans are concerned about vaccine side effects, while only 52% of Independents and 45% of Democrats shared that apprehension. Does all this mean that there might even be identifiable morphological incongruities in the brains of people beset by TDS?  What might we see if we put leftist crania under an MRI scanner?  Like the “Magnum-bluffed” suspect in that Dirty Harry film, “I gots to know!” [sic]

Another supplemental set of observations concerns current electoral integrity reforms (of which I wrote skeptically in “Requiem.”)  The reader may recall my recommendation for the institution of paper receipts as a universal feature for casting ballots.  We may actually see this recommendation someday becoming reality as Arizona’s leader of The Unsteal, Rep. Mark Finchem, is now running to become that state’s Secretary of State.  It is my impression that, if elected to this position, he would establish a form of printed voucher similar to my own proposal.  I will be keeping my eyes in the Honorable Mr. Finchem’s direction.

Another shortcoming in my “Requiem” essay was a failure to address a dangerous pitfall inherent to my suggestion for a voter ID requirement.  Official identification agencies (such as the DMV) are requiring progressively more intrusive scans before issuing ID cards.  This means that, in order to vote, people will have to submit to increasingly invasive data captures.  I can envision these eventually becoming biometric scans of your ten fingerprints, face, iris, voice-print, gait, and even heartbeat.  This information can be used by a Big Brother system to track people anywhere.  Accordingly, we will need to stipulate that only a single fingerprint will ever be required for a voter ID.

Some might consider citing Terry McAuliffe’s Virginia defeat as evidence that I have been too defeatist, clear proof that not all elections are rigged by the Democrats’ cheat machine.  This is one possible interpretation, but I prefer a more sardonic alternative.  What we might be seeing here is not honest voting, but a purge of the Clinton faction by its main contending elite subdivision- the Barry Sotero (aka Obama) faction.   I will now set out the case for this construal of events.

A Brief Aside on Factional Politics

Throughout history, whenever a leader (apex elite) is weaving and wobbling, clearly approaching a toppling from power, a jockeying for pole position almost inevitably occurs among those seeking to replace that figure.  Today, it seems increasingly undeniable that Fake President Biden is not going to last his entire term.  If reports are correct, he is not just incoherent, but also incontinent.  Numerous allegations have recently filtered in from Europe intimating that His Fraudulence not only has trouble staying awake, but also has trouble controlling his bowels.  His Flatulence seems to be “circling the drain,” even as contending factional successors are circling like vultures over him.

The appealing symmetry of this zoological metaphor becomes more complicated, though, when one considers that there may be additional vultures “circling the vultures.”  In other words, while Fake VP Harris might be licking her lips in anticipation of senile Joe’s fall, his loyalists know this and want to forestall their own replacement.  Washington is replete with rumors that relations between these contending camps are growing increasingly strained, even as Harris’ staff flees en masse.

And then, there is Hillary.

The possibilities inherent to any apex elite rotation from power are, even as I write these words, likely leaving her salivating.  People like Mrs. Clinton never stop lusting for power, much like her husband never stopped lusting for women.  Anticipating the Biden administration’s calamitous collapse, she wants to “ride the wake” of this event into replacing The Cackler as VP- Clinton’s last shot at political preeminence.  At the very least, given Harris’ clownishly complete incompetence (she just slept her way to the top), Hillary could reprise Dick Cheney and clandestinely run the government from Number One Observatory Circle (the veep’s residence).  

History is replete with such examples of the hidden “power behind the throne.”  But, this development would also conveniently place Hillary one heartbeat from the presidency.  So, if Harris just “happened to” fatally slip on a banana peel while going down the stairs, Clinton’s ambition for power beyond the dreams of avarice would, at long last, finally be fulfilled.   Or, alternately, Harris is the one to leave office first (one unlikely avenue is said to be a Supreme Court nomination).  Either way, Clinton schemes to pounce.

But “Team Obama” knows Hillary well, and so they are anticipating her move (in this case, familiarity really does breed contempt).  Like most ambitious political factions, they crave complete dominance over the levers of power.  Hence, the Sotero loyalists are pulling out all the stops to forestall Clinton (or her people) from taking control of the Party apparatus (arguably like the Khrushchev and Beria groupings at the time of Stalin’s death).

In sum, as the apex elite teeters, the Biden loyalists want to hold on to their jobs, the Harris and Clinton factions are panting to participate in the pinnacle of power, and Obama’s people want to be the last word in Democrat Party power dynamics (the kingmakers).  With so much at play, Biden’s death spiral might provide the best interpretive context with which to make sense of otherwise befuddling events, as it becomes progressively likely that we are witnessing a power struggle within the higher circles of Democrat elites (and credit to The Duran for helping me assemble this argument).  

