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An Update For “Le Mirage Rouge Coup d’État”

For conspiracy, I know not how it tastes. Though it be dished. For me to try how

Submitted by Mark S. Stephens, PhD…

As I begin to pierce through the First American Coup’s clouds of obfuscation, writing from a warm Ides of November to a balmy Texas Thanksgiving, my mind turns to a similarly momentous and audacious seizure of power.  The infamous Ides of March, 44, B.C., saw Julius Caesar unduly dethroned in the Roman capital, with the Roman Republic thereafter pronounced deceased.  Two millennia later, we see something eerily similar unfolding in the American Republic, whose analogous mortality might thereby also be proven.

While much has happened in the weeks since the election, I still stand by everything contained in my pre-election “Mirage Rouge” article, except the typographical errors (“Ginsberg” should be “Ginsburg,” and “the afternoon of January 20th” should be preceded with the preposition “by”).  Otherwise, historical developments have so far unfolded in fair conformity with the scenarios outlined in that paper.

And, despite all our neo-Stalinist media’s impudent mendacity, I still remain resolutely adamant in my disbelief that the American people would ever actually elect a president who thought he was running for the Senate against somebody named “George,” all while boasting he led the greatest election fraud machine in history. Or, less prosaically phrased, while it might be reasonable to describe Americans as all now living in a “Twilight Zone episode,” evidently only some of us are self-cognizant of that “surreality.”

The most disturbing new revelation that I have been able to confirm is an incipient insurrection taking hold within the organs of state authority. The prime example of this development concerns the ubiquitous tradition of poll watching.  By law, vote tallying is subject to on-sight verification by independent representatives of various political parties.  For this election, that requirement has been ignored on an unprecedented scale (at least in the swing states I am monitoring).  In support of this assertion, I have observed election workers boarding up poll watchers’ windows overlooking counting rooms.  I have even seen the printed-out pages of GOP monitors to be banned, listed by name.

In Philadelphia, some such rejected poll workers sued, and reportedly obtained a court judgment to guarantee meaningful access to tabulation centers.  This ruling, like the law upon which it was based, was insouciantly ignored by local election officials.  Subsequently, when the relevant sheriff was called upon to enforce that judicial order, the officer refused to do so, threatening the legal observer(s) with arrest for protesting too much regarding something as trivially irrelevant as the law!  And now, reports indicate that Pennsylvania election officials have been including late mail-in votes among their state’s reported totals, in direct and flagrant disregard of an explicit and unambiguous order from the US Supreme Court.

And then, on Thanksgiving, Governor Cuomo of New York declared the US Supreme Court to be “irrelevant” when it issues a decision he does not like (with similar comments coming from Pennsylvania Attorney General Shapiro, see below).  All this reckless abandon amounts to sheer lawlessness, perhaps nothing less than a mutiny among sworn government officials.  This sort of breakdown in civil relations can easily culminate in general anarchy or even civil war, and Justices of the Supreme Court are aware of these serious implications (see below).

An encouraging countervailing development is the decision, finally made November 9 by Attorney General William Barr, allowing federal prosecutors to initiate criminal investigation into the rampant allegations of cross-continental voter irregularities.   Of course, convictions for vote fraud, a year or two from now, do scant good for the cause of contemporaneous justice.  But Barr’s letter, and ensuing investigations, might quickly provide justiciable substantiation of criminal activity, or even more usefully, instances of crooks turning state’s evidence in exchange for immunity.  Right now, nothing would be more useful than the confession of an electoral hit man, but Barr will likely prove a disappointment, yet again.

Another letdown was the accompanying report by Trump’s (former?) biggest media supporter, the New York Post.  The Post reported that Barr issued his promulgation without an evidentiary basis.  Astonishingly, the Post has joined the “ostrich media,” pretending that all indicia of electoral fraudulence will magically evaporate if contradicted with sufficiently willful ignorance or curt indignation.  This chorus of media denials is clearly orchestrated.  For example, at the exact time (11:30am on Saturday the 7th) that Rudy Giuliani and associates (Team Trump) were announcing that they had collected dozens of sworn affidavits attesting to an astonishing array of voting irregularities, the Fifth Estate was, by an amazing “coincidence,” simultaneously calling the election for Biden.

