When Ukraine breaks the Minsk 2 agreement, these are the headlines that western main stream media will blast out

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Let’s just get ahead of the curve here and help out Western main stream media, because while we hope Ukrainian citizens will take pause and begin the denazification process of their government, America has other plans…mainly the ‘Yugoslavation’ of Ukraine and Russia.

Given America’s addiction to war, conflict and chaos, the order will be directed to Ambassador Geoffrey R. Pyatt (the Governor of Ukraine) to tell his ‘on the ground’ nazi minions to not agree to anything written in the Minsk 2 agreement.

With that order, the US/EU backed Ukraine armed forces will continue their reign of terror in the East. Freedom of speech and press will continue to fall under the heavy hand of Ukraine’s Ministry of Truth, and the cat and mouse game of conscription will continue…as men not, willing to be put into America’s meat grinder of war, will try to flee to Russia seeking a safe haven from the chaos.

The minute Ukraine begins to drag its feet, and inevitably break every single requirement outlined in the Minsk 2 agreement, western main steam media, the State Department and every journalist under the Empire’s thumb will be ready to fire a barrage of propaganda and lies about who is to blame. *Hint, Russia and Putin of course.

So let’s get ahead of the western propaganda machine…

Here you go New York Times, Economist, Guardian, US President Obama, John Kerry, John McCain, Victoria Nuland, Jen Psaki, Angela Merkel, Donald Tusk, Anne Applebaum, Thomas Friedman and all the other western nut jobs driving for war with Russia. Hot off the press, and a few weeks in advance. Feel free to use any of the below headlines in your future news posts:

  • The obvious headline: Russia breaks Minsk 2 agreement.
  • The Iraq play: WMDs spotted in Russia.
  • Breaking news: Russia has just invaded Ukraine.
  • Social media headline: Facebook post says 19,000 Russian troops crossed border. Evidence…Facebook DUH!
  • The Putin invasion headline: Putin is using the Minsk agreement as a pretext to invade Latvia, Lithuania and Sweden. How? We are not sure, but trust us he is.
  • The WW2 History lesson: Prime Minister Yats claims on German TV that Russia actually bombed Pearl Harbor.
  • The Russian military headline: 300 Russian tanks were spotted in a military base near Vladivostok. An invasion of Ukraine is immanent.
  • The Merkel headline: Angela Merkel speaks on the phone with Vladimir Putin. The German Chancellor claims that Putin told her Ivan Drago was paid to take a fall against Rocky Balboa. “Putin is out of touch with reality” claims Merkel.
  • The Novorussian bombing headline: The Novorussian army has begun shelling Donetsk and Lugansk. Why are they shelling their own cities you ask? We are not sure, but trust us someone tweeted it.
  • The Ukraine army is winning headline: The Glorious Ukraine army has captured Debeltseve, Gorlovka, Saint Petersburg, and Lviv.
  • The Poroshenko speech headline: Ukraine’s President Poroshenko, in a speech before the US Congress, holds up a a pair of unwashed boxer shorts that he claims belong to a Russian soldier, who is now in Ukraine, fighting Glorious Ukraine army with his junk out and about.
  • The Russian planes flying over Europe headline: Russian Aeroflot planes were spotted flying over Heathrow airport and even landed on the runway. British jets scrambled immediately to intercept the planes.
  • The Hunt for Red October headline: Swedish authorities are reporting a strange object floating off their coast. Press reports a Russian submarine, turns out to actually be a piece of drift wood.
  • The ‘we need money’ headline: Ukraine government needs an additional $100 billion to continue its glorious path towards democracy. George Soros suggests EU should give Ukraine this money and simply add it to Greece’s bail out tab.
  • The NATO headline: Small earthquake hits western Russia which physically shifts Russian land an inch closer west. NATO says this is hard evidence that Russia is moving closer to NATO.
  • The Nuland headline: Another phone conversation between Victoria Nuland and Ambassador Pyatt is leaked on Youtube. Nuland caught saying “Suck on this…EU” while grabbing a hold of her crotch.
  • The John McCain headline: John McCain tells Fox News that America should provide lethal military weapons to Ukrainian citizens currently living in Canada.
  • The Yats headline: Yats gets a new pair of eye glasses…spots 3,316.19 Russian troops invading Ukraine. US/EU impose more sanctions against Russia.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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Bishop of Bath and Wells
Bishop of Bath and Wells
February 14, 2015

Yeah, we know how untrustworthy the EU/US backing is since they invaded Crimea and when they were asked about the invasion they even denied their troops being there. Oh, wait…

Rocky Racoon
Rocky Racoon
February 15, 2015

I think a lot of people in Europe are aware of what is going on they could very well hit the streets in their own countries and demand an end to sanctions and war get out of NATO and the EU and or join in an economic alliance with Russia……That is possible as well. We the people are pretty pioffed with our political and economic elites. Germany and France say no to weapons UK stirs the pot and the whole Euro deal crashes and burns. They are already half way down the tubes already. And Greece speaks truth to power……

February 13, 2015

RT @redpilltimes: What will western media headlines say when the #Minsk ceasefire is broken by #Ukraine

February 13, 2015

What will western media headlines say when the #Minsk ceasefire is broken by #Ukraine

February 13, 2015

#When Ukraine breaks the Minsk 2 agreement, these are the headlines… #timeline #notizie #news

February 13, 2015


Funny, but at the same dead serious, because we SAW already much of such #MSM graziness.

#Ukraine #West #Propaganda

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Meanwhile pro-EU Ukrainian parliament celebrates the Minsk Agreement with a traditional… fight