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Requiem for a Republic: A Political Obituary

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By Mark S. Stephens, PhD…

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the tragic passing of our dear and beloved Uncle Sam (aka, The Old American Republic). 

We fondly recall how, from such an early age, he was so full of exuberant vigor that no one could ever keep up with him.  He would no sooner come upon an idea than he effectuated it, doing so sooner and better than anyone expected.  He was one of those republics that instantly brightened any room he entered.  No one who knew Sam will ever forget him, or his infectious laugh.

Countless books, plays, and films will be made about our great, late Uncle. Throughout the ages to come, historians will wistfully marvel at the heights of his achievements, imitate the best of what he did, wonder at what might have been, and sadly shake their heads at the tragedy of his demise. They will sorrowfully recall how, in his last days, the breathtaking perfidy of so many around him broke our Uncle’s heart, his spirit, and his will to go on. 

The last straw for poor Sam was the Supreme Court’s (non)decision, December 11, 2020, effectively holding that Americans do not have the right to a fair presidential election.  Sam’s shock at this treacherous abdication left him in a deep coma from which there was no recovery possible.  The “plug” was finally ceremonially “pulled” on “Fraud-auguration Day,” January 20, 2021, when the Usurper and Vice Usurper were installed (with the Republican Establishment’s blessing), as overlords of the new Soviet States of America in our New Age of Madness.  Like the first Plantagenet King Henry II, ever invincible in adversity, strife, and battle, our beloved Sam was only finally brought low by beastly betrayal.

This was the most unkindest cut of all

For when the noble Caesar saw him stab

Ingratitude, more strong than traitor’s arms,

Quite vanquished him.  Then burst his mighty heart…

Whilst bloody treason flourished over us

Some will contend, no, we still have a chance to revive our old Uncle.  Just a few more shocks of the cardiac paddles might work…we can’t just give up.  To them I say have mercy, and let a dead dog lie.  Somehow reviving our Uncle, just to watch him endure as a lifeless vegetable, would not only be a waste of time, but an act of cruelty.  It is over for America. We are irrevocably, positively, totally, irretrievably, completely and absolutely done.  Kaput!  Now it is time to briefly mourn, get over it, and then move on and regenerate our former paradise somehow or somewhere else.

Why it is Hopeless

For those who still cling to good old Sam, there is a simple reason why there is no hope for his return: Donald Trump’s reelection was nakedly stolen in broad daylight, with no repercussions whatsoever, except to those who endeavored to thwart that Big Steal.  Accordingly, there is really no point in standard political action until we fix the voting system- but it seems beyond repair.  We now know that both Democrat and Republican Establishments jointly conspired to establish or permit rigged election mechanisms that pilfered a presidential reelection. Moreover, the Republican betrayal revealed that the GOP would rather live as a permanent minority or emasculated party, than win with Trump and the people.  It appears the Rockefeller Republicans still run the show, pretending to be conservatives just well enough to fool those blinded by loyalty or craven corruption.

The System now has a proven ability to steal any and all consequential elections, with impunity, forever. It is inconceivable that the globalist Establishment will just walk away from this newly perfected perpetual power machine.  They will never give that up.  If a guy learns how to rig the lottery with permanent legal immunity, who really expects that he will voluntarily renounce such endless riches? Sure, RINO Republicans will be allowed victories in the rigged system, and perhaps some token opposition might be permitted.  But, if true Patriots of the future ever near attainment of meaningful power, they will simply be “Trumped,” and their electoral victory will be “disappeared.”

I will admit I was impressed at how well the Stealers totally got away with their electoral heist. The mainstream media, acting in monolithically perfect unison, denied mountains of evidence that proved The Big Steal.  Big Tech banned anyone and everyone who dared to whisper the truth about The Usurpers (itself a circumstantial proof of The Steal). The courts were so controlled, deranged, or afraid to address such blatant illegality that they, also with near perfect uniformity, blithely pretended the fraud was not sitting exposed at their feet, stinking like a rotting corpse.  And now, the Lunatics of the Left want to make it a crime for Americans to even talk of how their franchise was robbed. They have already made such a transgression into just cause for the revocation of a law license. 

 I admit, of course, that premature proclamations of the death of America have been commonly made by its detractors.  But I am not some America-hater engaged in wishful thinking- I am a Patriot accepting the inevitable.  In fact I have, perhaps by accident, seemingly dedicated my life to making my country a less malevolent place.  I honored her history and heroes, among whom I count my grandfather, who landed on the beaches of Normandy in early June of 1944.  The Purple Heart he earned at the Battle of the Bugle hangs over my mantelpiece, even as these words are written.  I have dedicated decades preparing for and then becoming a professor of US and Texas government, teaching thousands of students how to better understand our broken institutions so that they could hopefully help us fix our beloved country before it was too late.

It is now too late. 

The United States has become a banana republic, best get used to it.

Or, to quote the quixotic Monty Pythons of the Mother Country, the first American Republic is one “definitely deceased parrot.” 

We must come to grips with the fact that any further study of (or resuscitation attempts for) Uncle Sam are a complete waste of time.  The US is now nothing more than a clown-world cartoon playing inside of a Twilight Zone episode. Goodness, the US government just labeled its own Constitution to be “harmful language.”  You really can’t make this stuff up!  To take the United States seriously is quite pointless – an utterly useless exercise of exasperating futility.  We might as well take up Medieval Mongolian Ballet as take the US seriously.  We might as well dedicate the next 30 years of our lives to studying the Bolivian labor movement of the 1920s, or write a 900 page book on the worst TV soap operas of the 1970s. We might as well spend 30 years researching all the Bugs Bunny cartoons ever produced so we can author a 97-volume metatheoretical exegesis explicating the post-structural omni-architectonic phenomenology of imaginary rabbits.  

Again, we should not try to resurrect Uncle Sam- even if successful, all we will get would be some ghoulish zombie-monster. Remember, 21st Century America is a place where pregnant women are prepared for combat while men are given heroism awards for amputating their genitals (Bruce Jenner). This is a country where parents are positively portrayed for preparing their three-year old daughter for analogous sexual mutilations (I know, I know, nobody ever believes me on this one, so just read the PBS NewsHour story entitled “Puberty Blockers…” from August 20, 2016). 

In today’s America, you can approvingly murder someone, in cold blood, simply for saying “White lives matter.”  This is a country that hates Joe Rogan en masse simply because he successfully tried to save his life with Ivermectin!  It is now an impeachable offense for a president to talk on the phone or contest a stolen election, but laudable for six-year olds to be involuntarily subjected to Satanic drag queen story-hour at the school library (presumably right after their mandatory sex education and racism indoctrination classes).  And then, we take our kids to the school auditorium for orgiastic chanting in praise for the Aztec gods of ritual murder and cannibalism (I know, you might not believe me, but I don’t care anymore- Sam’s passing has mercifully liberated me from such concerns).

