Could the Rainbow Curtain be descending around the West? [Video]

The war may well be the catalyst for the rise of Russia as the first “Civilization State” of our era.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

As everyone knows, Russia is absolutely experiencing the wrath of everything short of military conflict as Western nations seem to be piling on the sanctions, the cutting of business ties, the haranguing and all-out cruelty directed at regular Russian citizens who are not anywhere or in any way involved personally in the war.

The “court of public opinion” has been turned into a weapon that is directed against the Russian Federation and its people with such ferocity and callousness that it might shock even the most dedicated pro-Ukrainian supporter.

For example, one of my students told me that a friend of theirs who works in a pan-European company was told to stop working by her superiors in the company. Why? Because she is Russian. No other reason given, and apparently, for that person who said this, no other reason was necessary.

It is rather interesting that the Russian claim to fight is based on eliminating fascism. It looks like there is some evidence to support that claim.

There is more. Since I work in Moscow, my students are mostly in and around the city and they tell me their own stories about what happens to them. Leroy Merlin, a French multinational company that sells home finishing goods, much like Lowe’s in the United States, is experiencing enormous turmoil in their Russian operations as vendor after vendor abruptly cancels orders and shipments of any goods or supplies into the Russian Federation. At the same time, Russian customers are buying goods from the stores at a furious rate, because the supply chain cutoffs have resulted in a demand spike, or buying panic, based on two premises: (1) get it before you cannot get it any longer, and (2) the ruble is becoming worthless, so buy real items to retain some sort of physical value.

At the time of this writing, the already rather beat-up ruble is trading at 112 rubles to the dollar. It was 75 last week and that was already bad.

Presumably for the course of the war, Apple no longer will sell to Russia. IKEA is cutting its Russian stores off. VISA, MasterCard and other American cards no longer work. Facebook if cut off unless you have a VPN. Twitter is apparently the same way.


Maybe this is a good thing.

The actions of the West are increasingly hysterical, illogical and unfounded. In fact, pressure is not only being brought to bear on Russia, but even on anyone who refuses to go along with the wave of condemnation. Reports that the Biden Administration is considering placing sanctions on India, the second most populous country, and the largest democracy in the world, are stunning evidence that the Western secularist globalists are making their stand here, with Ukraine as their select battleground.

All of what has been building to the Great Reset is apparently coming to a head, right here, and right now.

But, again, maybe this is a good thing.

From the perspective of the West, Russia is being cut off from the world, punished for its transgression. It may even be that the LGBT…etc. crowd revealed itself as the mysteriously single Lindsey Graham, the supposed pro-Trump senator from South Carolina, came out calling for Russian citizens to assassinate President Putin.

This is absolutely preposterous, but it seems to be calling out Senator Graham for what he really is – a cold, calculating, opportunistic professional warmonger and liar.

BIAS ALERT: I am no fan of this war. I am in fact, quite worried about it. However, as anyone reading my recent and long-ago written pieces will understand, I understand the situation to be as President Putin describes it, and he seems to have taken the only possible decision that will bring the needed results. Up to this point, negotiations get thrown back in Russia’s face, or forgotten, or ignored, and NATO, the woke faggot military alliance (don’t believe me? Look here, NATO itself advertises this!!)

Please keep in mind that I am an American citizen writing this. I live in Russia, and no, I am not on any government payroll from Mr. Putin or his government. I guess I do not rate as a good enough candidate for such a job, were it to even exist! But as a very conservative Christian American, what I see here in Russia as the result of all of this may actually not be quite what the West in its hysteria wants.

The West want to put down Russia, and they are throwing every conceivable action at achieving this goal.

They do not realize that none of their actions will succeed.

The West has put up a wall, seemingly all around Russia. Within the bounds of this wall lies a generally conservative but sometimes admittedly crazy nation, but one which is determined to chart her own course.

Surely this has never happened before? Nope. It has. And guess who first made it work?

This drive for independence is something not seen since the American Revolution. The American Colonies faced fierce pressure from the King of England, ever mounting in its ferocity and cruelty, but all that this brought about was the Colonies success in cutting loose from the hegemony of the British Empire and the formation of a new nation, determined to go its own way. And it did precisely that for its first 170 years.

But now, the US is the Empire, and has been doing to other nations precisely what England once did to it – terrorizing them, intimidating them, cajoling them and in Russia’s case, lying and doing everything possible to just put Russia and her leadership down.

This awful pattern is visibly taking place, and I have participated in Russia’s experience, however slightly, as I have made my home here for the last six years or so. These are people that should be our brothers and sisters – very much of the same love of freedom, independence, ability to speak one’s mind, and to love God in the ways that the Americans not so long ago claimed was their own land’s greatest gift. I remember it.

A lot has changed. Now, in many ways it is as if the Soviet Union’s and the United States’ ideologies were simply swapped across geographies. Now, in America, dissenting opinions are shamed, people escorted off their work premises, fired, for disputing the orders to get a shot from complete strangers – a shot that has killed many people and ruined the health of many more, while not protecting much anyone from any illness.

I have witnessed the death of my homeland’s greatest gifts and moved six thousand miles to a land that is discovering the value of those gifts on a daily basis. And as this new traditional revolution gains force, it gains momentum. All the West can do now is lie about it.

