Video of the LAPD shooting of a homeless man sparks outrage in the US

(Warning: Video contains violence and offensive language)

The Los Angeles Times reported that Police have not identified the man, who was later declared dead at a hospital shortly after the shooting which occurred around noon.

No officers were injured as police were responding to a robbery call on the 500 block of LA’s San Pedro Street.

RT reports…

Witnesses at the scene identified the victim as a homeless man known by his street name ‘Africa.’ Ina Murphy, a local resident, told the paper that Africa told her that he had recently been released from a mental facility where he spent 10 years.

An investigation is now underway to determine whether the officers used excessive force, CBS reported.

Witness Yolanda Young said the victim was arguing with another man inside a tent prior to the standoff with police.

“Next thing I know,” Young told CBS, “dude swung on a cop and the cop swung back. And they were hitting on him and then two other cop cars pulled up and they got out of the car and ran over there, and they had three tasers out.”

The sound of a Taser could also be heard in the video.

The shooting occurred in downtown Los Angeles’ Skid Row, near the Union Rescue Mission which provides a number of services to homeless people.


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