But, you say, America still has something worth saving- we have the best tertiary education system on Earth- so good that people come from around the world to study in it. Yes, they most certainly do. In fact, every single “foundational” Third World WMD scientist received their training in creating instruments of mass death at American (or Western) colleges. Chemical Ali, A.Q. Khan, Dr. Germ- they were all taught their talents for nerve gas and atom bombs in our chemistry, biology, and physics departments. 

In fact, the Chinese economic miracle, which is intended to finance global communist hegemony or even dictatorship, was also given to them in our institutions of higher learning. We bestowed upon the CCP a thousand years of Western learning, almost for free, in the space of a generation. Congratulations, America (and the West), China is, even now, preparing to hang us with the ropes we taught them to make. Yes, yes, yes, we should be so proud of our higher education system. 

But at least college students have new academic freedoms, trigger warnings, safe spaces, etc, right?  As a government professor, I learned all about these novel student rights.  In fact, in order to find out just what they entail, I once arranged a meeting with the government department chair to better understand the newly evolving standards of pupils’ latitude. You can’t know how I relieved I was to discover that in the new environment of college discourse, professors can no longer teach about the dangers of American support for Syria’s “moderate terrorists,” but students can write a paper, without penalty, about how the “Brazilians started World War II when they bombed Pearl Harbor” (I know some think I am making this one up, and no I wasn’t wearing a wire to prove it, but that is literally what I was told, Scout’s Honor). 

In our vaunted higher education system, our American history courses increasingly focus upon the “exploited woman of the 18th Century” rather than address trifles like the Constitution or the Revolutionary War (University of California). Even better, faculty positions cannot be offered to a white person until a non-white person has first refused it, while we fire our most proficient professors so that football coaches can live in mansions (University of Texas).
Or, we fire them for being on campus during “no white people allowed day” (Evergreen College). You can think of our higher education system in another way- all you need to know about it is summed up in one sentence: “The longer you stay in school, the stupider you get.”  And, in exchange for years of meaningless or even vile indoctrination, American students have incurred well over a trillion dollars of debt.

What about the rest of American society?  Well, we give Emmy Awards to sex-predator governors who order the deaths of thousands, ruin the lives of millions, and then ruthlessly cover it all up (Cuomo).  We terrorize the elderly in their pajamas with televised 5am SWAT raids for the crime of supporting the only decent president we have had in a generation (Mr. & Mrs. Roger Stone). We viciously persecute veterans for trying to clean up the government (General Flynn).  We use Covid as an excuse to release high-level sex offenders from prison simultaneously with criminalizing a trip to the beach (Governor Newsom).  Then, we open casinos and tattoo parlors while shuttering churches (Nevada).  We have turned the Paris of the West into an open-air sewer ankle-deep in human feces and used syringes (San Francisco).  We now have six million people in our penal system, mostly for non violent or victimless crime- decades in prison for simply being in proximity to a prescribed powder!

Ok, Ok, America is not all bad. We do amazingly somehow produce warmongers slick enough to get the Nobel Peace Prize (Barry Sotero, aka Barak Obama) and womanizers smooth enough to become idols of female liberation (Bill Clinton). And, I am so proud to brag that we are the global leader in the dissemination of depleted Uranium munitions and the countless unspeakably hideous birth defects resulting therefrom. Of course, no one outdoes America in the packaging and exporting of slow-acting poison in the form of food for billions (GMOs and fast food).  Also, no country on earth is more selflessly generous in giving deadly, sterilizing, or paralyzing vaccines to poor countries (Bill Gates). 

And, of course, we are all so proud that America is ruled by a foreign power, a Fifth Column occupying the US government and serving that alien state, that is so all-powerful and ruthless that I dare not even mention its name.  In subservience to that distant ethnostate (hint, hint), the US spends trillions of dollars destroying countries for things they didn’t do, and then turning them over to whatever terrorist monsters we can find (Iraq’s WMDs, Afghan involvement in 9-11, Assad and Gaddafi massacring their own people, etc). Our valiant soldiers have, quite literally, spent years guarding the opium fields of Afghan warlords (I verified this with a student-veteran).  And now we learn that we have been shipping loads of Viagara to those same warlords so they can gang rape even more little boys.  And then there is the question of who really did carry out the attacks of 9-11.  I better not even get started on that one…. 

Years ago, Chalmers Johnson brilliantly diagnosed our Great American Irony: in the course of defeating the Soviet Evil Empire the US transformed itself into its successor Evil Empire.  This is a fact of history.  So, let us just finally admit it- the world will be a better place without the United States of America. 

But, upon further reflection, perhaps Sam’s doom was already sealed, even before The Big Steal of the 2020 election, due to the astonishing repercussions suffered from the nationwide onset of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) circa 2016.  As millions upon millions of people began virtually foaming at the mouth with overwhelmingly intense and delirious hatred for everything Trump, a change seemed to happen to their very souls.  As fans of Walter White will recognize, the people and institutions that fell to Trump Derangement Syndrome began “breaking bad.” 

Continuing the cinematic metaphors, the most extreme TDS transformations reminded me at times of the possession scenes from The Exorcist horror film.  While most TDS victims have not been literally having demon-seizures, even the mildest cases of the Syndrome still left their victim in a most curious state…let’s call it being “allergic to the truth” (with various levels of intensity).  I know people, people close to me, who are now almost infantile in the wake of their TDS.  It was almost as if the haters’ decision to eagerly and lustily despise Trump (and his defense of the West), was some sort of existential transgression, an offense against civilizational survival itself, an effrontery so grave that it constituted an open invitation to the Devil himself for to take their soul(s) (or at least get a toehold in it). 

I know that observation will sound strange to some (especially the secularly inclined), but think about it a while before dismissing my Exorcist comparison.  For example, the skeptical might want look at how leftists now so zealously attack the very foundations of society, legalizing, rationalizing, even encouraging literally all forms of legal and physical anarchy, embracing and even lionizing wanton violence, vagrancy, looting, arson, theft, killing, and anything else that might turn our American heaven into an open sewer from hell. 

 The Left has been increasingly acting as if possessed by a force that absolutely loves the destruction of everything that is good.  One need only look across San Francisco or Portland, all the way to Austin, Detroit, and New York for undeniable examples of once great places turned into Third World cesspools (to various degrees).  Or recall how the Left, once defining itself in opposition to the CIA, FBI, Deep State, and endless war, now embraces them all.  In a shockingly Mephistophelian transformation, liberals have learned to love Big Brother.  We live in Times of Inversion, and if my devilishly dark “Exorcist supposition” is even partially accurate, then our goose was cooked well before November 3.  

