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The Political Anatomy Of The Big Steal

Thieves for their robbery have authority. When judges steal themselves

Submitted by Mark S. Stephens, PhD…

The brazen theft of the American 2020 presidential election will go down in history as one of the most notorious and consequential crimes of the Twenty-First Century.  While many observers did, indeed, accurately anticipate massive vote fraud by Democrats, I imagine that most of us were still astonished at the breadth and audacity of the criminal conspiracy that stole Trump’s undeniable November 3 victory.

Republican poll watchers were banned around the country, and court orders for their return were ignored, even by law enforcement.    There were more “unbalanced” precincts around Detroit than there were “balanced” ones (meaning their vote counts did not match up).  There were almost 200,000 more votes than actual voters in Pennsylvania.  Thousands of mail-in ballots were counted without ever being mailed or even before being mailed.  We even caught them stuffing ballot counters on film!  But nothing was done.

The United States is now a banana republic.

How on Earth did this happen?

The present monograph attempts to sketch a preliminary political diagram (and “awards list”) for The Big Steal from the revisionist perspective of a credentialed political scientist/US government professor (semi-retired).  Such a professional analysis might be particularly useful for its rarity, as most liberal arts doctoral programs are lately designed to obfuscate, rather an illuminate, their respective fields of study.  This pedagogical irony explains our rather curious contemporaneous condition wherein farmers and firemen generally hold a more accurate view of socio-political reality than do professors and pundits.

This essay perhaps also carries special utility because it addresses the newest category of “forbidden knowledge,” as informers of and information about The Steal are being systematically and ruthlessly silenced, deleted, and purged.  Not a day passes in the post-election Land of the Free without the New Thought Police clamping down on anything and anyone who dares even whisper “electoral fraud,” America’s new political “N-word.”     Read, share, or save this article, while you still can.

The Preconditions

While the precise point of genesis for the plot to unseat Trump is not publicly known, it seems clear that the roots of this election theft extend some years into the past.   Also, courts have almost universally refused to hear election fraud cases (meaning grant “discovery”), or even enforce their own orders.  And, importantly, the Stealers have themselves so far remained tight-lipped.

These epistemological limitations notwithstanding, we have sufficient available evidence to open a forensic examination of The Steal.  Historians should begin their inquiry of this calamity with the electoral ramifications of Covid-19.  Without that plague, the justification for an unprecedented and exponential expansion of unregulated mail-in balloting would have been missing- an exigency that was likely indispensible to pulling off this electoral heist.  America’s political history turned a corner behind the smoke screen provided by that virus.

The next important factor enabling Democrat thievery was the debilitating hysteria attendant to Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS).  This monomaniacal obsession was an important factor because it instilled the fervent moral absolutism necessary to bend human minds into “the end justifies the means” mentality.   As with paranoid political paroxysms throughout the ages, from the self-righteous hysteria of the French Revolution to the mad pogroms of Stalin and Pol Pot, a feverish fanaticism is a prerequisite for the facile self-justification of widespread lawlessness and iniquity.  Countless participants in what Biden himself called “the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics” reflexively rationalized their unabashed criminality, telling themselves that their malevolence was “for the greater good.”

However, for this demented mindset to persist on a nationwide scale, a third prerequisite was needed- a Stalinist propaganda machine of continental scope.  In an obviously choreographed manner, the mainstream American (or, more broadly, Western) media and Big Tech fulfilled this brainwashing role.  For four or more years, these purveyors of political pornography unleashed a literally unrelenting stream of lies and insults directed at Trump.  He was vilified like no other person in American history, with the Orwellian organs of disinformation endlessly broadcasting hate and lies in the name of stopping hate and lies.

From dawn to dusk, hundreds of millions were subjected to a daily diet of despicable derision, sustaining and intensifying their TDS- a simmering insanity culminating in a Torquemada-like never-Trumpism that left no room for scruples.  Or, more descriptively, the rancid presstitutes and the infectious China Virus joined forces with the even more contagious Trump Derangement Syndrome, cooperatively metastasizing into a purulent explosive; an over-pressurized pustule detonating in the form of the orgiastic looting of a presidential election.   What a way for a Republic to die.