A case in point is the recent diplomatic missions to Russia by Victoria Nuland and William Burns.  The first question one might ask is why either of these démarches transpired at all.  Nuland is a notorious Russophobe, despised by that state’s foreign policy elite for, among other things, her central role in the post-2013 Ukrainian Crisis.  She is so mistrusted by the Russians that a previously imposed travel ban had to be lifted for her to even enter the Federation. 

Then, on the heels of her notably (and very predictably) fruitless trip, CIA Director William Burns made a most curious (and initially secret) foray to Moscow himself.  Puzzlingly, he went all the way to Russia to confer with Putin by phone.  Why did the Director travel halfway across the Earth to speak to a leader through a remote device?  What is wrong with the phones in Washington?  Well, it turns out, quite a lot.

Now, it should first be noted, secret diplomatic backchannels are nothing unusual for Dr. Burns.  Not only have these sub-rosa contacts long been his preferred modus operandi, but eponymously even gave his political memoirs its title (The Back Channel, Random House, 2019).  But still, his visit to Russia raised questions, such as why was he afraid to talk on a phone line from the States?  One potential answer, as we learned from Trump’s first impeachment, is that there are many ears listening in.  As Lt. Vindman’s Congressional testimony proved, some of those eavesdroppers are enemies (or factional rivals) of these calls’ interlocutors.  And as we also learned, they will casually use what they overhear as political ammunition.  Hence, Burns may have desired to convey a message that he did not want his domestic rivals to hear.

What might this communication have been?   One supposition is that he was trying, like General Flynn famously did with Ambassador Kislyack, to deescalate the ever-rising tensions between Washington and Moscow.  The Clinton/neocon faction is notorious for its pathological affinity for warfare.  These people have literally maimed or murdered millions in their mad campaigns of destruction (Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, etc).  They are also well known for their demented Russophobia.  While Nuland (Clinton/hawk faction) likely went to pour sand into Washington-Kremlin relations, perhaps Burns (Obama/dove faction?) went to apply a counteracting balm to that rocky rapport.  

History always repeats itself.  Like so many times in the past, our current foreign policy elite might be coalescing into contending factions of hawks and doves (the rivalries within Imperial Japan leading up to Pearl Harbor, or intra-Iranian conflicts regarding the JCPOA, come to mind here).  Of course, this process spills over into domestic politics and the question of who will hold the reins of power when His Fraudulence finally falls.

In this light, we can now possibly make sense of McAuliffe’s electoral defeat: Clinton loyalists (like Terry) are being systematically thrown under the bus, purged to make way for a complete Sotero (Obama) factional takeover.  Ah, but a single sparrow does not a spring make, readers may now be thinking to themselves.  This is a good point, so I now provide additional examples to flesh out my argument.

Take the precipitous demise of the Cuomo dynasty into consideration.  While it might be a stretch to describe this family as Clinton “loyalists,” they do seem more in their corner than Obama’s.  Recall that ex-Governor Andrew Cuomo’s biggest career break came when he was named by Bill Clinton to his first political position in 1993, and then promoted to the cabinet in 1997 (Housing and Urban Development).  Add to this the fact that Obama advisor, Valerie Jarrett, seemed slated to testify against Cuomo in his impeachment trial (he preemptively resigned instead).  Then, when Chris “Fredo” Cuomo was defenestrated from CNN just a couple of months later, I smelled a plot.  Both brothers, being taken out essentially at the same time, raises a red flag.  It reeks of a coordinated (anti-Clinton?) maneuver.  

In further exemplification of my “rivalry politics” assertion, I cite the sudden revival of the John Durham probe into the Russian Collusion Delusion (RCD).  Seemingly moribund for years, Durham (and his DOJ) have, completely out of the blue, recently done the following regarding the RCD:

1-Indicted Clinton confidant Michael Sussmann for lying to the FBI five years ago

2-Accompanied that indictment with an unusually detailed bill of particulars intimating more Clinton loyalists will be targeted 

3-Arrested Clinton operative Igor Danchenko for his role in L’Affaire Russe– a “small fish” perhaps intended to lead up to senior Clinton operatives like Marc Elias and/or Perkins Coie.  (I suspect that it will be easier to “flip” Clinton lackeys than die-hard Trump loyalists, like the indomitably brave and faithful Roger Stone, strong as a rock throughout his abominable Berman/Weissmann/Schiff persecution.  The System is still astonished and furious that they could not “turn” Stone against the president).