For the less spiritually inclined reader, there is a well developed scientific vocabulary to describe our current crisis.  Instead of a demonic episode, we can explain the mad human stampede of the Trump/Covid hysteria as a “Jungian psychic epidemic.”  As explained by Carl Jung, these episodes of societal mass psychosis are “the greatest danger to man…infinitely more devastating than the worst natural catastrophes.”  From the Witch Hunts of the 1600s, to the Maoist or Hitlerian mental meltdowns of the 1900s, these dangerous events are characterized as a collective psychological defensive reaction to the mass panic attack induced by the widespread inculcation of intense fear (the “psychogenic trigger.”)

Within the collective mind of a panicked human herd, a totalitarian mentality can easily be stimulated, taking the form of an unquestioning obedience and intolerance that serves as the perfect (and only) answer to the terrifying threat(s) that have been force-fed to the public.  Attendant to this mental transformation is a deification of the top power elites who have self-appointed themselves as the saviors-of-all.  We see their flagrant insouciance reflected in the repeated instances with which these pathological leaders flout their own heath diktats (the maskless dinner party for Gavin Newsom, or the hairdo for Speaker Pelosi and Mayor Lightfoot, etc).

Dr. Joost Meerloo has explained the strategy by which aspiring tyrants seek total power through mass madness as “menticide” (a killing of the mind).  He defined this tactic as:

…an organized system of psychological intervention

and judicial perversion through which a ruling class can

imprint their own opportunistic thoughts upon the minds

of those they plan to use and destroy.

Meerloo went on to describe how servility can be maximized by alternating waves of ever-increasing fear with periods of brief relaxation (as we have seen and will see again). Then, as each returning wave of terror is laced with new doses of isolation (though lockdowns) and sheer confusion (through conflicting or nonsensical mandates and information), the populace reels from crisis to crisis in a manufactured state of perpetual disorientation and intensifying helplessness.  With today’s monolithic mass media, the people can be subjected to such Pavlovian conditioning-by-repetition with unprecedented ease and intensity (as we are now witnessing).

Faced with this state of ubiquitous hysteria and Establishment corruption, the indefatigable might then say, “OK, we will just start a third party. This new party will stabilize and unrig the system.”  Right.  If I had a dollar for every American who believed a third party was the solution, I wouldn’t need future lottery numbers.  The problem here is not a genuine will to succeed by political parvenus.  Rather, it is structural, built into the American election process.

The United States typically operates under what is known as a “first past the post” political representation system. In its simplest form, this method essentially means that whoever gains 50.1% of the vote gets 100% of the spoils- all others get nothing.  A third party might garner 30 or more percent of the vote, but in our system, that translates into zero percent of the power.  Yes, with Europe’s generally “proportional representation” arrangements, a party with 30% of the vote can be the kingmaker.  But here, a 30-percenter is nobody.

The optimist might respond, “Ok, we will just change to proportional voting.”  But, such a change would require a Constitutional amendment, meaning virtual unanimity, as three-fourths of the states must agree for such a change to be ratified.  Yet who expects the corrupt globalist “Republicrats” to agree to a new format that effectively cancels their monopoly on power? Again, there is no reviving a dead republic.  Accepting this fact is the first step towards recovery. The second step might involve understanding our path to this predicament (the subject of the next section). 

How Did We Get Here? A Brief History of the Patriot Movement

Trump did not arrive on the 2016 campaign trail as the first candidate seeking to break the Globalist-Republicrat power duopoly.  He was preceded by earlier figures who, in many ways, “paved the way” for his astonishing electoral breakthrough.  As an American activist living through the Trump and pre-Trump anti-Establishment movements of nationalist populism, I can here enumerate some (occasionally biographical) recollections in that chain of historical events.

One of my earliest political memories was seeing Ronald Reagan deliver a 1980 campaign speech in Houston’s Tranquility Park. I still remember his message: a break with the Washington consensus by facing down the Soviets, pursuing lower taxes, and having smaller deficits and government.  Admittedly, Reagan did get tougher on the USSR, but after eight years as president, the Gipper left us with bigger government and much higher deficits. While Reagan may have made a Herculean effort to fulfill his promises, it was then becoming clear, even to kids like myself, that the GOP Establishment wanted to maintain the status quo (i.e., an ever expanding government) regardless of the Oval Office occupant’s orientation. 

Fundamental political reform, it then seemed, had to be effectuated by a different political party, and many disillusioned small-government enthusiasts naturally began to explore the Libertarian Party as a possible alternate vehicle for change.  As it so happened, a Republican congressman from Texas, Dr. Ron Paul, had come to a similar conclusion and was running as the Libertarian presidential candidate in 1988.  As then an undergraduate, I was able hear his campaign speech at my alma mater, the University of California, Santa Cruz.  I still remember his best received line among the predominantly left-wing audience: “Abolish the CIA!”  The careful reader will see the irony here, as the Left now loves the CIA, to the point of equating doubting it with treason.

After his speech, a few of us stayed behind to query Dr. Paul.   I will always be honored to have met the most honest and genuinely anti-Establishment peace politician of our age. I also vividly recall a question put to the doctor, and his visceral reaction to it.  He was asked about squaring his libertarian philosophy with his strident opposition to abortion. “Why do you want the abortion choice to be illegal?” a student inquired.  As a former obstetrician, Paul’s reply was memorable.  His face reflexively contorted into an agonized mixture of sadness and disgust: “Because I once saw a screaming baby delivered and then just thrown into a waste bucket.” To this day, Ron’s son, Senator Rand Paul, is one of the staunchest abortion opponents in Congress, and I think I know why.

While Dr. Paul, of course, came nowhere near winning the 1988 election, he did establish at least a theoretical viability for a truly anti-System politician to run for the White House. And, usefully, he also revealed how enthusiastically the mainstream media will ignore qualified candidates simply because they are not part of the fictional “2 party” system.  Nevertheless, as Paul’s message of ending all the wars snowballed over the succeeding decades, Donald Trump would be there to pick up the baton when the time came.

The next viable anti-globalist to run for president was Patrick Buchannan, who challenged arch-establishmentarian George Bush (Sr.) in 1992.  His candidacy was off to a promising start, as he and his message carried the day against a sitting president in the New Hampshire primary.  This astonishing upset was a clarion call to The System- the “peasants” were becoming restless.  I can still remember Patty addressing his delirious supporters that victory night, extolling us to “grab your pitchforks and head to the sound of the guns!”