The Antagonists

Other indispensible elements of The Steal were coteries of supine cowards or even pre-positioned deep-cover traitors.  Exemplifying the latter, at the top of The Rogue’s Gallery of Election Treachery, one finds Attorney General Bob Barr.  Surely, his backstabbing cut the deepest.  But, one must grudgingly admit he ingeniously camouflaged his role as Brutus.  Prior to the election, the Attorney General convinced many that there was, finally, someone in the Department of Justice who did not harbor a strong aversion to justice.

For example, Barr quickly moved to end the Mueller witch hunt, and then the General Flynn witch hunt.  He also moved to examine malfeasance in the DOJ, appointing at least three US Attorneys to lead important anti-corruption investigations.  Tellingly, all three (Durham, Jensen, and Bash) were from outside the Beltway.  At the time, it seemed that if Barr wanted just another series of whitewashes, he would have instead appointed swamp-dwellers from the “Fifth Floor” of the Hoover Building.  In an interrelated move, Barr even personally visited Europe, seeking leads (perhaps regarding the mysterious Professor Mifsud) to unravel the Russian Collusion Delusion.

The Attorney General also pointedly decried mail-in balloting in the weeks leading up to the election.  He repeatedly warned the country of the impending dangers of electoral fraud, even raising his voice to almost shout down a CNN “journalist” who belittled his prognostications of skullduggery.  And, yet, when the tsunami of evidence for a rigged election poured in, Barr denied its existence.  Even as dozens of sworn affidavits became hundreds, and as evidence began numbering in the thousands of pages, he pretended to be ever more convinced that there was “nothing to see here, folks.” Barr’s position that there was no evidence for massive voter fraud is akin to saying there is no evidence that the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor in 1941.   Such an argument is beyond risible.

And now, we know that Barr and/or his DOJ had Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell” for something like a year, and just sat on it.  If the local Delaware computer repairman had not copied Hunter’s hard drive, we still would know nothing of it or the full range of the Biden Crime Family’s revealed machinations.  Today it is clear that that Barr was crooked all along, and yet the DOJ chief’s earlier performance was so convincing that few foresaw his coming betrayal.  He did everything right to lull many of us into complacency.  Grudgingly, I admit that Barr was a consummate actor, and so I nominate him for a new Oscar award:  “Best Judas Imitation.”  Trump indeed sacked this scoundrel, but a month too late.  The horses had already left the barn.

Second in shame only to the reprehensible Attorney General, our next Benedict Arnold Award must go to the US Supreme Court.  They had everything they needed, handed to them on a silver platter, in the form of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s lawsuit.  His Texas v. Pennsylvania case was meticulously argued.  The SCOTUS could have denied 90% of its claims, and still found ample cause to redress a stolen election.  And yet the court cowered, in a pathetic stand-down that will echo through the ages, behind a preposterous claim of “standing.”

The Supreme Court’s abdication was all the more breathtaking because, in large part, SCOTUS was long ago created to address the very sort of existential interstate dispute that Paxton’s lawsuit presented.  In fact, the Founders specifically assigned these sorts of important claims the special status of “Original Jurisdiction,” just so they could be speedily and conclusively settled by the high court.   In a political (but perhaps not strictly legal) sense, “Original Jurisdiction” equals “standing.” To argue otherwise, especially in a case involving some forty states and determining the destiny of America, is to deny a fundamental purpose of the Supreme Court itself (or, for that matter, the reason we even have a legal system at all).

Furthermore, the Supreme Court, in its infinite wisdom, has a long-proven talent for finding literally anything desired in the Constitution, regardless of the actual text.   It can determine that plants grown in your closet constitute “interstate commerce.” It can interpret protections to preserve states’ rights as provisions to eliminate states’ rights. The “Justices” can even declare that universal equality under the law somehow does not apply to white people (justifying racial discrimination against them with a completely invented “compelling state interest” test).

The Court is especially infamous for its assiduously adept ability to   manufacture (or “discover”) fundamental rights that were, prior to their judicial revelation, completely unlisted and unknown.  Rummaging through their “bag of tricks,” federal judges can pull out privileges such as a constitutional right use contraceptives and then, magically therefrom, the right to terminate a pregnancy.  They can craft, from whole cloth, a “right” to be force-bussed to the most dangerous school in town and the right for gay marriage.  But, ask the Court if we have the right to a fair election?  “Naaahhhh, no way we can find that.“  The “Justices” can locate literally anything at all in our Constitution, except the most fundamental precondition of a successfully self-governing regime.  Future historians will alternate their chuckles with tears.

