Best selling author Ron Holland explains how Syria, Iran and Ukraine are all part of America’s plan to dismember Russia

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The full Pravda.Ru interview can be found here.

We found the below excerpt of particular importance because it manages to give the reader a complete and clear picture of the geo-political game being played by America.

It has been a year since the US economic war against Russia began by the West. Which objectives have been set and have they been achieved?

I would suggest the objectives have been three fold but in fact I would date the sanctions war from Friday August 30, 2013. This was when President Putin offered a peaceful alternative at the last moment to stop the US military operation against Bashar al-Assad and Syria that was within hours of starting. Surprisingly the US called off the attack and this set in motion a series of events contrary to the goals of the US administration. I believe both Russia and China covertly played the Treasury debt card in order to protect their client states, Syria and Iran, from the impending US invasion.

I wrote in my September editorial at that time; Did Putin Quietly Play the Debt Card Over Syria that both Russia and China might have covertly played the Treasury debt card in order to protect their allies, Syria and Iran, from an impending US invasion.

Thus the planned Syrian invasion was to first secure the land route to build the Qatar-Turkey pipeline designed to end European dependence on Russian gas and pipelines. Second was to put US forces on the land border of Iran when they had secured Syria in order to ratchet up the pressure on Iran to give in to Washington demands. The third reason was to close any potential base options for the Russian Black Sea Fleet in the Mediterranean on the Syrian coast just prior to the move on Ukraine and Crimea both planned to vacate both the Russia fleet and bases as well as secure the oil and gas shipping pipelines and Black Sea transit. None of these objectives were attained.

Another major defeat was the Washington & London scheme to force Russia out of SWIFT, the Society of Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications, as this entity is how banks globally transfer funds. But on Monday March 9, SWIFT didn’t kick Russia out but rather offered Russia a seat on the board.

Now this wasn’t because SWIFT was trying to be fair but because the Western controlled entity is now faced with competition from CIPS, the new China International Payment System which Russia plans to join. This will offer a new option allowing global banks to communicate and transfer funds that does not depend on fair treatment or a “hands off” attitude by US politicians.

So although Russia has escaped most of the sanctions and threats to date, the financial costs to Russia have been great for resisting the US, as low oil prices, hence currency war and a growing list of US sanctions have caused Russia to incur significant costs for resisting Washington domination and control.


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