The Mainstream Media (MSM) was then sent into overdrive, initiating a breathtaking character assassination campaign against Mr. Buchanan.  Nothing like it had ever before been seen in the annals of American history.  Day and night, seven days a week, the presstitutes of the Establishment media tried to convince us that Patty was a Nazi.  I can still vividly recall watching the coordinated vilification campaign unfold through 1992. 

Most specifically, I remember watching David Letterman’s nightly comedy show when he told the same joke, two nights in a row, about Buchanan being like Hitler.  His liberal cosmopolitan writing staff so deeply hated America and Western Civilization that they had to repeatedly compare the patriot candidate to the Nazi leader, even though they couldn’t come up with a new joke with which to do so.  Needless to say, although I was a decade-plus fan, I never watched Letterman’s show again…ever.

The demonization campaign against Buchanan worked- he sank like a rock in the polls.  However, years later, when they replayed the same “he’s a Nazi” gambit against Trump, it largely failed to work.  The System had “cried wolf” once too often. Conservatives had become inured or “inoculated” against the now overused and tired Nazi slur.

Buchanan would later run on the disjointed Reform Party ticket, but gained no traction from that approach, as that grouping quickly fell (or was torn) apart.  But it was his 1992 run that really marked a turning point, as long-time Republicans began to give up on their party Establishment.  Patty’s 1992 campaign also marked another milestone: it was America’s last chance.  While Trump may have been the last possible chance for Uncle Sam’ revival, by my estimation it was Buchanan’s failed challenge to Bush that marked America’s last realistic shot at survival.  By 2016, the writing was already on the wall, and Trump really had no realistic prospect for resurrecting the Republic (as events clearly proved).  Let’s just admit it- Donald’s presidency was a one-man attempt at dead-lifting the Titanic– not even Hercules himself could have pulled that off!

After Buchanan was shot down, Patriots were not yet willing to give up on Sam just yet, and they coalesced around two more Republican presidential runs by Dr. Ron Paul, in 2008 and 2012.  The media, of course, alternated between demonizing or ignoring the Paul candidacy, sometimes to humorous excess.  On at least one occasion, a presstitute reported the first, third, and fourth place winners of a race, completely omitting the second place finisher because he was Dr. Paul (a decision that would later be hilariously lampooned in a Jon Stewart satire).  However, between 2008 and 2012, Ron Paul did manage a breakthrough to millions of Americans, generating considerable momentum for an anti-war, anti-globalist populist to step in and push us past the victory line (as Trump would famously do four years later).

The main takeaway here is that we have tried the electoral route, and even when we miraculously win twice in a row (2016 and 2020), we still lose.  There is no point in the national ballot box- that avenue has been tried, and the door was slammed in our face.  After 32 years of consistent participation, I do not plan to vote again in a federal election- why beat a dead horse?  While state and local politics might still have some purpose, national politics, even if Trump runs in 2024, is pointless. The election will just be stolen yet again.  And, if Trump somehow defies the odds and returns to the White House?  He will simply be neutered anew (or killed), while Jared Kushner reruns US foreign policy into the ground for four more awful years.

So, What is to be Done?

Now that I have briefly sketched how we got here, how do we, the “Sane Remnant,” now move forward?  Following are some suggestions for how to proceed during this time, the most diabolical and dangerous days in the life of anyone reading this essay today.  Ideally, around the world the people will quickly unify to stop the Communist Covid Tyranny in its tracks.  Barring that unlikely eventuality, we should proceed by balancing extreme caution with indefatigable resolve as we make a fighting retreat into sustainable invisibility. 

1-Consider Buying Time with Meaningful Election Integrity Reform

Some will say that Trump’s recent political resurgence means we can revive our moribund Republic. They can further point to the fact that several states are enacting sweeping voter integrity legislation that will possibly enable the return of our Republic to the people.  To them I say, sure, these reforms might make it harder to steal elections.  But, I have seen the operation of vote-counting equipment that had undeniably been pre-programmed with mathematical algorithms which guaranteed Trump would lose, no matter how many votes were actually cast for him.  As best I can determine (and this issue is admittedly a bit outside my area of expertise), as long as computerized machines end up tabulating final results, the globalists can still steal any election at will, despite the recent reforms.  For the curious, the mathematical proof of such machine rigging can be found through the application of something called the “binomial probability formula” (more on this in a future paper).

But, continuing the metaphors of this monograph, these electoral improvements will probably only prove to be like putting Uncle Sam “on ice,” delaying the noxious decay that would necessitate his final burial. Or more explicitly, these ballot integrity measures could buy us some time, perhaps precious time, but we are still using corrupted machines that will get us in the end.  Of course, I can hardly condemn the reformers, or those who confer misplaced hopes of ultimate efficacy upon their work.  But again, the parrot is dead.  We must not delude ourselves into ignoring this unpleasant reality, lest we be distracted from the task before us: our New Republic.

Acknowledging the possible (but temporary) utility of election reform, it may behoove us to consider what form this should take. Voter fraud has been a growing problem since computerized voting machines began to make their appearance (particularly after HAVA- the Help America Vote Act of 2002).  Let us turn the tables and use technology for the people, rather than against them.

Allow me to advance a few proposals for dependable election procedures derived from decades of observation and contemplation (whether for our current system, or better, for use in a completely New Republic).

A- No more mail-in voting whatsoever.  As was widely acknowledged before the 2020 election (by Jimmy Carter, among others), postal ballots are an open invitation to fraud.  I see no reliable way to fix the deficiencies inherent in such a system. 

B- No more voting without picture identification.

C- Voting should be done in person for all ambulatory voters.  In the booth, they will cast an anonymously numbered paper ballot, and receive a printed receipt indicating how they voted.  The original physical ballot must, by law, be kept for any future (almost?) zero mechanization recount.  Voters then retire home, where they can look online for their ballot’s number and verify that their vote was recorded accurately by their county/precinct officials.  If discrepancies are found, they can present their ballot receipt to the county registrar and demand rectification  Voters can on their own, prove fraud, saying “Look, my receipt shows I voted for ‘X,’ but you have me voting for ‘Y.’”  If a number of voters, (equaling, say, at least 10% of the margin of victory) challenge the election with a receipt-proven protest, then that county must recount all ballots by hand with multiple observers closely watching the process.

D- This might also be the place to reconsider automatic universal suffrage.  Most would concede that doctors, teachers, civil engineers, etc. need training before they can perform their jobs.  We can’t have gardeners doing brain surgery or building bridges.  For the sake of public safety, it has been generally agreed that all drivers also need to have training and licensing.  Goodness, even hairdressers need a license in some states.  But, do we need any qualifications to decide the collective destiny of a nation?  Naaaaah, just anybody can to that. 

