Thousands march in Moscow to mourn Boris Nemtsov, including the man behind the Odessa massacre that killed over 48 people

For a country that is supposedly lacking in freedom of speech, it sure is accommodating and tolerant of people’s right to assemble.

Tens of thousands of people converged in central Moscow today to mourn the veteran liberal politician Boris Nemtsov, making their way to the bridge near the Kremlin where the politician was shot dead.

Thousands of people laid flowers and lit candles on a bridge near his murder site.

One suspicious character had the audacity to actually show up during the march…Ukrainian Deputy Alexei Goncharenko.

For those wondering who this vile person is…Goncharenko took part in (some reports claim he actually organised) the violent events in Ukraine’s Odessa on May 2, 2014, when far-right activists blocked anti-EU protesters inside the city’s House of Trade Unions and set the building on fire.

According to official statistics, the incident killed 48 people and wounded over 250.

“He will be handed over to representatives of the Russian Investigative Committee for further proceedings,” a police spokesperson said.

Goncharenko posted photos of dead activists in Odessa on Twitter and expressed public support for “cleansing” of the camp of the opponents of the newly-installed Ukrainian authorities.

The man has balls to show up in Russia, and is also very stupid for doing so. This clearly reflects how untouchable many of Ukraine’s nazi leaders think they are.


And of course, Gerasimenko is connected to who else but Senator John McCain!

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