Trump converts criticism to support and opens his first real lead [Video]

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“It was not supposed to be this way. It was not supposed to be this way. It was not supposed to be this way…”

This mantra is still being used by the likes of Hillary Clinton, and by a great number of Democrats and Never-Trumpers who continue to refuse to accept reality. This and the resulting hysteria known as “Trump Derangment Syndrome” have led to some of the most outrageous, funny, tragic and even deadly behavior seen among American citizens in a very long time.

Now it appears that this derangement will increase. Why? Because it looks like The Donald is smoothly and steadily pushing ahead of Joe Biden (or is it Kamala Harris?) in this campaign. Rasmussen Reports shows the President carrying a 52% approval rating. While it parallels closely the increasing approval ratings his predecessor, Barack Obama, enjoyed at the same point in the 2012 campaign, Trump is scoring two points higher, and that approval comes despite a massive media headwind that Obama did not have. 

In other words, this approval rating also appears to be a referendum on the believeability of the mainstream and cable news media outlets, most of whom have been pointedly dedicated to undermining the populist President in any way possible, fair or foul.

In a very scripted Town Hall format interview, hosted by ABC and George Stephanopolous, we saw in essence, DemocratWorld Meets the PresidentThis new program, so to speak, featured masked women giving troll questions to the President. They were loaded for bear, and supported by Mr. Stephanopolous, who is certainly guilty of not acting within the bounds of a true objective dispassionate journalist. Nope. He was the leader of the Inquisition, so to speak.

These poor, fearful, pathetic women who are portrayed as so fearful of the coronavirus that they are 35 feet away from the President and Mr. Stephanopolous in the audience stands, wearing face masks, show the face of the Democrat Party.

This was, honestly, weird. I have never seen an American political party so blatantly advertise and promote wimpiness and fear. This sends a message that the Democrat Party considers the American citizen to be helpless.

And if you are not helpless, you had better be.

This world was set against that of a President who is confident, unworried and certainly not afraid, and for many people, no doubt, the absence of a face mask as part of the “visual” projects confidence and fearlessness.

An unwitting side effect of the MSM’s attack strategy was to highlight the contrast between these two worlds, both appearing to the viewers in the same place and the same time. Adverse worlds met and President Trump, honestly faced the sentiments of approximately half of the American population. Donald Trump took the wimpy side’s questions and responded to them directly.

The magazine Conservative Hardliner featured this in their assessment of how the President did and for “DC”, the contributor of this piece, Donald Trump was able to convert what he saw and heard to positive effect. Many of us who are already Trump supporters know he is agile and one to seek solutions to problems, not to avoid them or ignore their existence. But the charge of Democrats has been that he does not make this connection. For DC, that claim was undone repeatedly, as in each time someone asked the President a question.

In DC’s view, President Trump’s handling of these questions was markedly to his advantage [the following are selected excerpts from DC’s piece, but we highly suggest reading his take in full – Ed.]:

…This event did not go how ABC and the Biden campaign had hoped, and without question independents watching this at home moved towards Trump for several reason[s] I’ll hit below.

To set the stage, the studio was a reflection of the Democrat Party and Biden campaign.  I watched it streaming, and it came through as morbid, sad, and lifeless.  The energy was negative, Stephanopoulos was a naggy troll, and the sparse audience members’ moods were uncomfortable…

In ABC’s vast search for uncommitted voters, they discovered this college professor who voted for Hillary in 2016 (spoiler alert: she’s not a professor of electrical engineering).  She was hostile with the President and complained about how she’s “minimized and not taken seriously” because, you know, she’s black, and on top of that, a woman.  Watch how the President flips the mood and her aggression:

The troll had to interject because the President went on a roll about keeping pre-existing conditions in his second term health plan, and calling out the Obama ACA disaster that forced an expensive mandate and didn’t let you keep your doctor.  The troll tried to push the narrative that President Trump hasn’t put forth a health care plan yet, as if he hasn’t accomplished more than any other President in history already and couldn’t get it done in the second term.

The independent saw this aggressive lady, who was rude to the President, nodding her head in unison with the troll, but they saw him compliment her academic accomplishments, empathize with her condition and assure her and others with pre-existing conditions that they’ll be covered.  The independent viewer, who’s completely done with the AntiFa-BLM terrorism in the guise of racism, didn’t like her insinuation that she’s marginalized because she’s a black woman.

This exchange made the lady and the troll (and the Biden campaign by extension) look negative while the President look caring.  The mask also looked stupid and worked against the Biden campaign with the independent viewer.

Another clip featured an “undecided voter” (also masked) pushing the absurd accusation that Donald Trump referred to fallen WWI soldiers as losers…

The President takes this negative attack and converts it into an opportunity to highlight how he rebuilt the military, as well as his accomplishments with veterans.  The troll then tries to use Mattis, Kelly, and Bolton coming out publicly against him, but the President masterfully positioned them as opponents to his success in middle east foreign policy.

He took the opportunity to highlight his peace deals and delivered a devastating indictment on never-ending wars.  He highlights how he’s bringing young troops back home, and how Iraq and Afghanistan was the “worst decision in the history of our country”, and even brings up that Saddam didn’t knock down the towers.

Wow.  Not only did the attempt to frame him as hating our vets spectacularly fail, but the independent viewer witnessed the most anti-war rant they’ve ever seen from a President.  This exchange alone converted a lot of independents.

The mask also looked stupid.

In the quest to alienate every person watching from home, this next lady who “votes Republican” had a question on “injustice”, and uses the criminals Floyd and Blake as pillars for “racial injustice” with a wokey, condescending righteous tone.  Her question was framed on a premise that there’s racial injustice in the United States, pissing off almost everyone watching this at home…

In conclusion, Trump killed it, and it was not good for the Biden campaign.  Contrary to the fake news hits that Trump stumbled and couldn’t answer questions, truly independent and open minded viewers were able to experience a President who was completely different than the character sold to them by fake news.  He was quick, empathetic, caring, and serious about fixing problems.

The contrast to Biden was a huge elephant in the room, and nobody will have an opportunity to watch Biden enter hostile territory and command the discussion.  The viewers of this town hall will also feel the Biden contrast, making the election day decision a no-brainer…

DC is very optimistic; I am personally more guarded. I am convinced that President Trump’s policies are the right ones for the country, but I am not convinced that the psychological condition of deranged Democrats and the incessant media attacks have been soundly rejected by enough Americans for common sense to prevail. However, this may be my inner Russian speaking, for polling in the US indicates that Trump has overtaken Mr. Biden in the polls and has done so not in a rocket-like surge, but steadily, slowly, and inexorably, as Dr Steve Turley elicits in his video clip below.

This is optimistic, and welcome to see, but today is September 16, 2020. More than forty days to go.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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Sue Rarick
September 18, 2020

I watched it and yeah it was intended as a hit job. Democrats remind me of my youth where I once set the city suspension record and barely made the minimum days in school — I also aced the mid and final exams – seems some snot nosed kid used to spend all his suspension time in the City library (they had great coffee and they even go me my own cup). Everyone assumed I was dumber than a rock yet I taught myself (with the help of retired old codgers) Higher math and Latin. Read all the master works… Read more »

John Ellis
September 18, 2020

Fiction, fantasy and fairytale, how you brainwash experts get enough viewers to believe your crap just shows how satanic the world has become.

Sue Rarick
Reply to  John Ellis
September 18, 2020

Missed you John – glad to see they let you out for the weekend

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