The next tier of duplicity is comprised of the various state officials who betrayed their country with such arrogant aplomb.  First among these dispensers of debauchery has to be Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.   While nominally a Republican, he comported himself as the Primary Purveyor of Peach State Perfidy.  At the core of his treachery was a once secret, and now infamous, “consent decree” concluded with Democrats prior to the election.  This arrangement was critical because it (illegally) removed the security safeguards put in place to retard electoral fraudulence (such as signature matching).  Once those fraud-prevention mechanisms were discarded, the door was thrown wide open to any and all manner of miscreance.

Critically, as obviously questionable returns were later tabulated, Raffensperger was reported to have bullied officials in no fewer than seven counties into certifying results against their better judgment.  To add insult to injury, the Secretary of State then reportedly compounded his harm by eventually adding 20 of the notoriously fraud-prone ballot “drop boxes” for use in the January 5 Senate runoff.  His chief partner in crime was the Georgia Governor, Brian Kemp.  Kemp’s compliance was crucial, as his inexplicable refusal to convene a special session of the Georgia legislature meant that outraged lawmakers could not meet to reverse Raffensperger’s fraudulent certification of their election.  The real reasons why these two officials committed political suicide (at least as Republicans) are still to be revealed (though intriguing rumors abound).

Raffensperger and Kemp were, at one point, joined in their treachery by Georgia’s Speaker of the House, David Ralston.  The Speaker was steadfast in refusing to support a special session of the legislature to address electoral fraud.  He was also alleged to have threatened other legislators who refused to remain silent in the face of The Steal.  Eventually, however, Ralston was pressured to publicly entertain election reforms, including the option of stripping the despised Raffensperger of his role in overseeing elections.

In the Peach State Senate, efforts to call a special session were also systematically stymied by Republican elites.  Namely, Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan, President Pro Tempore Butch Miller, and Majority Leader Mike Dugan were all said to have threatened fellow senators who tried to properly award Georgia’s electoral votes.  Dugan made good on his threats weeks later, stripping multiple “Unstealers” of their committee chairmanships

If threats from fellow Georgia Republicans were not enough, explicit or implicit threats of course also came from political enemies, replicating a pattern seen across the country.  As a result, GOP legislators repeatedly refused to help with overturning The Steal because they feared that they or their families would be “doxxed” or otherwise attacked by the Lunatics of the Left.

In Pennsylvania, the most craven creature of criminality must, naturally, be its chief law enforcer, Attorney General Josh Shapiro.  The day before the election, he went before the press to promise that ballots in his state would be counted in such a way as to guarantee that “Trump is going to lose.”  But, let us not forget his close runner-up in corruption: the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.  They, too, were notable for their participation in the peremptory elimination of criteria for ballot rejection.   Perhaps most infamously, that court’s deadline extension allowed the infamous flood of late-night absentee ballots that began magically erasing Trump’s early lead in the Keystone State.

In the Grand Canyon State, the “F-the People Award” must go to  Governor Doug Ducey.  His flagrantly insouciant disregard for probity was so pronounced that he actually signed the document certifying Arizona’s election simultaneously with proof of that event’s fraudulence being publicly heard by the state legislature.  With that deliberately timed stroke of his pen, the governor was saying to his state and his country, “In your grill,  #$%^&*   %&*#@!”

In Michigan, we cannot forget the folks, particularly Republicans, who knowingly certified fraudulent election returns.  Of course, numerous “leftists of love” did threaten them (and their children), so they can claim some mitigation of their culpability.  Certainly, in normal times, legal certifications made under that sort of duress are null and void; but these are anything but normal times.  Perhaps more blame here goes to law enforcement, who looked the other way while Michigan was stolen (and so many other states).

Of course, the leading autocrat of the Wolverine State is its governor, Gretchen Whitmer, who certified an obviously stolen election and then reportedly blocked Republicans from entering the capitol on “Electoral College Day” (December 14).  And, the Oscar for “Best Vyshinsky Impersonation” can go to Whitmer’s Attorney General, Dana Nessel.  The AG eventually became so exasperated with all the claims of voter fraud that she decided to threaten criminal persecution of anyone, citizen or even legislator, who made such assertions.  Yes, you read that right, the Michigan Attorney General wanted to criminalize the investigation of crime (a vindictiveness perhaps inspired by the similarly ludicrous rationale underpinning Trump’s first impeachment).  Even those who do not count themselves among Trump’s supporters, such as law professor Jonathan Turley, were taken aback by Nessel’s legal brigandage.

