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What A Sociopath! Crooked Ilhan Omar Just Got Caught Raising Money for a Minnesota Food Store and Pocketing the Cash

She’s only been in Congress for one term and already this woman has been caught in numerous scandals including immigration fraud, marrying her brother and funneling money into her lover’s consulting firm!

Now we can add one more crime to the list.Via David Steinberg.

Ilhan Omar asked for donations this week to help feed Minnesota Food Store.

But Ilhan’s tweet was removed after the Director of the organization that runs the Minnesota Food Store tweeted out a reply —

Adrienne: “I am the Executive Director of GMCC – Minnesota FoodShare is our program. Ilhan Omar had nothing to do with this project. I do not know where the money is going.”

OMG! Omar is a COMPLETE Sociopath!What a crook.

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May 9, 2020

It is the Jewish campaign against her., And Duran ist Actually a Je**sh Propaganda seite Alexander Marquis a Greek Jew live in England and he never says about British stablistment. Other is From USA married in Russian woman Peter the sh** from cross talk all those are clown. Omar didn’t married her brother ..

May 9, 2020

A man with a name like David Steinberg wouldn’t have an agenda against a Muslim politician, now, would he?

Reply to  Sean
May 10, 2020

My thoughts too.

May 10, 2020

Here you go girl…She is finally getting the American spirit. She is fitting right in..

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