When CNN starts blasting Democrats, you know something is up [Video]

The Democrat push to alter the framework of the Court is flaming out even in liberal land

VP Joe Biden recently is on record for saying the American people do not deserve to know what Mr. Biden plans to do about the Supreme Court. Out of context? Maybe, but also… maybe not. He still responded exactly thus:



Or is this something else: perhaps the cries of a cornered animal?

Mr. Biden is in deep doo-doo with his party, and I believe he is VERY cognizant of this fact. In fact, I will even wager that his position as front man is getting to him, and that this is what is driving his anger.

It is simple enough to see why he cannot answer:

  1. If he says “Yes, I intend to pack the court and add the District of Columbia (D.C.) and Puerto Rico as states and end the filibuster”, he loses the election in a flash, because this is too much even for many Democrats to stomach. The students might go for it in their amazing stupidity (that comes with getting a higher education now, you know), but people in their 40s and 50s, who have actually lived life long enough to know something about reality; they won’t accept this.
  2. If he says “No, I will not pack the court…” he gets taken out and beaten by the Squad and the Bernie Sanders section of the Democrat party, and the poor man may find himself tragically dead due to some novel health issue, like a heart attack… or even… Covid. Extreme sounding? Can we be sure it is extreme to think this would happen, with the kind of lunatics like Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes and “Shake and Bake” Pelosi leading their party?

This poor, poor man. I do not want him to win, and his ideology is and has been his decision to espouse all his life, and he has faithfully adhered to racism and bigotry and lying compulsively and incessantly. He made these choices, but it is still very sad to see him reaping what he himself helped sow.

My bet: He is the most unwilling candidate for the Presidency in American history. Probably cannot sleep at all for fear of what comes next whether he wins or loses.

But it goes much farther than that. CNN’s Jake Tapper even went on the attack against Biden’s Campaign Communications Director Kate Bedingfield when she tried to make the absolutely absurd claim that somehow there is a “Constitutional” working in not letting Supreme Court Confirmation hearings proceed in this runup to the election. The hapless director cannot speak about the Constitution at all, let alone defend her candidate and boss.

“Voters are being denied the right to have a say…” Seriously!?

Voters do not confirm Supreme Court Justices. Senators do. QED.

This is what happens when you send your kids to college, America. You might want to save those tens of thousands in tuition and fees, and have your kids work for a living. This is egregious.

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Sue Rarick
October 14, 2020

When I retired and downsized I gave my 2000+ book collection to our local library. Later after I had a part of my lung removed I went to the YMCA for rehab. I was absolutely shocked at how often the young college students had to use phone searches for almost everything. I would not have been surprised if they had to look up the spelling of their name. Today college is a waste. There are so many online resources for people to learn at a fraction of the cost. I do CGI graphics as a hobby and ongoing learning quest… Read more »

Reply to  Sue Rarick
October 14, 2020

Hi Sue…

No better in Europe. Our education systems have been seriously degraded.

Check out: UK Column News – 14th October 2020

Sue Rarick
Reply to  Luka-The-K9
October 14, 2020

Sad to hear although not unexpected. When worked in Plymouth eons ago I was pleasantly surprised to see a friends daughter basically using the same books I had used back in the 3R days.

Reply to  Sue Rarick
October 14, 2020

Yes, in the “hard sciences” the USA text books are far better in my experience, for the English language.

However the social sciences have been “hi-jacked” by political activists who are sophistic radical people.

George Soros for example, and Bernard Henri Levi.

Of course there are many, many more at every level in academia who have been “bought”

Reply to  Sue Rarick
October 14, 2020

This website is useful:

Chris Cosmos
Chris Cosmos
October 14, 2020

Biden will win–the media know this. The idea that AOC will kill Biden is stupid beyond belief–only the CIA is allowed to do that and have done it. This bizarre obsession the right-wing has with the left, as if it was a threat (it isn’t even remotely a threat to the corporate oligarchs if it was it would disappear tomorrow). The current zombie left is a well-engineered operation to divide the public so they will passively remain supine to the fact wealth is being rapidly transferred from the middle and working classes to the wealthy–there is no other reason for… Read more »

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