Yes, these days it is heretical to consider limiting the franchise to the literate, but our democracy of dunces has clearly proven to be entirely unsustainable.  Also, the ritual objection to a voter ID and literacy requirements is that they tend to fall hardest upon the elderly and racial minorities.  OK, fine, we can stipulate that voter IDs never expire for the handicapped and for those over the age of 65. We can even expand access by establishing home visits from the registrar to retrieve (sealed) paper ballots from the infirm- now the physically challenged don’t have to be unduly burdened. The Left had a valid point here, and now I have addressed it. 

But their racial argument is perplexing- those making it are undeniably asserting that some racial groups are less capable of performing simple tasks, like having ID.  But this cannot be, since we dare not deny the dogma that all races are equal.  Why, then, does the Left opportunistically insist that some groups are, in effect, racially inferior to others?  Are the Democrats actually making an argument for “white supremacy?”  How dare they allege that blacks are not as good at paperwork as other races!  I am deeply offended and demand the Democrats’ abject repudiation and recantation of their unacceptable and abhorrent thought crime.  Does the Left need to be sent to one of its own anti-racism reeducation camps?

2-Recognize the Dangers of the Communist Covid Cult

Ok, ok, I admit I am neither a biologist nor a medical professional, and I offer no advice or conclusions regarding those fields of expertise.  But my personal skill set might be an even better preparation for this virus crisis than even an MD.  As a credentialed political scientist, I have spent a lifetime learning to see through government lies, and I like to think I have become reasonably good at it.  So, in order to assess the reliability of  Media-Government’s Complex’s (MGC) virus narrative, I give the reader the following list of official MGC falsehoods, as derived from my field of professional specialization: US foreign policy.

Top Ten MGC Deceptions Used to Advance Militarism and War

1-The non-existent 1950s “bomber gap” between the USSR and the USA

2-The non-existent 1960s “missile gap” between the USSR and the USA

3-The entire Vietnam War was a litany of lies resting upon a foundation of falsehood.  For one, the “justification” for the whole war was a non-existent August 4, 1964 Gulf of Tonkin attack on the USS Maddox.  After this fake excuse, the war proceeded according to the fallacious arguments, repeatedly made by LBJ’s so-called “Best and Brightest” advisors, that the supposedly unavoidable Vietnam War could be won if we would only send another 100,000 teenage boys to be blown to bits in the meat grinder of that blood-drenched Indochinese calamity (see the Pentagon Papers for details).

4-The 1970s/1980’s “Window of Vulnerability” and “Team B” arguments which exaggerated the Soviet military threat to justify billions spent on the B-1 Bomber, MX missile, and more

And, who can forget these post-Cold War gems of geostrategic mendacity:

5-The non-existent 1990-91 mass murder of Kuwaiti “incubator babies” used to vilify Saddam Hussein and justify the First Gulf (Iraq) War 

6-The non-existent Iraqi connection to the 9-11 attacks and their non-existent WMDs that justified the Second Gulf (Iraq) War

7-The non-existent civilian genocide used to justify the catastrophic decision to destroy Muammar Gaddafi and his government in 2011

8-The non-existent Assad government’s WMD attacks on civilians used to justify US/NATO armed intervention on behalf of radical jihadis in the Syrian Civil War

9-And, circa 2016, recall widespread reports that “all 17 US intelligence agencies” unanimously concluded that Russia was targeting Donald Trump and/or his campaign as part of some sort of nefarious plot, when in fact, there were zero actual agencies making such a determination, and the alleged collusion was all a pernicious lie. The resulting Russian Collusion Delusion was effectively used to kneecap the first anti-war president since Carter.

10- The entire Afghanistan War was, you guessed it, another litany of lies built upon a foundation of falsehood.  From the fake casus belli of capturing Osama bin Laden, to the endless Pentagon reports that we were winning the war and building an effective Afghan army, everything the people were told was untrue (see the “Afghanistan Papers” for details).

So, the Establishment doesn’t simply have zero credibility, it actually has negative credibility. In other words, one is better off reflexively believing the opposite of whatever the Government-Media Complex tells us to think (GMC = when the media and the state are one).  Never forget, the people who tell you to mask up and take the shot are the same ones who have been lying to you about war since before you were even born.  Congenital liars whose conspiracies have killed millions cannot be trusted about anything, including their virus narrative(s).  These people should not be believed, but instead should be relentlessly resisted.

Also, beware the jab. In 2020, many doctors predicted harm from these shots, and many others are already reporting that those warnings were prescient.  But, even without these reports, it is the over-the-top insistence with which we are told the jab is safe, effective, and imperatively necessary that is The System’s clearest “tell.”  Whenever any infinitely corrupt structure pushes anything as hard as this “Frankenshot,” all sane people know, ipso facto, that it is a bad idea.  

And I am glad I questioned the vaxx, because just today (August 29), those same organs of wickedness have now admitted that the shot is not 95% effective, after all.  “Awwww, shucks,” they now say, “we will need a booster administered every 5-8 months!  Sorry everything we tell you about the virus proves to be wrong. Oops.”  Perhaps, it could be that these boosters are the real prize- the only way to survive once you have ruined your immune system by taking the first dose.  Time will tell.

We are even vociferously told, and told again, that there is no alternative to the vaccine. But, I know this is not true- there are multiple proven therapies that are known to be safe, effective, and inexpensive (as a prophylactic, I drink green tea and take 3-6 mg. of Zinc each day).  But the demonic Government-Media Complex (GMC) aggressively censors life-saving information and attacks the doctors who inform us about it.  Why?  Because the Covid pandemic seems to not really be about a virus…rather, it looks like it is about getting everybody to take the “vaccines” (or, as some call them, “experimental genetic therapies.”)  And ultimately, the pandemic increasingly seems intended to enable establishment of a global Communist Covid Dictatorship modeled after or even run by the Red Chinese (and/or the United Nations).

Are the secular readers beginning to see the Devil’s hand in all this?  To suppress cures while coercing people, especially children and pregnant women, into taking these experimental shots is, quite simply, diabolical.  Someday, this vaxx may, like forced sterilization, lobotomies, and Thalidomide, echo through the ages as one of the most pernicious crimes in the history of medicine (or even all of history).