Giuliani and his associate, Sidney Powell, then revealed further breathtaking claims at an historic news conference on November 19.  While most media diverted their gaze from the allegations then articulated, pausing only for puerile perspiration aspersions, we learned that the Trump Team affidavits now number in the hundreds.  We also were apprised that US presidential votes are now thought to have been remotely “tallied” in Europe, where a mysteriously vanished Dominion/Smartmatic tabulation server was allegedly located.  The charges made by Trump’s legal counsel culminated with an astounding claim that the variously-named “Dominion network” companies amounted to a global for-profit election rigging system.  If these incredible assertions are proven, political history will not just turn a corner, but do backflips (or as Cable News Pravda would say, “Nothing to see here, folks!”)

In this light, The Post’s intransigent “no evidence” stance is rather worrisome.  Specious denials from the presstitutes at MSNBC or the New York Times come as no surprise.  But, just weeks ago, the Post was the only large newspaper in America with the courage to report on Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell.”  But now, this previously reputable paper has, for some reason, seemingly joined the enemies of the truth.  Such a development is part and parcel of a concerning informational trend.

Ever since Clinton lost in 2016, it has become increasingly undeniable that there has been a concerted effort to destroy or take control of all pro-Trump media outlets.  First, as if by trial run, Alex Jones and his group, Infowars, was simultaneously demonetized, deplatformed, and banned by numerous institutions of Big Tech, evincing a coordinated design to bring Jones down.  Then, something happened to the Drudge Report.  Suddenly, it became a shill for anti-Trump hysteria (leading to a precipitous drop in viewership).  My supposition is that Matt Drudge was pressured to sell or relinquish his website to the foes of Trump (or at least the top half of it, “above the fold”).  Even The Duran has come under pressure.

Next, Fox News, leaning progressively more against Trump in the daytime, called Arizona for Biden almost the instant polls closed there (in fact, its ever-narrowing vote margins were counted for more than a week thereafter).  And now, Fox brazenly dares to join other networks in censoring White House briefings when they too directly challenge the fake news narrative.  Something is up with this censorship, but I can’t yet prove what.  We have long known about the controlled corporate media, but the Post, Fox, and Drudge, now all turncoats?

Et tu, Brute?

Say it ain’t so, Joe!

The plot thickens considerably with the exposure of stomach-turning examples showing Trump allies being terrorized at this critical hour.   A number of officials and attorneys working to “Stop the Steal” have had themselves, and even their jobs, family, and pets threatened, forcing some to withdraw from the struggle for justice.

Perhaps the Left has been emboldened by the recent “lowering of the bar” in Zoom etiquette pioneered by Jeffrey Toobin.  Now, leftists use video- conferencing to harass anyone who declines to kowtow to “President-elect Biden.”   In mid-November, I observed uncooperative members of the Wayne County Canvassing Board crassly “Zoom-harangued” for hours.  They were told to overlook evidence corresponding to what was provided by retired Michigan Senator Patrick Colbeck, who testified that in one locale “zero registered voters were associated with 172,337 votes.”  Democrats actually screamed that indications of fraud must be ignored because such irregularities are, by tradition, disregarded in Detroit!   Republicans were demanded to give their imprimatur to a scam, or they would go down in history evil racist monsters!  Wayne Canvasser Monica Palmer actually had her children threatened by Democrat operative, Abraham Aiyash, who warned her with ominous words, to the mafia-like effect of:

We know where you live….We know where your

kids go to school….Aren’t you afraid of what will

happen to them if you do not change your vote !?!

It is indeed reassuring to know that, in times of crisis, one can confidently rely upon Biden loyalists to show their true colors.

Amid all this despicable political bedlam, one can however, detect a definite, if barely embryonic, stirring for action now gestating within the Supreme Court.  The reasons for discerning this pre-parturition fall into the two broad categories of legal/ Constitutional considerations and sociopolitical reality.

Shortly before November 3, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court amended, by arbitrary judicial fiat, their absentee voter law (2019 Act 77) by extending the receipt deadline for mail-in votes (and other changes).  That court is, of course, not a legislature, thus its decision could easily be overturned by SCOTUS invoking these two elements of the US Constitution (among others):

— Article 1, Section 4, Clause 1: “The Times, Places, and Manner of holding elections for senators and representatives, shall be prescribed in each State by the Legislature thereof….”