4- “Unmasked” Clinton’s senior 2016 campaign advisor, Jake Sullivan, as the previously anonymous “foreign policy advisor” referenced in the Sussmann indictment

5- Also revealed the identity of that indictment’s nameless “PR Executive-1,” as one Charles Dolan, Jr., another longtime Clinton functionary, thereby bringing him “into the crosshairs” as well

6- And, perhaps most revealingly, simultaneously reinstated retirement benefits to the dismissed (and heavily RCD-implicated) FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe (plus paying his half-million in legal fees).  If Durham/DOJ actions were part of a genuine and apolitical crackdown on “Russiagate” corruption, why now reward one of its central perpetrators?  Will McCabe now be turned against the Clintonistas?

 These six developments, in combination with the remarkably lackluster campaigning for McAuliffe by Obama and his acolytes, further lead me to suspect an inter-factional cleansing is underway.  And now, for the “cherry on top” of my argument: it appears that the Democrats again effortlessly arranged for one of those mysterious “late night ballot drops” to give New Jersey Governor, Phil Murphy, the win, but somehow failed to do the same for old Terry in the Old Dominion. 

This apparent decision not to steal the Virginia election may further indicate that Democratic Party is indeed currently in the midst of its own “Night of the Long Knives” in anticipation of Creepy Joe’s looming demise.  And then, when we learn that the victorious Virginia vanquisher, Glenn Youngkin, is a creature of the Carlyle Group, the picture falls into even sharper focus.  In sum, there is no reason to glean much systemic or political optimism from McAuliffe’s demise, since it looks to be more the result of in-fighting than a return to honest voting (or even political awakening?).

My electoral pessimism is reinforced by the obviously fraudulent California process for recalling gruesome Newsom.  Before the vote, criminals were arrested in full possession of reams of blank ballots, while on “recall day,” conservative voters came to the polls only to discover that they had “already voted.”   Then we are told, with a straight face, that Newsom still has about the same amount of popular support as he did in his pre-pandemic election.  This is absurd, as the corrupt governor has behaved as a hypocritical and callous control freak since the scamdemic began, carelessly ruining the businesses and lives of countless Californians, even as he insouciantly flouted his own lockdown rules.  

What does this recall-rigging mean for the rest of the country?  Well, along with Roger Stone, I intend to use the 2022 midterms as a barometer of electoral malfeasance for the nation as a whole.  If Liz Cheney wins reelection or the Dems retain the House, for example, even local elections will thereby be proven to be a total sham.  And if the Democrats manage to use the virus as an excuse for 100% mail-in voting, then there will likely be no point in even watching for such indicia.  But, of course, any of these developments would only be academic curiosities, as the country has already irretrievably decayed into a rather unfunny clown-world condition (as I trust was demonstrated in “Requiem.”)  At this point, people might as well devote their lives to the intricate subtleties of Medieval Mongolian Ballet as take the US seriously.

For the Sane Remnant:

Some Final Words (or Talking Points) of Encouragement

For any reader who might feel completely isolated, besieged and surrounded, do not forget that you are not alone in defying The System’s technofascist medical-apartheid geo-dictatorship.  Non-brainwashed professionals are now coalescing into groups such as America’s Frontline Doctors and the International Alliance of Physicians and Medical Scientists.  The former have been organizing the distribution of effective Covid treatments (despite relentless attacks from the Cult), while the latter group has been undertaking informative and encouraging conferences, interviews, and publications.  More recently, I have also learned of the latest effort by Dr. Robert Malone, the actual (co)inventor of mRNA vaccine technology, named “unityprojectonline.”  This group is coordinating a push-back against vaxx mandates for children, as its members fear the jab could cause them permanent organ damage.

Also, Robert F. Kennedy’s new release, The Real Anthony Fauci, might currently be the best-selling book in the country.  By all accounts, it is a devastating exposé of the “bio-lunatics.”  Add to this Joe Rogan’s mid-December hosting of Dr. Peter McCullough for a bombshell three-hour dialogue.  I am told that this podcast has already been viewed millions of times.  Years from now, that episode of the Joe Rogan Experience might be retrospectively seen as pivotal.  And then, on the heels of that McCullough interview, one Adam Jenne was booted off a United Airlines fight in Florida for wearing a thong instead of the federally-mandated Communist Face Diaper.   What is remarkable here is that perhaps a dozen fellow passengers spontaneously deplaned themselves in solidarity with Mr. Jenne.   The comparisons between this incident and the story of Rosa Parks are already being made. 

The tide just might be turning.    

