Wanted criminal, Georgia’s ex-President Mikheil Saakashvili, says US is 99% certain to begin sending lethal aid to Ukraine

American puppet and all around loser, Georgian ex-President Mikheil Saakashvili, has really found a new home for himself in the neo-nazi government of Ukraine.

He fits right in with, with his ridiculous statements and personal grudge to destroy Russia…especially after the spanking he received in 2008.

Sore loser, yes. Wanted criminal, double yes.

As we all know Saakashvili is a wanted man back home in Georgia for a variety of crimes, which is why he spent the last few years in Williamsburg, New York under the protection of the US State Department.

Now he is back on the political scene, drumming up more trouble in the region.

Time perhaps for Saakashvili to receive another spanking?

Sputnik News Agency reports Saakashvili as saying during a live broadcast interview with Kiev’s Channel 5 Television…

“We are pushing toward receiving defensive weapons from the United States. The public opinion is on our side,” he said.

“The weapons will save thousands of Ukrainian lives,” he added.

In Washington the House committee’s leaders have introduced legislation that would authorize the Pentagon to provide training and defensive lethal aid to Ukraine.

Right now, the US military technically can only provide coaching or mentoring, because formal training would require congressional authorization.

Of course we all knew the US was hell bent on legitimising the delivery of ‘lethal aid’ to Ukraine, because as anyone with an IQ over 60 already knows, the US and NATO have been arming Ukraine since the Maidan coup and civil war broke out.


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