— Article 2, Section 1, Clause 2: “Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a Number of electors” [to the Electoral College]….

The high court has previously visited that Pennsylvania ruling, and deadlocked 4-4 on the question(s) then at hand.  However, the newly arrived Justice Barrett is now ensconced upon the high bench.  If she is, as advertised, a faithful heir to Justice Scalia, then she will be steadfast in stern opposition against judicial activism.  Accordingly, she should be predisposed to break the tie here. Her Thanksgiving Eve anti-Cuomo vote to overrule the leftist Roberts wing bodes well for the future.

What’s more, as mentioned above, Pennsylvania election officials have flagrantly disregarded both a local court order to permit poll watchers and Justice Alito’s demand to segregate late arriving ballots.  Above and beyond the anarchy such contempt of court engenders, all judges abhor being disrespected, most especially those sitting on the “Supreme” Court of the land.

On top of this, Justices Kavanaugh and Thomas remember, all too well, the way Senators Biden and Harris went after them in their confirmation hearings.  Those Democrats relentlessly painted the pair as sexual predators or perverts before all the world.  I would not be surprised if these maligned Justices skewered those usurpers with the calm, unflappable demeanor of a learned jurist settling the score, once and for all.

I idly wonder which following stanzas now echo through the cavernous crania of those besmirched and black-robed men?

I am disgraced, impeach’d and baffled here

Pierced to the soul with slander’s venom’d spear

The which no balm can cure but his heart-blood

Which breathed this poison


Or, perhaps preferably phrased…

Revenge is a dish best served cold


Hence, an exquisite combination of the plain reading of the Constitution, personal pique, partisan loyalty, and a deep revulsion for both brazen election stealing and rank disregard of court orders, could mean that Pennsylvania’s election results become overturned. What form might this smackdown take?

Since the Bush v Gore precedent decided the 2000 presidential race by stopping the recount at a judicially ordered point in time, “Trump v Pennsylvania?”’ could conceivably also involve a time-freeze of that state’s vote tabulation, say at 8pm, Nov 3 (the time illegal votes began arriving, notably unsegregated, and thus leaving no other remedy than blanket invalidation).  Additionally, there is an equal protection deficiency since some (Democrat) counties allowed voters to “cure” (or repair) otherwise invalidating mistakes in their ballots, while other (Republican) counties did not.  Court acknowledgement of such defects could mean that Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes are taken from Biden and awarded to Trump (or just nullified).

Some of the real wildcards before us are lower courts and legislatures in currently contested states.  A number of strong legal cases being brought forward are examined below.  Also, state lawmakers could decide to independently award or annul Electoral College allocations (especially Pennsylvania), among other actions.  Much possible overturning is afoot, and its collective momentum grows by the day.

Just prior to Thanksgiving, the Pennsylvania State Senate held a Gettysburg hearing on election shenanigans, featuring everything from a call-in from the president himself to an audience alternately gasping in shock or laughing in derision at the evidence of criminality there presented.  Among the breathtaking allegations, Giuliani revealed that the Keystone State counted around 700,000 more mail-in ballots than were actually sent out to voters (he is seconded by retired Colorado State Senator Ted Harvey).  In rational times, this would be prima facie evidence of fraud.

But, Trump Derangement Syndrome means that we no longer live in a grounded political environment.   An unusually sane judge, Patricia McCullough, did see election problems and ordered a delay in Pennsylvania certification procedures as the result of a promising challenge from private attorney Greg Teufel.  Attorney General Josh Shapiro immediately announced he will effectively disregard this order.  Shapiro, recall, was the “neutral” law enforcement official declaring Biden the winner a day before the election.

Pennsylvania lawmakers seem to still feel insulted by Dominion representatives’ decision to abruptly cancel their appearance before a legislative committee.  Representative Seth Gove (R-PA) is particularly incensed by Dominion’s behavior, declaiming that the company has “hung out to dry” the voters of his state.  His indignation has been echoed by House Speaker Bryan Cutler and Majority Leader Jake Corman.    Perhaps spite, even more than all the fraud, will spur otherwise languid politicians into action.

