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Women’s Day: While Russia celebrates, American feminists moan over Trump

In 1917 the young Soviet state declared the 8th of March a public holiday celebrating the contribution of women to society. In 1965 it became a non-working day for all Soviet citizens.

It remains a special day in Russia when women are given flowers, read poems and where women receive favours from boys and men. Incidentally, the 23rd of February is Defender of the Fatherland Day, informally known as Men’s Day. On this day Russian women honour the sacrifices men have made over the centuries to keep Russia sovereign and peaceful.

By contrast, International Women’s Day is largely ignored in the United States. Making things more odd, rather than celebrating women, many in the US who do observe the 8th of March as Women’s Day, do so in a manner entirely contrary to the festive spirit in which it is celebrated in Russia and many other former Communist countries.

This year, on the evening of the 7th of March, the lights on the Statue of Liberty in New York, suddenly went dark. There is as of yet, no explanation for what happened although a popular online conspiracy theory is that it was somehow organised as a protest against Trump’s policies on women.

Just what President Trump’s personal policies on women are is something of a mystery, but as President of the United States, one can easily catalogue the rights of women in America.

–The right to vote

–The right to work in any profession including the military.

–The right to dress in the manner of their choosing in all public venues.

–The right to purchase feminine health and hygiene products.

–The right to have as many children as they choose.

–The right to have no children.

–The right to abort a child in compliance with local, state and federal guidelines.

Donald Trump has at no time threatened to change any of this. In many instances, he has gone out of his way to clarify that he has no intention of ever doing so.

Why then do radicalised females not understand this?

It seems that as it is with many of Trump’s sectarian opponents, one is best to never let the facts get in the way of a good story.

The narrative with Trump is that he is somehow anti-women because of his public spat with Rosie O’Donnell dating to a time long before he entered politics.

His policies however are entirely supportive of the status quo of a country where women have some of the greatest quantity of rights in human history.

But rather than celebrate this in a positive way, as it is celebrated in Russia, many in the US want to ruin the occasion with radical political rhetoric that is totally detached from present realities. Perhaps such women would be advised to protest in front of the Saudi or Qatari embassies in Washington, two countries with the worst records on women’s rights in the world. These countries have done nothing for women’s rights…unless of course that woman is Hillary Clinton.

Once again, the identity politics pursued by the ultra-liberal left has made America less united. The flowers being handed out in Moscow are replaced by mean spirited and conspiratorial Tweets in the US.

What a pity.

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