In Wisconsin, it was harder to cheat.   Since the Badger State had the most stringent voter fraud preventions in the country, special ingenuity was needed to pilfer its electoral votes.   Given these restrictions, how were election officials going to steal this one?  Well, providentially for them, their legislature provided a loophole for bed-ridden people to have easier access to mail-in ballots.  And, presto, suddenly the crippled population of Wisconsin exploded overnight (a one-year increase of 238%).  Innovative local officials (Scott McDonald and George Christensen) reportedly advised thousands that the Covid virus meant they could both now vote by mail and ignore the anti-fraud stipulation requiring valid identification.

The Wisconsin-area award for “Best Judge Impersonating Kafka” should go to one Michael Scudder, a Trump-appointed jurist on the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals.  In an order rejecting a Republican complaint regarding election officials routinely ignoring the election code, this learned judge wrote that it was too late for the president to sue.  The court declared that legally contesting electoral law improprieties should have been done before the election.  But, can one guess how they would have ruled if Trump’s team had actually done so?  These mad judges would have said it was too early to sue, since no tort or harm had yet been suffered. They would have dismissed the case for…wait for it…lack of standing!  Judges had conjured the perfect “Catch-22” to deny justice (and yes, that very reasoning was reportedly applied to ignore other, early-filed, cases).

The Protagonists

While it has become cliché to observe that tragedy brings out the worst and best aspects of people, this truism applies well to our Republic’s coup de grâce.  A pantheon of heroes has therefrom emerged, a cast of citizens rising to meet the challenge regardless of the personal repercussions.  First among these truth warriors was Rudolph Giuliani.  This septuagenarian fearlessly and relentlessly pushed back against The Steal, collecting sworn affidavits, appearing on underground media,  and organizing historic public presentations.  Beginning with their groundbreaking “Thanksgiving Exposé” in Gettysburg, Rudy and his team constituted the core of the truth movement as they fanned out across the stolen swing states and offered thousands of pages of evidence to those state legislators willing to know their contents.

America’s Mayor will likely be rewarded for his admirable allegiance to his country and the truth with social ostracism at the least, and sadly likely, interminable criminal prosecution at the worst.  Let historians record that Rudy fearlessly and famously beat down East Coast mobster families and Wall Street crime bosses. But, not even the Mafia-slayer himself could stop the runaway treason train of the clown-world in which we now live.

Other leading actors on my admittedly incomplete “Honor Roll of the Unsteal” include Phill Kline, Mark Serrano, and their Amistad Project/Thomas More Institute.  They worked to uncover all manner of fraudulence, perhaps most importantly Mark Zukerberg’s role in The Steal.   According to Kline, Zukerberg gave $400 million (or more) to key urban areas for the funding and restructuring of their elections.  In particular, the mogul’s money went to purchase and position ballot “drop boxes” in which unlimited unverified votes could be deposited.  I have seen a video of how these boxes worked, where anonymous individuals openly stuffed the containers with multiple ballots (supposedly an illegal maneuver).  Furthermore, the Zukerberg funds were said to have been contingent upon implementing new procedures that further facilitated fraud.  His millions also went to left-leaning groups (like Rock the Vote), that were given unprecedented access to voters and their data.

And, the “Not All Harvard Grads Are Fools Award” goes to the great Dr. Peter Navarro.  Somehow, he managed to dodge the lobotomy that customarily comes with an Ivy League Ph.D.  Then, after years of giving Trump some of the best advice of his administration, Navarro turned his keen talents to the election heist.  The mid-December result of his labors, The Immaculate Deception: Six Key Dimensions of Election Irregularities, became an instant classic.  In combination with its sequel, The Art of the Steal, Navarro has published required reading for students of the coup.  The first article was of particular use in convincing wavering legislators to belatedly work for “The Unsteal.”

In no particular order of glory, the list of honorable state-based players should likely begin with Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano, one of the first legislators standing firm against The Big Steal.  He was instrumental in marshalling support from fellow colleagues to convene the groundbreaking Gettysburg Thanksgiving Hearing.  It was then that many Americans were first exposed to a high-profile, organized explication from the “Unstealers.”