In Georgia, a legal avenue for challenging election results is underway, under the direction of the accomplished attorney Lin Wood.  At the heart of his argument is a seemingly secret “consent decree” that, without legislative approval, changed the way voting was undertaken.  This defect is essentially identical to the one in Pennsylvania, addressed above.  Hence, if the Supreme Court struck down the Keystone State results, their reasoning could easily and instantaneously apply against Georgia and possibly even other states (or vice versa).  Even without a Wood or SCOTUS ruling, a November 25 private lawsuit from Sidney Powell may well bear fruit in the Peach State (along with her parallel filing made in Michigan).

Another Georgia problem investigated by Mr. Wood concerns fraudulent ballots-by-mail.  The most outstanding example of this deceit apparently concerns the large number of suddenly arriving “pristine” mail-in ballots.   In this context, “pristine” means crease-free, smooth and unfolded.  This condition might seem innocuous, but is actually a strong indicator of fraud since legitimate mail-in ballots are, as a rule, both sent and received, folded inside their mailing envelopes.

In Wisconsin, where all absentee ballots must be pre-requested, thousands of unsolicited (and thus illegal) voter packages were allegedly sent out (or received).  There also seems to be massive fraud surrounding ballot exceptions afforded to invalids (people confined to their beds).  The speaker of that state’s State Assembly, Robin Vos, has already called for an investigation.

In Nevada, thousands of out-of-state voters are alleged to have illegally cast ballots.  An evidentiary hearing to assess this evidence has just been called for December 3. In Arizona, there is a legislative hearing recently scheduled to address the allegations of fraud.  And, Sidney Powell may yet challenge election results there with another lawsuit.

And, in more locations than I can count, irregularities associated with Dominion/Smartmatic/Hammer machines or software are being flagged.  Crooked computer scientists might somehow find a sophisticated way to “justify” the apparently related over-voting in swing states (where more than 100% of the voters in a jurisdiction cast ballots).  Yet, no matter how clever the Democrats may be, I still intend to remain skeptical of any explanation they will offer for why so many dead people showed up for Biden.   Are we really supposed to believe that the deceased are the new identitarian demographic?  Should we be skeptical of assertions that corpses behave like most such political groupings, all sticking together and voting in mass for their fellow cadaver, Joe Biden?

The SCOTUS may well wait for these various states’ issues to be more developed or resolved before granting any writs of certiorari (i.e., taking any cases).  If the question is moot, they might not tackle these thorny issues at all.  I can practically hear John Roberts practicing his why-not-to-act arguments, even as I write these words.

The most dramatic SCOTUS denouement, of course, would be if the Court cast a game-changing 5-4 vote that resulted in Trump’s reelection.  If that happens, generations of historians hence will conclude that Ginsburg’s death gave Trump a second term (as the Left has collectively dreaded since the 18th of last September).

But, whatever the ultimate outcome of this epic struggle, we have at least added a new word to the political lexicon: “The Big Steal.”  As this Steal unfolds, we are afforded front row seats to the biggest establishment psy-op “full court press” in American history. We see evidence for this operation with the unprecedented theatrical pretence of some chimerical “Office of the President-elect,” repeatedly referenced to lull the general public into an acquiescence of nation-wide fraud.  The fake news media are uniformly complicit in this psychological warfare, relentlessly referring to Biden as “president-elect,” as if those words were an unholy mantra.

El Degüelo has been sounded outside the New Alamo of Trump’s White House.  The Stealers will stop at nothing, literally nothing, to thwart Trump.  They continually repeat threats to have him removed by armed attack, even propagating this scenario as an internet meme.  The establishment knows it will either be him, or them, and they are playing for keeps.

The ultimate wildcard in this maelstrom is the intestinal fortitude of the actors left standing with Trump (and the president himself).  They need to understand the forces arrayed against them, and steel themselves in preparation for the terroristic onslaught that lies in wait.  These patriots may need to send family, pets included, into hiding.  They need to prepare to lose their jobs. They need to hunker down and get ready, because things will only become crazier if they have any success.

If the Remaining loyalists are as spinelessly supine as the Michigan canvassing boards and the shamelessly craven RINOs calling for Trump to concede (Bolton, Ridge, Christie, etc), then this election and this country are finished.  If The Donald goes down, we officially become a banana republic.  If our votes can be stolen like this, I can see millions of Americans forever renouncing the ballot box (while some might embrace the cartridge box, instead).  This is crunch time, the time that tries our very souls.  And, it is also the occasion for numerous presidential pardons to be made.