Getting past these vaxx mandates might largely be a matter of timing, as we do not know if or when side effects of the jab might appear on a mass scale. Hopefully we can just wait things out because these so-called “vaccines” are predicted to mass-kill/sicken its recipients, perhaps as soon as two or three years after administration (or even before).  Since we are almost one year into the delivery of these experimental therapies, we should know the medium-term mass effects by 2022 or 2023.  Hence, if the side-effects are even half as bad as predicted, the Communist Covid Cult followers will soon be getting very sick (or dead).

Some might be telling themselves, “But I must take the shot to travel, eat out, see shows, etc.”  Yes, that’s true in places most tightly controlled by the Covid Cult.  But recall that most of us have all been on some kind of lockdown for over a year.  Just repeat that experience one or two times, and the vaxx mandate might expire.  Of course, it might not be so simple if your employer requires the Frankenshot, and if so, I suggest finding a new line of work.  In particular, Fake President Biden’s ludicrous September 9 diktat for 100 million Americans to take the jab might be a difficult obstacle to overcome.  This move was, of course, foreseen in the first article of this five-part series (this essay being the final installment).  In that opening monograph, the pre-election “Le Mirage Rouge Coup d’État,” I predicted that if the Democrats stole the Electoral College, they would “dramatically intensify the Coronavirus crackdown with things like mask and vaccine mandates.”  Good to know that the enemy is still “readable.”

  While enforcement of the Usurper’s mad medical mandate will possibly be delayed by legal wrangling, I am not ultimately optimistic about this option.  In the short term, the best strategy might be the “Todd Zywicki” strategy.  This option is named after a George Mason University professor who recently won a lawsuit giving him exemption from his employer’s vaxx mandate because his exposure to the virus in 2020 still gives him better protection than the mRNA shot.  Don’t hold your breath waiting to see his story on CNN!  

 The final decision, though, will likely be made by the US Supreme Court, and learned jurist Robert Barnes specifically warned us in 2020 about Amy Barrett.  He noted that she was a supporter of the infamous 1905 Jacobsen v. Massachusetts case, wherein the authority of states to mandate vaccines was upheld.  Hence, if the Fake President’s imperial ukase finds itself before the high court, we probably will see Barrett’s vote added to the three loony Leftists and Roberts (who long ago went over to the Dark Side).  Hence, a 5-4 vote upholding this lunatic’s mandate is the probable final outcome.  The best strategy here may be to drag out the case, so the SCOTUS won’t hear it until 2023, by which time a vaccine apocalypse may have intervened.  

 In the meantime, some of us may become second or third class citizens, as new totalitarian medical apartheid systems around the world segregate the people according to their obedience for government heath dictates.  The best resistance to these systems might be large-scale refusal to participate.  How can almost 100 million anti-vaxx Americans be permanently quarantined (a number likely swelled by The Big Steal and the concomitant explosion in mistrust of the regime)?  Ultimately, these systems should eventually collapse in the face of a health crisis among the vaccinated.  But we cannot be certain of this, as we are obviously in entirely uncharted waters here. 

If these illnesses are sufficiently devastating, even the Covid dictators will fear the consequences- and therein lies a hope for the future.  In other words, if the “vaccines” turn out to be insidious poison, revolution will be in the air.  In an environment of such irascible instability, everyone who promoted the injection, from Fake President Biden, to the despicably execrable Fauci, will be trembling in their pajamas and lab coats (especially if it turns out that many of them took “placebo,” saline, or otherwise modified shots).  Their false narrative is already collapsing, as the booster proves them wrong, and recently declassified documents seemingly prove Fauci was, at least partially, personally behind the pandemic (in terms of chimera virus creation).  Senators are now calling for him to be jailed for years.  Perhaps the genocidal globalist goblins have sown the seeds of their own destruction, hoist by the petard of their own wickedness.

Now of course, if the vaxxed begin to massively sicken or die, the Government-Media Complex (GMC) will try to insist it’s due to yet another “variant,” proving the need for more masks, lockdowns, booster shots, contact tracing (with phone apps), and vaccine passports and mandates.  They have, and will, also blame the unvaccinated, and many will initially believe them.  But, eventually, the vaccine’s casualty numbers will likely be too big to ignore or cover up. 

What’s more, a vaccine apocalypse will vindicate those who loudly warned against being a guinea pig (e.g., Alex Jones and other anti-globalists).  And, ironically, if the shots do prove widely dangerous, the surviving remnant will be populated by healthy, humble Patriots, while their antagonists will be greatly weakened or worse.  Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the Earth.

3-Insulation, Isolation, and Prudent Resistance

But all is not doom and gloom- there is a light at the end of the tunnel (and hopefully it is not an oncoming train). Since we now live in a sort of new Soviet Union, what can we learn from the USSR’s historical example?  How did its captive peoples survive that abominable tyranny?  How did nations as diverse as Lithuania and Uzbekistan manage to get through generations of brutal subjugation and exploitation?  

Just like the current American Empire under which we live, the Soviet Union was one gigantic continent-sized sham- a “hucksterocracy” of bottomless fraud and deception, enforced by unconscionably ruthless mechanisms of unstoppable oppression. What can we learn from the Russian example? Who survived that dictatorship of deceit? The people who kept their heads down (and their descendants) were the last ones standing- they simply outlived the USSR.  The brave patriots who actively opposed the tyranny, like the White Russian Resistance, were all hunted down like dogs, ending their wretched days with an ice-pick in their brain or slowly freezing and starving to death in Siberia.  

Hence, it might be advisable that we, the Sane Remnant, prepare to collectively and individually isolate and insulate ourselves until some sort of “socio-political spring” finally returns.  In the meantime, Patriots should consider being as invisible and self-sufficient as possible, because they are coming for us, sure as the day is long. The best disguise in this upcoming (or, rather, current) crackdown is anonymity- don’t be on their lists (of outspoken dissidents, the “unwoke,” the COVID-positive, the unvaccinated, named in the census, etc.)  Let’s be prudent, but not paranoid- make our resistance as effective but anonymous as possible.  

This even means, after warning all friends and family against the “vaccines,” that you then lie to those who have taken the jab when they ask if you have done the same.  This unfortunate deceit is necessary because family and friends have been told by the Communist Covid Cult leaders to shun the unvaxxed.  Eventually, they may even be encouraged or coerced to “turn in” all who have refused the shot, even family (because they love you, for your own good, to save grandma, for a reward, for revenge, etc.) They may even come after you through public schools and your children, so home schooling is becoming increasingly attractive.

In furtherance of your strategic invisibility, use un nom de guerre (a pseudonym) wherever possible and beware that social media posts will be a leading source for lists (this article might be my final writing under my real name). We must increasingly avoid Big Tech, such as Facebook, PayPal, Amazon, Twitter, YouTube, and even Google searches. These entities will cooperatively monitor user activity to find adherents of the Old Republic (and its values), and hunt them down.  There are numerous alternate search engines and media platforms not dedicated to enslaving humanity- use them instead (such as Startpage and Rumble, etc.) 