Again, you are not alone.  We Resisters are everywhere, even in the Belly of the Beast itself, the European Parliament.  Speaking in late October (in flawless English) from that Centralized Cesspool of Seditious Supranationalism, MEP Christine Anderson (AfD) had this to say of the “vaccine” mandate(s):

Whenever a political elite pushes an agenda this hard…

you can almost always be sure your benefit 

is definitely not what they had at heart…

I will not be reduced to a mere guinea pig….

This is, quite literally, exactly what non-Cultists around the world have all been thinking, saying, or writing.  As I, myself, humbly opined in “Requiem” (mid September): 

… it is the over-the-top insistence with which we are told

 the jab is safe, effective, and imperatively necessary 

that is The System’s clearest “tell.”  

Whenever any infinitely corrupt structure 

pushes anything as hard as this “Frankenshot,” 

all sane people know, ipso facto, that it is a bad idea.

As the old saying goes, “Sane minds think alike.”

Perhaps this shared observation could be a discussion point for your undecided loved ones still “on the vaccine fence.”  While I am neither a medical professional nor offering medical advice, I do have some degree of expertise in government-corporate corruption.  From that professional perspective, I can confer readers with a few facts that could be useful in such a (potentially life-saving) conversation about this jab.

Especially if your audience is of the Left, one might try reminding any “vaxx undecided” that the people saying this shot is safe are the same ones who insisted that Saddam Hussein had WMDs (see “Requiem” for a long list of their lies).  For Right-wingers, you might want to start with: “These vaxxers are the same people who said Trump was a Russian agent.”  For fans of Eric Clapton, you can tell them that he had a very severe inoculation reaction that left him partially paralyzed for weeks.  At one point, “Ol’ Slowhand” thought he would never play guitar again.  And, when the musician thankfully recovered, he vowed to never play a venue that required the shot.  Sans any vaxxpass or mask mandate, about 15,000 Texans saw him brilliantly jamming-out in Austin this fall (with no subsequent outbreak among the attendees).

Then, remind the undecided that all those confident and copious claims contending that the jabs were effectual are now vitiated by the Establishment itself, as it now admits that failing “vaccines” mean that frequent boosters will be necessary (apparently forever!).  Or, your loved ones might be swayed by this simple juxtaposition of official narratives: the already vaxxed are now told to take the booster because the shot doesn’t work, while the unvaxxed are told to take the shot because it does work. 

Continuing their constant contradictions, authorities admit the shot does not stop transmission, while condemning (in a mantra-like fashion) each spike in cases as a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.”  Before stealing the election, Fake VP Harris said she would never take any vaccine developed under President Trump’s oversight.  But now, she is pushing that very same mRNA injection like it was health food. Only someone in the throes of Trump Derangement Syndrome could fail to see the serious logical deficiencies here.  

Next, you might remind the undecided that the Establishment’s response to the virus is not normal.  For one, no one has ever mandated a computerized vaxxpass like this before- it’s totally unprecedented and Orwellian (and thus suspicious).  Who has ever before heard of a global electronic polio passport to travel, or a city-wide tuberculosis ID to enter a store, stadium, or even to obtain food and medical care!?!  You may even want to ask Christians if this sort of control looks anything like “the Mark of the Beast.”  

When before have pharmacies and hospitals serially refused to fill a doctor’s prescription (as they are now doing with Ivermectin)? Who has ever seen mass firings, crippling fines (or even jail time) imposed for refusing an experimental medical therapy?    And, for those thinking these jabs are fully approved for adults’ safety, ask them to look more closely at the FDA “authorization(s),” especially the “Comirnaty” or 2026 trial completion provisions therein contained.

For anyone considering jabbing their kids with the Frankenshot, let them heed Dr. Robert Malone, who plaintively queries these parents with these words: “Ask yourself if you want your own child to be part of the most radical medical experiment in human history.”

 Then, you can direct skeptics to a Pfizer-submitted child-safety document buried deep within the FDA’s own website, entitled: “BNT162B2 [COMIRNATY (COVID-19 VACCINE MRNA)] VACCINES AND RELATED BIOLOGICAL PRODUCTS ADVISORY COMMITTEE BRIEFING DOCUMENT Meeting Date 26 October 2021.” On page 11 of this paper, under the heading “BNT162b2, VRBPAC Briefing Document, Overall Risk-Benefit Conclusions,” one finds the following passage (written by Pfizer):

The number of participants in the current clinical development 

program is too small to detect any potential risks of myocarditis

 associated with vaccination.  Long term safety of COVID-19 

in participants 5 to <12 years of age will be studied 

in 5 post-authorization safety studies, including a 5-year 

follow-up study to evaluate long term sequelae of post-vaccination

 myocarditis/pericarditis. [emphasis added]

A DuckDuckGo search result (linking to Merriam-Webster) of the term “sequelae” reads as follows: “[A] condition resulting from a disease, injury, therapy, or other trauma.”  While I am not a medical professional, and I am not giving medical advice, it sounds like we might more simply define “sequelae” as “results” or “effects.”  This means that Pfizer literally told the FDA that they do not know the long-term effects of this injection on children.  This is why, when considering approval of the kid-jab, FDA advisor Eric Rubin amazingly said:

We’re never going to learn about how safe the

 vaccine is until we start giving it.  That’s the way it goes. 