Also from Pennsylvania, some sort of special appreciation must go to Commonwealth Court Judge Patricia McCullough.  Almost alone, among all the judges in the entire country, she took substantive action regarding allegations of voter irregularities and issued a ruling contesting the Keystone State shenanigans.  Of course, she was immediately overruled and chastised by the state’s Supreme Court.  Since we live in Times of Inversion, I predict there are further punishments in store for this amazingly rare jurist with an interest in justice.

In Wisconsin, kudos should be recorded for a postal subcontractor, Ethan Pease, who came forward to reveal that over 100,000 ballots were given a backdated postmark in order to ensure their “validity.”  Other intrepid truth-warriors included private citizens who contested employing the Corona virus as an excuse to circumvent election laws.  After the state Supreme Court agreed with them, the door was opened to challenging illegal votes.   Numerous citizens, such as the allies, listeners and host of the Dan O’Donnel Show, then proceeded to dispute fraudulent ballots of the many fake “indefinitely confined” voters.   The results of their collective investigations were illuminating.

Some of us might want to reconsider the power of prayer since many of these supposedly bed-ridden voters were discovered partying or skiing in their contemporaneous Facebook selfies.  Fraud was clearly indicated in many instances.  The future will smirk with irony when it reflects upon the fact that the invalid votes of invalid invalids helped to steer America’s destiny into the jaws of doom.

The Peach State’s pantheon of heroes probably is headed by Senator William Ligon, who chaired a legislative subcommittee that eventually issued a call for a decertification of Georgia’s electoral slate (which, of course, went almost completely unreported and unheeded).    Leading allies of Ligon in his struggle were Senators Brandon Beach and Burt Jones.    They were accompanied by well over a dozen other state senators who signed open letters in support of  the Texas v Pennsylvania lawsuit and asking Vice President Pence to delay certification of the election results until fraud claims could be properly addressed.

At Georgia’s grassroots level, countless hours of volunteer labor was able to identify at least 140,000 illegally cast votes.  Considering that The Usurper’s margin of “victory” was a fraction of that figure, their efforts should have borne fruit (but could not in the toxic, almost Venusian, atmosphere of Georgia politics).

In Michigan, Dr. Linda Lee Tarver bravely spearheaded an effort to redress voter fraud, particularly in that state’s urban areas.  Joined by Angelic Johnson and the Amistad Project, her efforts made it all the way to the state Supreme Court, which narrowly rejected their plea.  Again, of course, the ruling was not predicated on the merits of their case (which were strong), but upon the simple refusal of the jurists to even consider the issue before them.

Before elements of the Arizona legislature, Col. Phil Waldron (ret.) reappeared to reprise his expert testimony regarding the Dominion voting machines and their unreliability.  But, the Grand Canyon State’s top “Profile in Courage” must go to Arizona State Representative Mark Finchem.  He was a critical impetus behind the legendary 11-hour legislative hearing that exposed how his state’s electoral votes were pilfered.  His (and allies’) work eventually culminated in a critical subpoena to examine Maricopa County voting machines- a legal claim that was effectively ignored by the Board of Supervisors and characteristically unenforced by legal officials.  One such local functionary allegedly even declared that he would rather go to jail than allow access to the people’s voting equipment.  What on earth could he be trying to hide?

For his efforts against fraud, Rep. Finchem was an early victim of this election’s “de-Twitterization” campaign (a fairly sure sign of effective truth-telling, now even becoming a badge of honor).  And then, of course, came the all-too predictable demands for his criminal prosecution.  What would be the charge here?  Continuing a disturbing pattern, Finchem was alleged to have committed the crime of trying to stop crime (you really can’t make this stuff up).

Another category of champion could be found among the last surviving journalists in the country, our ever-more besieged “samizdat” media.  Disseminating the work of the above listed truth warriors among the general public was obviously important, particularly considering that the US has been placed under the strictest peacetime press censorship in its history.   Somehow knowing beforehand that the November elections would be marked by endemic fraud and contestation, social and media giants crafted numerous pre-scripted narratives and firewalls.  After November 3, these prophylactics sprung up, forbidding Trump’s win to even be declared, or Biden’s fraud to even be mentioned (at least without unfailingly preceding such a reference with the word “baseless.”)

