German newspaper Handelsblatt reports that Ukraine’s President Poroshenko refuses to give up his billion dollar empire. Expect another US/EU regime change in Ukraine

When articles like this start coming out of US media vassals like German business newspaper Handelsblatt, then you know something is afoot. This time, the person being set up for das boot looks to be US puppet President Petro Poroshenko.

Handelsblatt is finally reporting on the Presidents’ multiple business interests that he still retains even though he is, well President of Ukraine.

Conflict of interest anyone? Of course, but as long as you are in the good graces of the Empire, then no problem. When you fall out of grace with the Empire, then the standard script of the rich despot is usually one of the first story lines to be presented to the zombie public.

We have seen it with Saddam, with Gaddafi, last year with Yanukovich, and soon with Poroshenko. And while I have no problem seeing this war criminal disposed of, the hypocrisy of America and Germany is beyond disgusting.

Washington, Europe, and the entire western main stream media (CNN, BBC, NYT et al) was fully aware that Ukraine’s President, while in office, continued to run his billion dollar enterprise, which even includes a popular TV channel…yet no one dared report the story, much like no one reports on Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush’s billions I guess.

What is even more disgusting is how the west not only supported Poroshenko, but while the Ukrainian President continued to rake in the dough, the country he was put in charge of governing was being absolutely looted.

Now American and EU taxpayers will pick up the $40 billion tab. Another win for Obama and his main stream media sheep.

So New York Times and CNN…when will you take us on a tour of Porky’s palace?

Sputnik News Agency reports that…

Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko twice promised to sell his Roshen confectionery corporation, but spent much of last year ducking that pledge by claiming it’s difficult to find a buyer.

Poroshenko stated in the past that he would spin off his business in two interviews with Bild newspaper.

In the first, given before his election as president, he gave a “solemn promise” to sell the corporation as soon as he would take office.

In the second, in November, when he already held the country’s top job, he assured Bild that the deal to sell Roshen would be inked very shortly.

Well, he is still selling it, with Handelsblatt quoting Italian banker Giovanni Salvetti as saying that the Ukrainian crisis is not the best time to sell.

“I hope the situation will get better in the first two quarters of this year,” Salvetti added.

Last year Roshen reaped in $1.4 million even as Ukraine’s economy crumbled amid the ongoing war.

Besides Roshen, Poroshenko also owns considerable bank and insurance company stock as well as Channel 5 television, which he refuses to sell arguing this would undermine national security.

Add to these shares of a shipbuilding company, a syrup-making factory and a fitness club and it would be hard to disagree with  Handelsblatt, which names the Ukrainian leader the country’s seventh wealthiest man.

The newspaper adds that, under the circumstances, Poroshenko should be working hard to make the internationally-mediated ceasefire hold.

“His very presidency now hangs in the balance: people hope he will give them peace and keep his promise,” the paper writes in conclusion.


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