An important front of resistance should be the endless mask mandates.  Governments and businesses must be put on notice that we will not accept a lifetime of being forced to wear their Communist Face Diaper.  This refusal is not just for convenience, and it is not just because the masks reduce your oxygen levels and increase your chances of bacterial pneumonia.  This is about essential freedom against endless tyranny, because any government that can exercise absurd and arbitrary power (however innocuous it may appear) is moving towards totalitarian control. 

Take my neighborhood public pool for an example.  Recently, the Local Lunatics of the Left mutinied against our governor and illegally re-imposed mask mandates to enter any city aquatic facility.  So, now everyone must wear a Communist Face Diaper for 1-2 seconds while passing through the entry gate- and then spend hours maskless in the pool, floating, talking, or swimming literally inches away from scores of our neighbors.  The act of abject acquiescence to such ridiculous absurdity is regrettable, as it prepares or conditions the populace into accepting totally arbitrary (and thus unlimited) state power.  Read Orwell again if you need to refresh this lesson.  

In this vein, recall the vexing vacillations of the CDC- first, masks were deemed unnecessary, then they were essential, then they became optional, and now they are again required, as the state plays the whole country like some continent-sized game of yo-yo or “Simon Says!”  For myself, I am ignoring all “mask required” signs in businesses and just daring them to kick me out (none has so far, since they are all on the verge of bankruptcy).  The more we now refuse to be muzzled like dogs, the better off we all will be later.

 Let us also avoid all biometric scan-scams. One clever ploy is for a big corporation to ask for your “voiceprint,” in order to improve your security (by the way, shun any organ of the Establishment when offering you high-tech ways to “enhance your security,” even if free).  We should even avoid smart devices of all sorts, such as talking computers and doorbell cameras (they monitor you). We should begin attenuating use of our smart phones, as these may become private-public law enforcement devices.  Never install any Covid-related apps on your phone, especially regarding contact tracing or a vaxx passport.  And, now, we must even beware heart scans, as the Davos crowd has proclaimed our heart signature can be used to track us.  Also, consider not immediately trusting new members in our political groups (but, again, don’t be paranoid).  Some new arrivals may well be government agents, especially those advocating violence or offering huge monetary donations (particularly from shadowy East European or Russian sources/tycoons). 

Another lesson for surviving tyranny, imparted by communist dissident Vaclav Havel, concerns the construction of a “parallel polis,” or parallel societal structures outside of the “official” System.  In other words, we need our own, independent media (like The Duran, Just the News, Steve Bannon,, etc.)  Other parallel structures will likely include some sort of payment system, since banks and the like (e.g., Paypal) will be increasingly weaponized and turned upon the Sane Remnant.  We will also need communication platforms, like Gab, that are independent of the Establishment (even satellite phones are becoming increasingly attractive).

Eventually, we will have to ask ourselves, how hard should we push back?  At the least, we must refuse to wear masks, use vaccine passports, etc. But violence is another question. I hope we can agree that violent resistance is of dubious utility.  As soon as people attack the medical tyranny with physical force, that will be used as a casus belli for a crackdown on anti-vaxxers, etc, labeling them as domestic terrorists and “justifying” their roundup, detention, or even execution.  It is important that the Sane Remnant not fire the first shot.  And while, ultimately, civil wars may be unavoidable, I do not see any First World populace sufficiently armed to win such a conflict (except possibly the US and Switzerland, of course). 

 But, history has proven that passive resistance to tyranny is not always an option.  Without occasionally watering the Tree of Liberty with sacrifice, despotism will usually win in the worst places.  At this time, passive resistance seems best in places of minimal Covid Cult crackdowns (like Denmark, Texas and Florida), but more extreme measures may be needed in the radical cases (like Australia).  The Aussies will have to make that call themselves (some of them may now be regretting their recent disarmament).  

But overall, waiting for The System’s collapse seems perhaps a better option than most anything.  In this way, there will be more of us around to sit on the eventual Nuremburg II trial juries.  Some of us will not be able to resist executing a “fighting retreat,” (e.g., enacting those cosmetic voter reforms) and this might buy us some time.  Just remember, whatever you do and however you do it, your efforts are doomed- the Soviet States of America will be a Third World despotism in a generation or less (already is in some sense). The only force that might have stopped this development was denied his reelection. 

Since revolution is currently impossible, and overt resistance may be futile or even counterproductive, my plan is to mainly just hibernate until the American Empire, like the Soviet Union before it, simply crumbles under the weight of its own iniquity.  And, the good news is, we are already more than halfway there. Soon the American Empire will be $30 trillion in debt.  Is that too much to ever repay?  Think of it this way: if you laid out thirty trillion one-dollar bills, end-to-end, they would reach to the moon, and back, a total of 5,947 times (by my amateur calculations)!  This figure is, quite literally, astronomical and otherworldly.  America’s public debt can never be repaid…ever (and I am not even counting personal and corporate debt, here). 

Once upon a time, I was fraught with concern regarding the certainty of America’ complete financial meltdown and collapse.  Now, post-Republic, I can’t wait for it to happen.  When the inexorable gravity of 30-plus trillion dollars of debt finally sinks the economy, then we might emerge from our redoubts and re-forge a New Republic. This unavoidable economic calamity (or a widespread vaccine tragedy) could be our cue to re-enter the play, stage-Right, and seize the day.

The properly prepared Patriots’ dramatic resurgence can then, relatively easily, possibly take the form of political secession from the crumbling union.  Just as when the Soviet or Roman Empires’ internal contradictions led to their economic, political, and moral bankruptcy, the ineluctable disintegration of the American Empire means the imperial center will someday no longer be able to hire the mercenaries for the perpetual enforcement of our repressive membership in this unjust political regime. Just like all empires, ours will eventually fragment into smaller parts- political segments that we can rebuild into new republics.  Perhaps the recent chaotic retreat from Afghanistan will retrospectively be seen like Dien Bien Phu or the Suez Crisis- a signpost of imminent imperial decline. 

Where might the disintegration first appear?  Well, geography often defines and delimits the shape of post-imperial reconfigurations.  Hence, as America officially crumbles away, places like Hawaii will likely first attain independence- they will simply be too far away for the Empire to dominate.  Alaska is also non-contiguous, so it has the next best chances of autonomy. And, then, there is Texas.