So, here we have what I am terming the Rainbow Curtain.

Outside it, the woke West, writhing and screaming with all the hysteria of an effeminate gay man having a meltdown because his gay lover spurned him for a fire hydrant. A land and people that promote (or think they must not oppose) rampant drug use, sexual psychoses, hatred of God and all that is good and beautiful and true, and whose kids are merely tools for the government to program into leftist zombies.

This is embarassing, but it is also dangerous. The Lavender Revolution. Yikes. And while it is being fought, the present status is very dark for the United States and it is not clear if the American people are going to succeed in shaking this off any time soon. I hope they will, but it may have gone beyond the point of no return. We must fight it, but make contingency plans in case we lose. Russia may be showing us the way to do just that.

Many Russians are inconvenienced by the sanctions. Getting hit in the wallet hurts. Being at a temporary risk of hunger and suffering definitely is not pleasant. Being ostracized and put down by the same people today who said they loved you yesterday is a terrible emotional betrayal.

But if the expectation is that this persecution will bring Russia to remove its leaders and revise its laws to accomodate seduction of boys by predatory men, this will not happen.

If the expectation is that legalizing drugs will be all the rage among a newly “liberated” society, think again.

If the expectation is that Church services, or those at the mosques or synagogues or Temples around the Russian Federation will adapt to “new visions of morality” – that is also not going to happen.

This is to say that there aren’t any such people in Russia or that there are efforts from within the country to cause all these things to happen. There certainly are, and some of the things that happen here are abhorrently anti traditional and anti-Christian. In fact, the extremes of such behavior are probably far in excess of what happens in most of the West. But Russia is a maximalist country, and for every extreme of socially unacceptable behavior that happens here, there are also exceptional examples of love, helpfulness, warmth, cheer, joy and unity.

This is a country that is used to being pounded on by outsiders, and it is used to being unpopular. It is very unlikely that being “rejected” by the West is going to do anything except strengthen its resolve to go its own way.

Further, Russia is not alone. China, India, Saudi Arabia, a great many other countries who are not Western European, are also unwilling or determined to jump on the Western bandwagon. Speculatively speaking, one may soon expect that even many of the 141 nations that voted “Yes” on the UN’s recent non-binding resolution to condemn the war in Ukraine, will eventually recant their positions as they become aware that they were played by the bullies in the Western Secularist centers of the world.

In fact, as has already been shown repeatedly since 2014, all these sanctions will only make Russia stronger, as she looks to herself to develop and create what she needs to flourish. Indeed, all the while the West has tried to put Russia down, she has become lean, mean, independent and strong.

The Rainbow Curtain may be “projected” as being thrown up around Russia, but in time we may see that it is protecting a dying European / American social liberal caste that is ensuring its own extinction simply by its dogged faith in anti-Christian and anti-human lies. Evil always, always, destroys and attacks itself in the end.

The Rainbow Curtain may in fact turn out to be the laughingstock of the majority populations in the world, for it must be remembered that while the population of the secularist West is 1.35 billion people (Europe, the Americas and Australia), there are 7.5 billion people on the planet, and an easy 2.5 billion are not playing the West’s game. Even in the Western Hemisphere, the United States and Canada are becoming increasingly isolated in their leadership’s lunacy.

That 2.5 billion is in two of the most powerful countries in the world besides Russia.

Who will laugh last? Certainly he will laugh best.

This is a fearsome, and awesome, event to witness. May God protect us, and may he have special mercy on the people of Ukraine who are suffering as the result of buying the lies of the West.



The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

What do you think?

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March 5, 2022

My heart goes out to Russia, I do hope, they succeed.

Dennis Hanisch
Dennis Hanisch
March 5, 2022

I have no beef with the Russian people but I have yet to hear a succinct word about WHY Mr Putin decided to invade. Was it a desire to recreate the old empire? Hubris?
As far as his methods go, I don’t see any welcoming crowds . What I see is a shitload of pissed off Ukrainians

Helga Fellay
Helga Fellay
Reply to  Dennis Hanisch
March 6, 2022

You seem to be the only person who seems clueless about WHY Mr. Putin was left with no other choice than to protect Russian people against NATO’s shameless advances. What you see is a shitload of pissed off Ukrainian natsis who were established as the ruling elite in Obamber’s and Victoria Nulands 2014 regime change coup against Ukraine. When did you wake up from your coma?

Reply to  Dennis Hanisch
March 6, 2022

Surely it wasn’t because of the illegal biolabs in Ukraine that were developing biological weapons and collecting Russian dna, or Russophobic nationalist and nazi groups some of whose members are in positions of powers. It probably wasn’t because of the US-installed and run Russophobic government of Kiev that for 8 years has been killing Russians/Ukrainians in Donbas and refusing to end the conflict via Minsk agreement or another way. It definitely wasn’t because Ukraine posed an existential threat to Russia due to its NATO aspirations which the west admitted were only a matter of time and resulting in nullifying Mutually… Read more »

Helga Fellay
Helga Fellay
Reply to  MHC
March 7, 2022

Dennis, my dear, in case you are wondering, what MHC wrote was pure satire. This means he actually believes the opposite.

March 6, 2022
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God bless Russia and one day the “rainbow” west might wake up?

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