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Trump election challenge will crush the mainstream media’s blackout [Video]

For all of the time since November 3rd, the big media and social media outlets have been trying to pooh-pooh the fraud allegations. Imagine if they come out wrong.

I think Dr. Steve Turley says everything that we need to think about in this video below:

It looks like the biggest election showdown since 1876 is set to happen this week. The mainstream media has been breaking its back trying to convince the American sheeple that Biden is an inevitability. He isn’t. Admittedly, it is very likely that Biden will prevail here, due to political pressures more than factual ones, but it does indeed look like we will see a real showdown of one type or another.

Since we are crazy enough to be in this situation, I will be crazy enough to offer speculation on the possibilities we might see unfolding in two days:

  1. Vice President Pence decides to read the “alternate slates” of electors, securing a Trump victory. Also, securing massive riots by screaming liberals and a great deal of tension across the country. Pay attention though, and you may realize something.
  2. Vice President Pence decides to call for a commission of five US Representatives, five Senators and five Supreme Court Justices to investigate the fraud allegations. This will result in massive riots by screaming liberals and a great deal of tension across the country.
  3. Vice President Pence will decide to read the “accepted” electoral votes, triggering a combined House / Senate challenge. Fox News, the new traitors of the twenty-first century (sorry, Fox, but you guys decided what you decided so this is what you get), claim through their propaganda that such a challenge will not work at all. That remains to be seen, what with a reported 160 representatives and 12 senators now on board, with many more likely to join, as the political fallout of not supporting Trump will spell the end of their political careers. Oh, and yes, with this challenge there will be massive riots by screaming liberals and a great deal of tension across the country, though probably a little less than options 1 or 2.
  4. If Number Three above happens, then of course the debate over this will begin. My guess is that because of stupid-brain politics, it will fail. Logically, it ought not to fail. Trump’s team has very soundly proven that the 2020 election was compromised. If the politicians try to ram Biden down America’s throat as the media has, offering no efforts to prove the legitimacy of the election, AND if Biden wins and gets inaugurated, there is going to be a big problem. About one-third of the country will probably try to secede or defy the Administration in some way, maybe more that that. There will be massive riots by screaming liberals and a great deal of tension, but curiously, only the conservatives will be fingered for being somehow “out of line”, though unlike the liberals, they will NOT stage massive riots with violence. But they will make it very clear that Biden is not accepted. President Trump will also leave the White House without conceding, to show that he does not accept the legitimacy of the election, but by not fighting in some more drastic way, he will succeed at putting all the onus on Biden.

In all of this, the media that has been working so hard to squash this process through rhetoric and propaganda is going to be forced to cover it. And if Trump wins…

Can you all feel that? That is the fires of truth burning up the mass-media liars. They are admittedly pretty bold, because the MSM has bet its entire stock on the notion that this thing really is going Biden’s way. It will either go Trump’s way or it will not, but if it does, the media is in for it, and if not, they are still in for it, just in a different way. And if Biden wins? What do you think will happen?


Everybody will be watching that poor old man like a hawk.

We must include something here. The new Congress met and featured a prayer by a supposedly ordained minister, Representative Emmanuel Cleaver, a preacher who actually does not know what the word “Amen” means. (It means “so be it”). Apparently he is really just a Social Justice warrior, and in no way a Christian because he said “Amen, and A-woman.”

This, plus the nature of the prayer to everybody including Brahma and the “monotheistic god” (why not bring in polytheism? Let’s start praying to Zeus and Apollo while we’re at it; it would at least be classy! But no, prayer is all about sex now because there must be something discriminatory about saying ‘Amen’…)

Of course, Jesus Christ was never mentioned. We all know why. It is because these people all hate Him so much that they cannot even bear to speak His name.

If Trump wins the victory in this climate, I would have to put that down as a massive proof of God loving us more than he is tired of such idiots. But if Trump loses, we all just got a good idea why. While President Trump is a God fearing man in the best way he knows how to be (because the Orthodox Christians don’t get off their comfortable chairs and proclaim the Truth, there; I said it), he is surrounded by so many people who have made rejection of the Lord their top priority.

We may end up with the leadership we deserve rather than the leadership so many of us want.

It would seem that a LOT of prayer is in order.

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January 5, 2021

all wishful thinking — instead of ‘reporting’ breathless announcements about someone else doing something why don’t these commentators do it themselves — I just think this is mostly click-bait and its not the first ‘big showdown looming’ announcement either — the scale of the fraud should tell you that the US elite have decided to get rid of trump any way they can, doing whatever it takes — reading the article all these things depend on Pence would you put your cash on him to do them? Forget it, is my advice — Turley is a used car salesman, selling… Read more »

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