The Lone Star State possesses a number of factors favoring its successful separation from the unraveling Empire.  For one, Texas is the only state in the Lower 48 to have its own power grid.  Yep, the only state to have once been its own country has its own electrical supply network. This fact alone gives the Lone Star State a distinct advantage over the other contiguous 47 at striking out on its own.  Just like the teenager with his own vehicle has more options than one who has to always borrow mommy’s car, Texas can keep the lights on without the help or concurrence of the feds. 

Texas is also (approximately) the 11th biggest economy on Earth, with good access to the sea.  A bill to secede from the USA was even seriously filed in the state legislature this year, and sentiment to leave has never been stronger (post-bellum, at least).  Government mask mandates and vaccine passports are currently illegal in Texas. Yes, you read that right- they are literally illegal in Texas! (I can almost hear the gasps from Australia to France to our Local Leftist Lunatics seeking to undermine these legal protections).  As The Donald might say, these advantages are huuuuuge!  Texas might just be a good place to start building our New Republic.


Much as the tellers of history have endlessly recounted the tale of the Roman Republic, and its despairing death in 44 B.C., future chroniclers will record the dastardly demise of the American Republic in 2021, A.D.  These historians will subject endless future generations of students to the parallels between Julius Caesar and Donald Trump. They will note that both were indomitable forces of nature. They will remark upon their flaws and their tragedy.  Teachers will tell their students how the duo embodied the spirit of their age like no others, and how their treacherous political demise marked the end of their respective eras, to the eternal regret of all.

My mind’s eye drifts back to November, 2020, and the fervid celebrations of the Trump haters for the coup that brought him down.  Simultaneously, I also recall the words with which Brutus figuratively exhorted his fellow conspirators after killing both Caesar and the Roman Republic with the same fell swing of the knife:

Stoop, Romans, stoop

And let us bathe our hands in Caesar’s blood

Up to the elbows and besmear our swords

Then walk we forth even to the marketplace

And, waving our red weapons o’er our heads

Let us all cry “Peace, Freedom, Liberty!”

Across the millennia, rashly deposing a leader “for the greater good” can all too easily lead to the opposite result.  Ah, the timeless irony.

Or, take another historical analogy- in 2021 we are reliving the history of Rome in either 410 or 455, A.D.  These two dates represent the first, and then the final, sacking of the Eternal City by barbarian hordes.  In 410, the writing was on the wall, but like today, some optimists thought things could be salvaged. However, after 455, nobody even pretended there was anything left to revive.

Ah, the cruel death of nations.

But all is not lost- where there’s life, there’s hope (especially in Eastern Europe).  The enemies-of-all-that-is-good would like nothing more than for us to just give up in abject despair. Trump still lives, as does the spirit of his 80-100 million followers, not just in the US, but around the world. 

In June 2021, at Trump’s first rally since vacating the White House for Fake President Biden, tens of thousands showed up to cheer their standard-bearer.  I must admit I felt a jolt of emotion when the 45th president strode out to the beckoning crowd, typically defiant true, and sure.  Personally, I have lately grown increasingly unsentimental, but seeing the last true American hero, standing proud and unbent, was a sight I will never forget.  And the crowd, all of them knowing his reelection was stolen, standing just as proud and unbent, gives one hope that, after even the deepest freeze, life can still spring resurgent, immortal as the hope it brings.

Trump symbolized and energized an anti-globalist populism that still resonates across the globe. Nationalist forces, like Brexit and Victor Orban, epitomize the growing human awareness that our internationalist elites have sold us down the river.  Exemplifying this, spontaneous rallies and vigils sprang up across the world last November to bless and pray for the reelection of an American president who embodied the antithesis of everything ultra-cosmopolitan (I have never seen that before). 

So there is some cause for optimism.  But there is much more cause for concern. Old Uncle Sam is gone, and what is forming up to replace him is dreadful.  And not just America is on the chopping block. The entirety of the so-called “liberal” West is infected with a terminal case of national suicide.  We are besieged by a globalist elite bent upon civilizational self-abnegation.  And, at least in the short to medium term, they will probably win.  If you want to see the future of the West, you can look all the way back to collapsing Rome, or just look at South Africa in the Summer of 2021, but with an added bonus: unlike South Africans, Westerners get to look forward to the joys of Sharia Law and the Sunni-Shia grudge match.

A quickening now approaches.  Rumor has it that Fake President Biden will, before too long, be replaced by the fake vice president (perhaps as early as this fall), who will then choose someone like Bonesman John Kerry (or “rainbowman” Pete Buttigieg) as the replacement Vice Usurper (but, of course, rumors are unreliable).  Mandatory masks and Covid passports may become globally ubiquitous.  New germ strains to perpetuate the Satanic Covid Cult’s technofascist medical dictatorship are already in the pipeline.  And, even if we beat the demonic virus tyranny, the western half of Western Civilization will be a Third World hellscape in a generation.  The forces of evil are slowly, perhaps inexorably, tightening their vice-like throttlehold around our throat, squeezing and squeezing until our way of life is remorselessly strangled into a gasping, spitting, gagging, choking, purple-faced death. 

The Dragons are upon us, and there may be little left to do but refuse the mask, jab and vaxxport, and then hide and wait, secure in the knowledge that compassion, truth, family, faith, laughter and ridicule of the regime are the weapons those beasts most fear.

Hell is here.  

Fasten your seatbelts.

Thank God I don’t have kids.

We’re all confused

What’s to lose

You can call this all

The United States Blues

Wave that flag

Wave it wide and high

Summertime done

Come and gone

My, oh, my


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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Lawrence Blair
September 12, 2021
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A great piece, and one to which I mostly tend to agree. We are close to the time when it is time to just duck and keep our head down until the right time to rise and destroy the bastards.

Helga I. Fellay
Helga I. Fellay
September 12, 2021
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I hope this is a published book(let). If not, I would urge the author to publish it, – self-publish, as probably no Publishing House would dare publish it and be immediately forced out of business. In the future, if there is a future, it will be a bestseller (I guarantee it) and may even be required reading in universities. I differ slightly from “It is now too late. We must come to grips with the fact that any further study of (or resuscitation attempts for) Uncle Sam are a complete waste of time.” I am still desperately clinging to a… Read more »

exiled off mainstreet
exiled off mainstreet
September 13, 2021
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This pretty much covers everything. Though I think Trump is more malleable than he thinks, I think he would have learned from his mistakes if he somehow could get back in. After all, he caved in to the “vaccine” effort and didn’t fire Fauci, perhaps because the agency he heads is “independent” making him difficult to fire. I agree about the fixed elections being central, and I agree that covidfascism, or “communism” as it is perhaps incorrectly called, is the problem. It doesn’t matter what you call it, and I can see the “communism” label based on comparing it with… Read more »

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