And I think we should vote to approve it.

[Rubella reference omitted]

This also why another FDA advisor (Patrick Moore) revealed his reasons for the booster shot’s approval as: “more of a gut feeling rather than [something] based on really, truly serious data.”

These comments amount to stark and undeniable evidence, from Pfizer and the FDA themselves, that they are knowingly making millions of children (and adults) into Big Pharma’s guinea pigs.  And they call us dangerous lunatics?  Clearly, the inmates have escaped and they are now running the asylum.  Or, as I have lately come to say to myself on a daily (even hourly) basis, “We live in Times of Inversion.”

Judgment is coming to those that call evil good,

And good evil;

Who present darkness for light

And light for darkness;

Who substitute bitter for sweet

And sweet for bitter

But who can be surprised at where we are, considering the FDA’s self-expressed mindset of contemptuous totalitarianism?  Take, for example, these recorded words of FDA official Taylor Lee, as captured in a Project Veritas exposé:

Census goes door-to-door if you don’t respond.

 So we have the infrastructure to do it [a universal

vaccination program].  I mean, it’ll cost a ton of money, 

but I think at that point there needs to be a registry of people 

who aren’t vaccinated….[T]hat’s sounding very Germany…

Nazi Germany…[so] think about it like the Jewish Star

 [for unvaccinated Americans].

If one presumes these Hitlerian compulsions are limited to American Cultists, think again.  Longtime British journalist, Allison Pearson, has reported that a UK school is requiring unmasked students to “wear a yellow badge” when on campus.  This is in addition, of course, to the Colorado school which actually forcibly taped masks to student faces in observance of the Cult leaders’ demands- all to fight a virus that around 99.99% of children survive. 

Then one can remind the undecided of all the insouciantly rank mendacity from the leaders of the Communist Covid Cult.  Goblin Fauci has already admitted that he lied about the utility of mask wearing.  Fake President Biden also was untruthful when he said the “vaccine” will end the health calamity, as the very existence of “the booster” proves they were all wrong about the initial mRNA “cure.”  Then one can next explain how authorities openly admit that viral loads (and thus transmissibility) are almost identical in vaxxed and unvaxxed populations (and probably actually higher in the jabbed).

 In mid- November, we learned that Pfizer lied about its test trials. As it turns out, over the course of the Pharma giant’s “safety study,” more injected people died than un-injected!  Remember, this is a company that has already paid billions in fines or settlements due to their long-standing and proven propensity for wildly reckless and health-damaging practices.  Then, around Thanksgiving, yet another “variant” was announced from Botswana (Omicron), a new strain that was first found in four fully vaccinated people. This
quadruple “coincidence” might actually constitute evidence that the year-old warnings about the vaccine actually “breeding” or “encouraging” new mutations might be accurate.  Indeed, the CDC itself has just admitted that most of the American Omicron infections are happening among the fully vaccinated.  

If we elect to pretend that the bottomless corruption of the Cult leaders is irrelevant, even the confused must admit that this pandemic is, at least by now, a political construct.  Thanks to sane politicians, the virus crisis is essentially over in Texas and Florida (and South Dakota?).  The governor declared my state 100% open on Texas Independence Day (March 2).  There are absolutely zero vaccine passports here, and mask wearing is mostly voluntary (and diminishing).  Since March, Texas has seen millions of unmasked, unvaxxed, and “undistanced” people mingling in everything from stores to stadiums, all without an appreciable increase in infections.  Simultaneously, mass panic, intense lockdowns, and “case surges” are plaguing the socialist parts of the world.  How does a virus behave differently according to the political colors of local elites?

Now, I know there were distant reports that, due to prematurely ending lockdown, Austin was hit so hard that our ambulances had to wait at least an hour to unload their patients to the ER.  This is a dastardly fabrication.  I drive past the main hospitals in the Texas capital a few times a week- I have never observed a line of emergency vehicles outside them.  On no account did our local media report this EMS fable, because it was so readily disproven.  But I did receive concerned calls from people a thousand miles away whose own media were pushing stories like the ambulance-line lie (as those readers were too far away to invalidate the propaganda).  While this sort of capacity crisis may indeed someday come to pass, I expect it will mostly originate among the jabbed.  

