The US bombing of Kunduz hospital is the Empire’s hypocrisy gone terribly wrong

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As translated by Kristina Rus from a post entitled, “It happened by accident. The Americans certainly didn’t plan it, but … it just happened” on Yurasumy.

In the beginning…

On September 30th, 2015 the Russian air force started bombing the militants in Syria. Those whom they felt necessary, or the most dangerous to the legitimate government of Syria. By a strange coincidence, they were American-grown ‘freedom fighters’ in Syria. The reaction was quite predictable.

Reuters, BBC, a few hours after the beginning of the strikes reported that “the Russians hit peaceful neighborhoods of the Syrian cities”. And referring to their own data, which until now was not confirmed by anything, reported 27 dead civilians in the area of Homs, six of whom were children (later it was 12 children).

As time went on, there was no evidence, and the bombing continued. And yesterday I came across two conflicting versions regarding the consequences of the raid, which only confirm that many Western journalists have to think on their feet. Let us leave “the unconfirmed civilian” victims alone, and look at the killed “militia-men” (by the way this is how Ukrainian media for the first time called Syrian fighters. It is noteworthy):


The head of the British observer mission Rami Abdel-Rahman, reported about 14 killed fighters, including 12 fighters of a group fighting with the “Islamic state” (ISIS). Two other victims belonged to a group associated with Al Qaeda.

Washington Post

Syrian militia backed by the US, appealed to the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama with a request to provide them with “earth to air” missiles to defend against Russian aircraft.

In particular, the representative of the rebel group Tajamu al-Izza, Mustapha Moarati stated that the positions of the group in the city of Latamne on Friday were subjected to intense bombardment by Russian aircraft.

“They do this for two reasons. First, because we are friends with USA, and they want to challenge the United States. And secondly, to defeat the Free Syrian army (moderate rebel group – ed.) on the ground to show the world that only the extremists are fighting with Assad and so he must survive”, – told reporters Moarati.

At the same time, Hassan-Haj Ali, commander of the rebel group, Suqur al-Jabal, which is supported by the U.S. and became the target of air strikes by aircraft of the Russian Federation, said that if the United States do not offer aid to the rebels, there is a risk of their further radicalization. He noted that the United States must either force the Russian Federation to stop bombing the rebels or provide them with a “earth to air” missiles.

So, the first says that fighters against ISIS were bombed. The second that … fighters against Assad and for the reason they are at war with the legal authorities of the country. So who are they fighting in Syria?

By the way, it is noteworthy that the leader of the group threatens Barack Huseynovich [Obama], that if the tall white master won’t give them the “sheytan-pipe”, they “will become radicalized”, and quite quickly, which under the present conditions means joining ISIS. Interesting, isn’t it? The American fosterlings, “fighters” for freedom are quite exemplary.


On the night of October 2nd to 3rd the American air force bombed a hospital.

According to the latest data, as a result of the strikes on the hospital of organization “Doctors without borders” in Afghan Kunduz 19 peope were killed: 12 staff and at least seven patients, including three children. Another 37 people, including 19 employees of the organization were wounded.

“Red Cross” raised some noise, standing up for their colleagues, and attempts to “hush” the subject failed. And it was very strange to listen to Barack Huseynovich:

“The Defense Ministry has begun a comprehensive investigation. We will wait for its results before making final conclusions about the circumstances of this tragedy”.

Agree. It is premature to make conclusions, although on Kundus case everything is obvious and clear. The most unpleasant thing for the US is something else. After the bombing of the hospital in Kunduz, as if by order ended the moaning about the innocent civilian victims in Homs and the sequence of conviction of the “Russian bear” was disrupted. Oh, what a bad timing for American hawks to blow up the Afghan hospital.

This is the state of our ‘democracy’. Selective and unprincipled. On one hand without any proof accusing your opponent of a crime and on the other, caught at the crime scene, asking not to make “final conclusions”.

P. S. Hypocrisy giving birth to abomination. Yes, all those who commit crimes and covers them up provoke abomination. From a President of “the most democratic” country to the last journalist whore.



The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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