In the face of an unprecedented crackdown on truth, the “underground” American media rose to the occasion and exposed The Steal.  First among these information warriors must be Steve Bannon and the crew at his War Room news program.  For three (or more) hours a day, six days a week, Bannon’s indefatigable team brought the leaders of Stop the Steal to multiple platforms of information dissemination.  This show was the “tip of the spear,” in the fight to save America.  Preexisting personal contacts gave Bannon unrivaled access to “The Unsteal’s” leading figures and their overflowing streams of revelations.

A long list of these tragically heroic players appeared on the War Room.  Not only was Giuliani an almost daily guest, but other observers, such as Jack Posobiec, kept up the pressure.   Mention should also be made of the Georgia Star newspaper and affiliated radio program(s) organized by John Fredericks, Mike Leahy, et. al..  The accumulated efforts of these men (and their associates) were instrumental in forcing a reluctant Georgia legislature to confront the ways their electoral votes were stolen.

Another leading figure in the samizdat media has been Dr. Sebastian Gorka.   His daily program had already established itself for hosting some of the leading commentary investigating and debunking both the Russia Collusion Delusion about Trump being an agent of Putin and the related witch hunt against Gen. Michael Flynn.   Later, as The Steal progressed, Gorka and his guests were a leading source of information exposing election fraudulence.

But, the least tainted analysis of The Big Steal came from The Duran.  Importantly, their Europe-based political economy podcast was immune to the distorting “gravity” of partisan or national loyalties that would commonly “bend” the perceptions of their American counterparts.  Better than anywhere else in the English language, the Greek-descended team of Alexander Christoforou and Alexander Mercouris deftly dissected the unfolding events of Trump’s last years in office.  Free of their American counterparts’ baggage, this pair was able to accurately predict the faithlessness of actors who, for years, pretended to be Trump allies.   Bob Barr, Mike Pence, Mitch McConnell and the rest of the Republican Establishment turncoats did not fool the “two Alexes.”

Even the present author did not forecast the impending treachery of the Right as well as those Greeks.  Just like the “parents are the last to know” of their children’s misbehavior, Americans are so often the last to realize the depths of their own country’s corruption.  If there was an honest Pulitzer Prize for foreign political commentary, surely The Duran would be in contention for that putative award (but alas, American journalism can no longer give awards, as it has aggressively skewered itself to death upon the gory horns of Trump Derangement Syndrome).

To see how the burden of loyalties affected some Americans’ perceptions of corruption, examine how certain commentators misread the FBI plot(s) to bring down Trump (if only slightly).  Despite all his admirable erudition and undeniable intelligence, Gorka considered the Crossfire Hurricane operation(s) to be one of the biggest scandals in US history.  This conclusion can only be accurate if one conveniently overlooks the criminality that led the US to twice attack Iraq.  Always quick to condemn the Biden Crime Family, American right-wingers typically forget about the Bush Crime Family.

This latter, even more corrupt dynasty, has the blood of one to three million dead Iraqis on its hands- how many died from the FBI’s corrupt manipulation of the FISA process?  Or what about the astounding FBI (and allied agency) mis-,mal-, or nonfeasance at Ruby Ridge in 1992, Waco and the World Trade Center in 1993, Oklahoma City in 1995, TWA Flight 800 and the Atlanta Olympics in 1996, or surrounding the events of 9-11-01?  For decades, the FBI has been more criminal than the Mafia and more incompetent than the Three Stooges.  It seems the patriot view of America as some “Shining City on a Hill” had blinded conservative observers to the ubiquitous and blood-stained corruption of American government (until it finally came home to roost, and was by then, too ingrained to expunge).

Like Gorka, Stephen Bannon may possess one of the keenest political minds in the US today.   Yet, for all his esteemed brilliance, Bannon seems to automatically reject any notion that his enemies might ever conspire against him or other America Firsters (such as the president).  Bannon incessantly repeats, mantra-like, that “there are no conspiracies….”  Perhaps his dogmatic denial is something of an act, an attempt to inoculate himself against the charge of being a crazed conspiracy theorist (e.g., he curiously nullifies his anti conspiratorial dictum with the conjoined phrase, “…but there are no coincidences, either.”)