I will admit, though, that Sun Belt states do have a “virus advantage” due to our abundant sunshine, which boosts residents’ immune systems through solar-generated vitamin D3 (people in cloudy climes may wish to take Vitamin D supplements or increase their intake of foods rich in that nutrient).  But, regardless of the weather, I am unvaxxed and indoors with thousands of the unmasked every week. In fact, I have everywhere refused to wear the Communist Face Diaper, for even one second, for months now.  I’m not even sure where my old masks are (read it and weep, Cultists!)  According to Darth Fauci, I should be dead by now.  But, by the Grace of God, instead of pushing up daisies I am writing this excoriation of the diabolical “Dr. Maassk” and his fellow bio-tyrants.

Contrast the right-leaning and very survivable lifestyles with the relatively statist (and more vaccinated) areas.  For real-world comparisons, we can take Gibraltar for an example.  Although the place is said to be 100% inoculated, the government there is recommending that Christmas be cancelled.  In Ireland, at over 90% injected, they are having huge spikes in cases.  In the “People’s Republic” of Santa Cruz (my old California home), they announced mandatory in-home mask wearing, just in time for Thanksgiving.  Revealingly, this order applies to the vaxxed (another admission the jab does not prevent transmission).  In other highly inoculated places, they are having more health problems than during the first peak of the crisis.  

These developments are not surprising.  I have myself been lecturing college students about the dangers of Bill Gates and his vaccines since at least 2015 (in the sociopolitical context of our real epidemic of insidious Billionaires and their so-called “philanthropy.”)  Around the spring of 2020, I started warning everyone I met to avoid the coming shot (even my auto mechanics).  I could  disseminate such admonitions after reading Big Pharma’s own description of their  upcoming shots as “hijacking” your genetic code (a word they seem to have stopped using, for obvious reasons).  By May 2021, I was sure enough to appear on a radio program and warn people not to believe anything coming from the mendacious Media-Government Complex (especially regarding the jab).  And millions have been thinking as I have, usually with even better insight. 

For example, by November 2021 (at the latest), data-rich studies began appearing that strongly indicated the dangers of the shot.  Steve Kirsch has cited a German study (and article) that concluded: “The higher the vaccination rate, the higher the mortality….Complete vaccination increases the likelihood of death.”  Kirsch has also noted a rise in stillbirths among vaxxed mothers.  Alex Berenson concurrently authored a piece “based on weekly data from the British government.”  He therein determined:

Vaccinated people under 60 are twice as likely to die

 as unvaccinated people.  And overall deaths are running 

well above normal.  I don’t know how to explain this 

other than vaccine-caused mortality.

Additionally, Berenson has separately concluded, again based on official UK data/publication(s), that “the vaccine interferes with your body’s innate ability…to produce antibodies.”  These above conclusions may partly explain why the China Virus has “magically” spared the least developed parts of Africa.  These places are, “coincidentally,” also said to be the spots with the fewest vaccinations and the most habitual use of Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin as prophylactics against malaria and parasites (respectively).

Also, increasingly common and incontrovertible, is the unprecedented explosion of cardiac problems among previously healthy young men.  When American basketball player, Len Bias, had a (roughly) analogous heart failure in 1986, it astonished the nation (in part due to its rarity).  But now, hardly a day goes by without a strapping athlete crumpling straight down, mid-game, right there on the field, court, or pitch (hard to deny this one, Gremlin Fauci).  In fact, Dr. Yaffa Shir-Raz has documented the spontaneous collapse of 183 professional athletes and coaches from December 2020 to November 2021 (108 of whom have died).  The problem is so pervasive that former (British) football player, Matt Le Tissier, has publically called for an investigation, saying “I played for 17 years…in all that time…I never once saw any footballer leave the pitch because of heart issues.”   And then, in December, we learned that numerous reports of cardiac damage have led Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare to direct a “severe side effects” warning be appended to these vaccines.

However, the best argument for the medically undecided might be the VAERS data set, maintained by the US government itself (on the HHS internet site).  Most likely, the target of your conversation will never have heard of this, which itself may constitute prima facie evidence that something is being covered up (especially since many medical professionals are themselves ignorant of this system). VAERS is an acronym that stands for “Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System,” and it is where people record bad side effects from “vaccines.”  

As of the first of November 2021, that website has recorded over 17,000 deaths and 83,000 hospitalizations thought to be a result of the Covid “inoculations.”  While some of these alleged side effects may not have actually resulted from a jab, only a fraction of people suffering from the shot ever report their adverse events, so these figures are almost certainly underestimates (perhaps by a multiple of 5 or more).  The VAERS numbers represent more bad side effects from the mRNA injection than all other listed vaccines combined.