On the bright side, Trump’s supporters know that they are probably at least 80 million strong (a sure enumeration depending on how many votes were flipped or stolen).  According to the best available evidence, more people voted for Trump than any president in history.  This was accomplished in the face of a literal 24/7 Trump defamation campaign by every element of the establishment.  From the early morning broadcasts, to the late night “comedy” programs (and beyond), Trump was reviled as a racist, corrupt, dangerous, impeached, obese, stupid, evil Nazi. All this calumny was delivered while pretending the Biden Crime Family to be saints.

And yet, despite this historically unprecedented character assassination operation, most of the electorate was completely unmoved.  This is incontrovertible proof of a certain limit to “the System’s” power over free-thinking Americans.  These “Deplorables” have the law, the Constitution, raw numbers, issue intensity, and the truth on their side, as well as some very angry jurists and legislators.  This election battle is not over yet (see the earlier “Mirage Rouge” article for detailed possible future scenarios).

But one must remain realistic.  The road ahead is very steeply uphill, perhaps insurmountably so.  Election malfeasance on the scale we are currently witnessing might be beyond legal remedy.  But, has the Republic been living on borrowed time anyway?  For a while now, Uncle Sam has been painfully wheezing and gasping for air, tethered to a life support machine.  If Biden is inaugurated, maybe it is time to acknowledge that the unfixable cannot be repaired, that all good things must come to an end.  Should we put yet another layer of lipstick on our beloved old Uncle, pretending he will somehow snap out of his coma?  Some, but not all, of the doctors contend the patient is terminal.  Perhaps, then, it would actually be a just act of mercy for the Bidenistas to finally “pull the plug” on our apparently failed experiment in mass democracy, and for the rest of us to learn some lasting lessons from its disgraceful demise.

Hell is empty

And all the devils are here

Beware the Ides of December.

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Ben stada
Ben stada
November 30, 2020

An epigone of a sleuth
More Shylock than Sherlock
Proselytising to the benighted ecumenical.
A sycophant ignorant to the myhtomania of the narcissistic sociopath over the four years of demagoguery.
Clearly 80 million see the light.

Reply to  Ben stada
November 30, 2020

Sig Heil!

November 30, 2020

Excellent post. School of Americas model is now in full swing
Anybody that spoke to Matt Braynard and is not already dead or in a FEMA camp needs to go underground NOW. Joe Friday Joe Stalin

November 30, 2020

Biden has virtually NO support. Even those that actually did vote for him (and are alive) don’t support him, they just hate Trump. IF Trump is gone and Biden becomes President, the ONLY issue that united his flimsy coalition is gone. When Biden starts to implement his neo-liberal agenda, the progressives and far-left are going to turn on him in a rage. The real core that support Biden are tiny in number, basically silicon valley, the media and east coast high upper class and elites. And those that support the real President, Kamala Harris are even smaller in number. If… Read more »

Last edited 5 months ago by oldandjaded
November 30, 2020

Watching the Arizona hearing, he just said something that should ring a bell for any that followed Binney on the Seth Rich story, the speed with which the vote dump min AZ loaded was faster than it was possible to scan the votes. So they were either uploaded from a thumb drive, same as the download of the Wikileaks/Clinton info, or loaded from a pre-prepared batch file

Last edited 5 months ago by oldandjaded
November 30, 2020

I watched the Penn hearing in its entirety, I did that for a reason, I wanted to be able to accurately evaluate how much more evidence would be presented at the next hearing. I am watching AZ right now, and the increase both in volume and quality as compared to Penn is overwhelming. I gotta say, I think this is DONE, The evidence being presented this time is such that I CANNOT IMAGINE how the AZ legislature is not going to take action, and if the evidence presented to the third hearing follows the same trajectory, this is done. I… Read more »

Last edited 5 months ago by oldandjaded
November 30, 2020

For the “Kraken” crowd, the Trump team IT guy just said it IN SWORN TESTIMONY, the same thing I have said since day one. QUOTE “We do NOT have legal authority to search or SEIZE a server outside the country”. Full stop, end of sentence.

Last edited 5 months ago by oldandjaded
December 1, 2020

Thats #1

Boris Johnson Unleashes The British Police Force Against His Own People, As He Crucifies An Entire Nation On The Cross Of The NHS

Crimean issue: SBI blames those who are unlikely to be punished