US is 100% certain Russia is not hitting ISIS. If US intelligence is so certain where ISIS is, what have they been bombing for the last two years

“Rarely have I ever witnessed a more deluded individual manage to turn the world on its head, painting a picture of US foreign policy that is utterly divorced from the tragic reality.”

An excellent post from Blogmire, entitled “US Foreign Policy: “Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting.


A more complete excerpt via Blogmire…

Listening to Barack Hussein Obama’s speech at the United Nations was one of the most nauseating experiences I have ever had, and it ought to have been accompanied by a health warning. Rarely have I ever witnessed a more deluded individual manage to turn the world on its head, painting a picture of US foreign policy that is utterly divorced from the tragic reality.

Yet, sad as that may have been, even more astonishing is the fact that events since then – which have moved at breakneck speed – have shown that the man has learnt not even an ounce of humility from the Emperor’s New Clothes treatment he got from Vladimir Putin. On the contrary he seems set on continuing in his ways.

With the agenda exposed like never before, and with their Middle East policy lying in ruins, you might have thought there’d be some sort of contrition and even radio silence from Washington and its global media outlets. Not a bit of it. No sooner had Russian planes got off the ground (perhaps even sooner), at the request of the Government of Syria, we were told that 33 civilians had been killed, including children, and that Russia was not targeting ISIS but the US-trained rebels.

I reserved judgement for a while. In these days of reckless propaganda, unverified claims and trial by social media, it is right to be cautious, especially when the alleged incident is so horrible. Nevertheless, my first thought was that it was mighty quick of the western media to tell us how many civilians and children died literally minutes after an airstrike in a warzone. All the more remarkable since they seem to have been unable to tell us this sort of thing when it has happened because of Saudi Arabia’s bombing campaign against Yemen.

But it didn’t take long for the claim to be shown to be false. A Tweet put out by the White Helmets organization, apparently showing a picture of a man carrying a dead child out of rubble after Russian airstrikes, turned out to be a fake, the picture having been taken several days prior to the Russian action.

What about the claim of Russia targeting US-backed “rebels” rather than ISIS targets? The first question that springs to mind is this: Since the US and its allies seem to be so clear about which targets the Russian planes have been hitting, and since they are so clear that they are not hitting the right targets, presumably they must have the military intelligence to know where the “right” targets actually are. In which case, what exactly have they been doing out there for the last year?

A couple of answers to that question spring to mind. Firstly, they’ve been violating the sovereignty of a nation that never gave them permission to be there. And I must say that the nausea generated by Barack Obama’s UN address is matched only by the nausea generated in the last year upon hearing these globalists, these neo-Trotskyite world revolutionaries, who despise the idea of national sovereignty, berating Russia over its alleged violations of sovereignty.

The other answer to the question of what they have been doing for the last year is not very much at all. Target practice in the desert maybe, but that’s about all. They certainly haven’t been tackling ISIS, for the simple reason that they need ISIS to serve their real purpose, which is the removal of the Syrian Government.

Their claim that Russia has been targeting “moderate” Syrian rebels is especially absurd. Less than a month ago, General Lloyd Austin, Commander of US Central Command, told the Senate Armed Services Committee that so far, the US had trained four or five “moderate” Syrian rebels to take on ISIS. You heard that right. Not four or five thousand. Not even four or five hundred. No, just four or five. Less than ten in other words. But apparently the Russians have now been targeting them. All four or five of them!

Or could it be that the “moderate” Syrian rebels that that the Russians have been targeting are the ones that were trained via a covert CIA programme since at least 2012? Very probably, but if so Russia’s actions have further exposed the diabolical US policy for what it really is, since most of these “moderates” are known to have ended up either in ISIS, or in groups like the al-Nusra Front (or al-Qaeda in Syria as they are also known).

So when Barack Obama said in his address that “we have demonstrated over more than a decade of relentless pursuit of al-Qaeda, we will not be outlasted by extremists”, would he care to explain how it is that days after he said this, we are now meant to be lamenting the fact that the Russians have apparently been targeting not just ISIS, but also groups like the al-Nusra Front, a.k.a. al-Qaeda in Syria? Our allies, huh?

Back in the days of the Soviet Union, the most potent weapon the West had against the tyranny of communism was simply to tell the truth about it. No need to lie, though of course there was a lot of that going on too. The Soviet Union, by contrast, needed its Pravda to feed people with lies and distortions.

Today the boot is firmly on the other foot. The western complaint about Russian lies and propaganda utterly misses this simple point: the most potent weapon Russia has against the tyranny of US neo-Trotskyist globalism is not to lie about it, but to simply tell the truth about it.

This is why at the UN, Putin’s Pin was so successful in bursting Barack’s Balloon. He didn’t need to lie to make the point. Rather he simply told the truth about what they had done, and the effect was powerful.

Yet far from backing down, the West is now cranking up the lie machine to maximum volume. It won’t end well. Their lies are now finding them out, and there is only so much lying to cover up lying to cover up lying you can get away with before your whole narrative collapses in upon itself.

As for the foreign policy pursued by the United States and its allies for the past couple of decades, it has been weighed in the balances, and has been found wanting.


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