The skeptical might respond, “But you always tell me to never trust the government, don’t you?  Why give them credence on the VAERS data?”  The best reply is:

  1. Even a broken clock is right twice a day 
  2. VAERS reports are supplied by doctors, not bureaucrats, and
  3. The psychopaths who operate the Establishment are self-compelled to discretely inform us of their agenda- this is part of their “code.”  

In other words, the bloodthirsty mass murdering elites who run The System have a certain set of “(anti)ethics” that impels them to subtlety apprise us of what they are doing to us peasants.  First, this rule assuages whatever shred of conscience any of them may have by assuring themselves, “Well, we told the sheeple what we were doing, and they were too stupid to listen, so they’re due what’s happening to them” (one can here remind a doubter that Aussie PM Morrison has, quite literally, likened his vaxx program to “getting sheep through the gate.”)  And second, pervasive ignorance in the face of these warnings “proves” that the unwashed masses are too dumb to rule, a sacred right preserved exclusively for the anointed elites.

Think of this obligation like the mythical “morality” of a vampire.  Sure, he’ll drink your blood and kill you without compunction, but first you must invite the monster into your residence.  That’s Dracula’s evil “Code of Ethics-” if you were fool enough to ask him into your home, then you warrant what you get.

For those not persuaded by chimeras, one can cite the following real-world examples, gleaned from prison documentaries.  Before I cancelled my cable TV, about the only thing instructive on all the 800-some channels I had was Lockup, a documentary series consisting of endless interviews of penitentiary inmates.  I distinctly remember watching multiple confessions from burglars and rapists, recounting how they would furtively pass along dark streets, silently trying door handles and window sills, looking for one that was unlocked.  When they eventually found such an unfastened portal, they went inside to commit their crime.  That was how they picked their victims, rationalizing their act as “If you are too dumb or lazy to lock your doors, you deserve what’s coming.”   

This Code operates similarly among arch criminals like Klaus Schwab and David Rockefeller- they proudly tell us what evil they and their co-conspirators are up to in books like the former’s Covid-19: The Great Reset and the latter’s Memoirs.  They self-rationalize that, since we plebeians are daft enough to ignore all their admonishments, we thus merit our mass murder and enslavement (and, not incidentally, further prove the elite’s “right to rule.”)  This is why VAERS is still online- it is our “masters” duly observing “Dracula’s Code” by quietly telling us, straight to our face, what they are doing.  If we don’t care to notice, then that’s on us, not them, and we only have our fat and fatuous selves to blame.  Of course, if the VAERS pages become too widely known, they might be taken down.  

This Code is why Alex Jones could build his one-man media empire largely upon the exposure of globalists, simply by quoting their own words (and also partly explains what is called “predictive programming,” a topic beyond the scope of this essay).  May the Good Lord look after Mr. Jones during his continuing (and escalating) tribulations.

The above enumerated facts should easily induce any rational person to avoid the jab.  But, Cult victims are not rational- they are instead remarkably impervious to reason.  Hence, the only way to convince some of them may be a base appeal to raw emotion.  One possible emotive plea might consist of showing the homemade videos of people suffering severe side effects from these experimental therapies routinely mislabeled “vaccines.”  One particularly wrenching example concerns the formerly pro-vaxx New Zealander, Casey Hodgkinson.  In her accounting, this young woman experienced severe neurological side effects that she attributed to her inoculation. 

Another suggestion might entail recounting the story of the brave German, Dr. Andreas Noack.  In 2020, one may recall, he was “SWAT teamed” by armed police in the middle of his live vaccine awareness podcast.  But, on November 23, 2021, apparently only hours after another such transmission, Andreas was murdered in cold blood.  The topic of his final broadcast concerned a laboratory finding of graphene hydroxide in a vaccine sample.  Dr. Noack said this compound acted like tiny “razor blades” in the bloodstream, explaining why so many pro athletes are dropping (half) dead on the field.  The video of his heavily pregnant and sobbing wife giving the news of her husband’s fate is indescribably heart-wrenching.  It is one of those things a person wishes could be “unseen.”  

If one can show these types of video clips to the undecided, maybe such devastatingly tearful reports can break through the brainwashing and save their lives (and thus also render Noack’s death to not have been in vain).  I viewed these sorrowful announcements on the Infowars website- hopefully they still reside there.  It is important to note that these sorts of accounts are routinely censored from Big Tech platforms, which in itself constitutes circumstantial evidence that the forces pushing the Establishment virus narrative are, quite simply, evil to the core.


