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BREAKING: Turkish and Kurdish forces fighting in northern Syria

BREAKING: Turkish and Kurdish forces fighting in northern Syria

According to al-Masdar, Kurdish YPG forces are currently engaged in combat with Turkish forces in Afrin. The northern Syrian region has been under the control of Kurdish led SDF forces since 2012.

This masks yet another escalation of Turkey’s ‘Euphrates Shield’ operation which has seen Turkish armed forces with their allied jihadist group FSA occupying Syrian land.

All of this happens as Kurdish forces have reached an accord with the Syrian Arab Army to cooperate against a common foe, Turkey and their FSA terrorist allies.

Adding to the turn of events, both American and Russian forces have agreed to separate Kurdish forces from Turkish forces in eastern Syria.

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Turkey has increasingly backed itself into a corner. America, Russia, Syria and Kurdish forces are now lined up against Turkey, albeit each with a unique but increasingly similar goal.

Ergogan’s forthcoming meeting with President Putin will doubtlessly be tense. If Turkey does not abandon her imperial ambitions for Syria, many former foes could unite against Turkish aggression.

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