I would wager that Bannon might be whistling a different tune regarding the existence of cabals, now that he has been the victim of one.   The present author well remembers January 8, 2021.  I turned on YouTube to watch Bannon’s #1-rated War Room for the latest updates on the death of the Republic, and his channel had simply disappeared-“kapoof!”   I knew immediately what happened, and verified it with an internet search minutes later- Bannon was banned.  I wonder if the Trump advisor still denies the eternal political relevance of conspiracies.  And he was smacked-down by not just any cabal- today’s corporate censorship crusade is nothing less than the most intricate and expansive plot to deny free trade, free speech, political expression, and voter franchise in the history of the world.

The common reluctance to “bite the bullet” and go down the conspiratorial rabbit hole has delimited the perspicacity of many brilliant analysts.  In this vein, Gorka has stuck his head in the sand, decrying conspiracists with rabid denunciation and condemnation.   The otherwise good Doctor has even gone so far as to scream that people who believe in cabals should not be allowed to vote!  When he is someday simultaneously deplatformed, delisted, demonetized and banned by ten or twenty multinational corporations, Gorka just might modify his militant denial that pernicious political intrigues sometimes exist.

What possible explanation, other than deliberate secret coordination, can explicate the institutionally perfectly abdication of every single political and legal check on voter fraud in the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of the federal and several states’ government?   How else can one explain the perfectly universal corporate media complicity in a literal coup d’état?  How else to arrange the suicide of the Republican Party?  How else can one nakedly obviate a nationwide landslide election victory?

A frenzy for banning politically incorrect ideas, as pioneered by communist dictatorships, has miraculously and simultaneously sprouted across the USA.  In scenes taken literally straight from the Chinese Cultural Revolution, children are gleefully turning their parents in to law enforcement for being Trump supporters.  Supposedly “conservative” media corporations are demanding all employees follow the party line that denies voter fraud, or be fired (e.g., Cumulus Media).  Conservative commentator and former baseball star Curt Schilling has even reported that AIG cancelled his insurance policy because it dislikes his politics.   Even as I write these words, “politically incorrect pillows” are being banned by large home improvement chains from sea to shining sea.  And yet, some still deny the possibility of private plotting among the powerful?


I think we understand, with a fair degree of certainty, how the election was physically rigged.  However, there are many, like myself, who remain uncertain of how it was digitally rigged.  The seemingly proven allegations of cybersecurity tabulation problems, perhaps even amounting to the computerized theft, transference, or “recalculation” of millions of votes, are just simply outside my area of vocational training.  I must leave this electronic facet of The Steal to other experts.

However, what I can professionally conclude with reasonable certitude is that Donald Trump won the 2020 election, and he won by it by a considerably larger margin than in 2016.  In fact, as a credentialed political scientist, I would expertly testify to this assertion, under oath. I also strongly suspect the president’s victory was of landslide proportions, and that his actual vote total was 80 million or more (although, of this, I am admittedly uncertain).

But, I am still confounded to satisfactorily expound why Trump was so riskily removed.   What was so special about The Donald that necessitated this extraordinarily elaborate and dangerous coup?  After all, he coddled the Military Industrial Complex lavishly, pumping up its budget and ending no wars.  He slashed regulations and taxes, particularly for corporations and the wealthy.  He appointed judges and justices that were pre-approved by the Establishment.   He was the most obsequious friend of Israel to ever inhabit the White House.  He rarely vetoed bills.   He fast-tracked Big Pharma’s vaccine.  He placed Swamp-dwellers in charge of the State Department, CIA, NSC, and beyond.

With only one substantive divergence, Trump’s policies were congruent with those of all previous presidents- the exception being that Trump dared to put America and Americans first.  Is this why he was excised?  I now turn to related rationalizations which, alone or together, may explain why Trump, at all costs, had to be deposed.

Taking the most irrational explication first, one must not forget the extraordinary power of Trump Derangement Syndrome.  Posterity will look back at that mad orgy of venomously wanton hatred much like we, today, reflect upon the Salem Witch Trials or the Spanish Inquisition.  Some readers might somehow still doubt that TDS really exists, or believe that if it does, its effect must surely be limited in scope.  They are mistaken.  TDS is very real, even if it behaves like some malevolent mass-hypnosis from a bad science fiction film.  But I am here, in America, and have seen TDS up close and personal.   It’s a thing.

Yet TDS is insufficient to explain the Steal.  I contend the coup was too well planned and executed for people feverishly crazed, almost to the point of drooling, to have prepared it.   And what about all the Republican betrayals?  For one, Bob Barr never showed any signs of the Syndrome.  Socio-political hysteria is, as mentioned above, a big part of the problem- but it can’t explain everything.