My first concluding remark is to hope my five-piece “pentagraph” has not intensified any readers’ despair in the face of The Big Steal and Communist Covid Cult.   I am trying to wake people up, not discourage them (where there’s life, there’s hope, especially in Eastern Europe).  Encouragingly, we can see that election integrity is arguably heading in the right direction and strikes or “sick-outs” are proving effective against the mandates (perhaps most notably at Southwest Airlines).  Even two of the most diabolical corporations in America, Disney and Boeing, have cancelled their jab mandates in the face of pressure.  I have also read that “move here bonuses” for fired vaccine-resisters will be soon offered in Florida.  If all else fails, join the thriving Sane Remnant here in the Red States.

 Ultimately, though, even Texas might be vulnerable if the Establishment knows of an impending vaccine apocalypse or imperial bankruptcy, and has duly prepared for it.  Indeed, since the New Deal, Congress has been doing everything possible to make America fiscally insolvent (to the point that even Treasuries, once the world’s “safest investment,” are by now nothing more than a Ponzi scheme).  Worryingly, this federal assault on economic sanity has lately been thrown into high gear- so how can they not know we’re headed over a cliff?  It is hard to predict just what form the Establishment’s upcoming contingency plans might take- possibly something providing an excuse for a supreme federal/UN/China global takeover/lockdown.   Our times are truly sui generis, so anything can happen.

   Perhaps a socially crippling event like a breakdown of the financial network, electric grid, supply chain, or internet would provide a pretext for hardcore martial law (or exploiting even something more bizarre, like a climate or global disaster, or supposed “alien” visitation).  Maybe The System will instigate racial, civil or international war (perhaps around Ukraine, Iran, or Taiwan?).  Armed conflict (even WWIII?) is not implausible, as we actually now have a US senator publically considering the benefits of a nuclear sneak attack on Russia!  

Another dangerous possibility could be the staging of violent false flag attacks (or assassinations) against Big Pharma or their allies in The System.  Such violence could easily be used as a reason for drastically more draconian crackdowns and the vicious blaming and targeting of Patriots, anti-vaxxers, “white supremacists,” and various other “deniers,” etc.  Again, whatever conflict is coming, it is important that we, the Sane Remnant, not fire the first shot.  We must also never accept the vaxxpass, as it seems intended to morph into a despotic enforcer of the social credit score and carbon tax.

As I make final reflections on my writings of the past year, I notice quite a lot of alliterations.  Well, some people turn red when angry, and some people stutter when they are mad.  As for myself, whenever I suffer the serial stresses of wearily witnessing human civilization catastrophically careening into a dastardly dark age of demonic domination, I alliterate (sorry).  

This last reference leads me to another issue- the limitations of social science and my increasingly common religious references.  As a trained political scientist, I began writing the Pentagraph in strictly secular terms.  And, I would actually rather have kept talk of devils out of my manuscripts- but, as they say, “Here I stand; I can do no other. God help me.”  While scientists can be religious, their professional explanations of things are, by definition, devoid of theological causes.  And, in normal times, that limitation was not a problem.  But these are no longer normal times- a time of simple right versus wrong.  Nope, we are now in an extraordinary period of good versus evil, and science ain’t getting us out of that pickle.

In conclusion, if there is a pattern to my Pentagraph’s mistakes, it is that I repeatedly underappreciated how rotten we have become, how far America has fallen.  The Cult has even taken the last beloved bastion of hippy Americana.  My heart was broken when the surviving members of the Grateful Dead, the legendary 1960s rock band predicated upon a libertarian, anti-Establishment ethos, began moving to require the Frankenshot to see their shows.  How far we have fallen, indeed (as Jerry Garcia now scornfully “turns in his grave.”)  I always thought the Dead would be the last to “sell-out to the man,” not one of the first (I astonish myself again with my own naiveté).

My erroneous presumption of even a modicum of honor in so many people still smarts.  So, I have repeatedly been insufficiently cognizant of the voracious venality of man.  But, I wonder, which is a more debilitating analytical flaw- a continual underestimation of human depravity, or what would instead necessarily amount to a perpetually mistrustful (and sometimes unwarranted) cynically despondent paranoia?  For me, I would rather err on the side of hope.

One good thing, I suppose- they say one learns more from errors than home runs.  After enumerating my many mistakes, the Pentagraph’s prediction fulfillment rate seems maybe only around 70-80% (where confirmable).  Compared to the corporate media, which is at best 10% accurate, I can’t be too embarrassed.  Ultimately, though, perhaps my score is not too bad for our L’Époque d’Inversion, where nothing ever makes any sense anymore. 

But where are the clowns?

Send in the clowns

Don’t bother

They’re here


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December 23, 2021
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