George Soros wants Europeans to pay for Ukraine. How about Soros gets things started by donating his $20 billion to the cause

Google “George Soros Net Worth” and this is the first result you will see:

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In an interview with the Financial Times, George Soros complained that European leaders were treating Ukraine as “just another country” in need of financial assistance rather than realising that the crisis in Ukraine (which Soros actively funded to create) is a greater danger to Europe’s economy than Greece’s upcoming election.

Never mind the fact that Greece is a full member of the EU and Ukraine is not even close to being an EU member state…at least not for the next 50 plus years.

In his FT interview….

George Soros accused western leaders of dangerously miscalculating their strategy towards Russia and Ukraine, arguing that the crisis there posed a lethal risk to the eurozone.

Mr Soros said sanctions on Moscow were having a far deeper effect than western leaders had ever imagined because of the collapse in oil prices and added that a Russian debt default would “not be surprising”.

He added that Russia’s financial meltdown represented a strategic as well as an economic threat to Europe, with Moscow’s policy likely to become even more aggressively nationalist as the economy deteriorated.

“Sanctions against Russia reinforce the deflationary and recessionary pressures that were already present [in Europe] but have now become a reality,” Mr Soros said.

“A default would be a big blow to European banks exposed to Russia.”

Despite those dangers, Mr Soros stressed that he was not calling for the easing of sanctions, which were a “necessary evil” to push Russian forces out of Ukraine.

Hold on…

Despite those dangers, Mr Soros stressed that he was not calling for the easing of sanctions, which were a “necessary evil” to push Russian forces out of Ukraine, and save George Soros’s investments in Ukraine and his hedge fund banker friends’ investments in Ukrainian assets.

Ok, fixed that sentence for you George.

Soros suggestion to the EU and IMF (i.e. European taxpayers and American citizens)…give Ukraine $50 billion. Yup…$50,000,000,000 to a criminal, corrupt group of oligarchs so that we can prevent the imaginary Russian invasion of Europe.

Why give the money to Ukraine? To destabilise Russia and eventually lead to regime change in Moscow. DUH!

This massively expanded financial firepower was the only way Europe could counter Moscow’s nationalist expansionism and save Ukraine from a bankruptcy that would strengthen hardliners in Russia.

“The EU itself is disintegrating,” he said.

“Russia offers an alternative view of the world — force rather than rule of law”.

Mr Soros said an economic rescue of Ukraine would change Russian politics. While a Ukrainian bankruptcy would cement the power of hardliners, he said economic regeneration in the country, led by the EU and US, would bolster a more western-looking opposition in Russia.

Not only would $50 billion help topple Putin, and halt Russian expansion (which to date has seen Russian troops moving dangerously close to Kazan and Ekaterinburg), but $50 billion funnelled into Ukraine is a solid investment opportunity…seriously, it’s a great place for European and American citizens to park their hard earned cash.

Mr Soros, infamous for betting against the pound in 1992, made no attempt to disguise his bias for Ukraine where he established a foundation in 1990 and said the country was ripe for investment.

He said western companies looking for Ukraine’s growth areas should turn to its energy networks and the agricultural sector of the Soviet Union’s former breadbasket.

The most lucrative area would be improving the efficiency of the country’s power and heating networks, which are 10 times more energy intensive than the average in the OECD, the Paris based group of countries that aims to promote sustainable growth.

“For investment, energy efficiency is tops and agriculture has great potential as number two,” Mr Soros said.

Ok, I am sold, but under one condition.

  • If investing in Ukraine will save Europe from the evil Red Army that is marching towards London as we speak…
  • break up an already too big Russia, into more manageable parts for even more resource plundering and money making opportunities…
  • make me a ton of money as the next Ukrainian energy and agriculture oligarch…

Then George count me in…but only if you kick things off by liquidating all $20 billion worth of your assets and being the first to invest in the awesome future that a neo-nazi, neo-liberal, European Ukraine will give us all.

So George, with your $20 billion, we are almost half way there…and once I see that you have invested in the Ukrainian dream, then my check will also be in the mail.

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January 9, 2015

RT @redpilltimes: George Soros wants Europe to give $50B to #Ukraine How about Soros starts by donating his $20B to the cause.…

January 10, 2015

RT @redpilltimes: George Soros wants Europe to give $50B to #Ukraine How about Soros starts by donating his $20B to the cause.…

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