Turning to more rational theories, maybe Trump was removed because he was the only president in modern history who could not be confidently controlled by the Establishment.  Perhaps the “powers that be” feared the possibility that Trump, who has really “wised-up” these past four years, might become dangerously independent.  But, again, why take existential risks to remove so nebulous a threat?  Coups are too perilous to be undertaken only for some vague concern.

Alternately, there is a slightly more specific, more Machiavellian way to phrase this explanation- the Establishment was forestalling Trump’s plans for revenge.   The System may have known that the president was closing in on it.  A second term probably meant some would be put on trial, maybe even on to jail.    Trump’s list of properly held grievances was as long as his reputation for tenacity and vengeance.   The pasty and pusillanimous Gollums of The Swamp don’t do well in prison.  If they were sufficiently terrified of the chain-gang, and/or aware of specific Trump plans for retribution, then risking a coup was a rational decision.

But, in the final analysis, the most persuasive explanation for the putsch is that Trump too seriously threatened the globalist agenda.  The president’s nationalist populism was the one real difference from his predecessors- indeed it was diametrically divergent from all recent precedent.  Whether it was saving the jobs of Americans at the Tennessee Valley Authority who were slated to be replaced by foreigners, or building a wall to defend the border, Trump was successfully opposing the previously unhindered globalist objective of a borderless world and a bankrupt America.   In tandem with Brexit, he was pioneering a global movement of resurgent nationalism.   It seems that the internationalists saw the situation spinning out of control, and decided to put a definitive stop to it.

And yet, I still am curiously unsatisfied with any of these above rationalizations for The Steal.  I have this nagging suspicion that the president was ultimately removed to keep him from preventing something…something terrible.   Yes, I am here turning to mere speculation.  But I have a persistent and peculiar sense of dread associated with this coup.  Just reflect upon the past quadrennium.  The efforts to unseat Trump were breathtaking- countless insider leaks and betrayals, year after year of insidious propaganda and foaming-at-the-mouth hysteria, a Russian Collusion Delusion, and then two impeachment hoaxes.  But this Steal was something different- it was too complete, too brazen, too go-for-broke, too perfectly overwhelming; it portends that something rather sinister this way comes.

It is as if Trump was the only person on Earth who could prevent the hell that is to come, and so he absolutely, positively, had to go.  Is there anything to the supposed pipe-dreams called the Brave New World, the Sino-Orwellian (Virus) Tyranny, the New World Order, the Great Replacement, or The Great Reset?  I cannot confidently say, since such messianic and chimerical political ambitions are resistant to customary socio-scientific analysis.  But, if my quixotic premonitions are even partially accurate, then we had better fasten our seatbelts.

Let’s hope I’m wrong.

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Jester Moment
Jester Moment
January 25, 2021

No mention of Lin Wood or Sidney Powell!?

Guillermo Calvo Mahé
January 26, 2021

The article is clearly written from a pro-Trump, deeply conservative perspective. Still, given the desperate need for empathy, whether the author is correct or not, an informed person would at least want to understand his perspective, without censorship. There is electoral fraud in all United States presidential elections and at one point or another, in elections everywhere. The fraud does not generally impact the results, although it obviously did in the presidential elections of 1876 and 1960. Conspiracy theories thrive when their investigation is denied and more so when it is prohibited and preemptively derided as baseless. A reality check is in order regardless of… Read more »

James Sinnamon
Reply to  Guillermo Calvo Mahé
January 26, 2021

As I posted to (now off-line – hopefully this will be fixed soon) and re-posted to Some see former United States’ President Trump’s failure to pardon Julian Assange as an act of cowardice, under the threat by the U.S. deep state to make the outcome of impeachment proceedings against him as even more harsh. I see it as something worse – an act of malevolence towards Julian Assange. Other crimes committed by former U.S. President Donald Trump include: 1. Failure to renew even one nuclear arms control treaty that expired during his term of office; 2. Abandonment of… Read more »

January 26, 2021

This article is an excellent summary and inexorably leads the reader to be gasping for the air of truth– like fish coming to the surface of a pond with insufficient dissolved oxygen. WTF happened for the last 4 years?

BTW: the references to Stalin are at best cheap shots. He did lead the Soviet defeat of the Nazis, after all.

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