Russia’s Foreign Minister: We’re not giving up our nukes anytime soon (VIDEO)

At a recent UN meeting, Lavrov discussed nuclear disarmament, chemical weapons, and the growing trend of fascism, pressing issues about which the world must know

At a recent UN Security Council meeting, Sergei Lavrov explained why Russia will not give up her nuclear option, saying:

“Russia doesn’t intend to join the treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons. Since the total elimination of nuclear weapons is possible only in the context of general and complete disarmament in the conditions of ensuring equal and indivisible security for all.”

Translation: So long as there exists in the world one single nuke, we aren’t giving up ours! [Which so happens to be the largest arsenal in the world]. That’s just one highlight of this interesting clip:

This is a good example of why “missile defense” systems can actually be seen as a threat by some countries like Russia. Missile Defense is one of the least understood aspects of modern warfare, and as a result, there is a massively misunderstood idea that missile defense is entirely peaceful and can never be used as aggression. One must realize when discussing these missile shields that Nuclear weapons only preserve the nuclear peace because they ensure everyone gets MAD.

That is to say “Mutually Assured Destruction”, if everyone knows an attack means they’ll also be attacked and equally destroyed, everyone should [ideally] leave everyone alone. A missile shield, however, complicates things, of course, it can be used for defense, but in the wrong hands, the country utilizing it could simply threaten “Ok, we can now destroy you without being destroyed by you.”

With a monopoly on nuclear weapons and possible immunity to them, they could become an international terror the likes of which has never been seen, threatening all their enemies with total annihilation if they don’t bow, even if they themselves are not aggressive. And if their missile shield isn’t one hundred percent accurate, they too would be destroyed.

Russia won’t give up her nuclear weapons, but not because she’s warmongering, but because she is a peacekeeper. The fact that humanity needs mutually assured destruction to keep the peace is merely a sad reality of our species. It’s an issue all humanity needs to work to overcome…Russia can’t be expected to do so alone.

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