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Told you so: No more sexual allegation stories about Judge Roy Moore

The slander and smear campaign did its work well enough to stop the controversial firebrand from winning US Senate office

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

In an earlier article, dated December 14th, 2007, this author made four predictions regarding the fate of Judge Roy Moore’s candidacy:

In short, here are those predictions:

(1) The “allegations” against Judge Roy Moore will seem to vanish.

(2) NEW allegations with much greater ferocity will be brought against President Trump and selected GOP individuals, all of whom show greatly conservative leanings.

(3) The Democrats will get very bold about 2018, and the Dems will act like they are completely in control.

(4) This will lead to some very interesting public drama, but it will also cloud the picture.

So, how are we scoring?

Prediction #1 has shown to be absolutely true.

As of January 2, 2018, the status of Judge Moore’s campaign is that it is over.

Doug Jones was certified as the winner of the US Senate race.  Moore challenged the election results, alleging voter fraud, but as we know, usually voter fraud does not play a measurable role in elections, and there was none to be found in this race. Moore has still not conceded the race, and this plus other behavior only operates to his own discredit at this time.

This post-election drama has not been very widely covered, but there has not been one peep in the MSM or anywhere about sexual allegations.  Nor are there now.

This proves one or both of two things:

(1) – that the allegations are not true – because if they were this would be something that should still be in the news, dogging the Judge’s heels.  After all, he is a noted controversial figure and a Christian conservative, so taking him down with real history would be an unholy grail achievement for liberals eager to prove the Judge’s personal hypocrisy.

(2) The allegations were never important except as political fodder. – For some reason, despite all the media and commercial narrative promoting sex anytime, anywhere, with anyone, it is still easy to play on the “moral code” of Americans when it comes to leaders or candidates for leadership.

Why is this? While we can still repeat the idea that our candidates and leaders ought to be “a bit above the rest” in terms of character, it seems that if we really cared about this in the first place we would have already vetted our candidates from the very beginning of the process. Either we do not really care about morality or we are slow to express it for other reasons.

Prediction #2 has not coalesced – yet.

One possible reason is that the media cannot mount an effective attack against the Donald, because he does not run scared before them.

This is a skill Roy Moore faltered at during his campaign, which actually lent enough credence to the allegations that loyal supporter Sean Hannity had to stop midstream and demand straight answers from Moore.

However, Trump handles himself very differently.  For one, he tells the truth and addresses his errors directly.

This gives the press nowhere to go. For when a false allegation arises, Trump hits back and digs in.  He is aware that he controls the press when he refuses to play by their rules.  And so are they.

All this being said, the Atlantic ran a piece before the special election detailing allegations of 19 women against Donald Trump, and one can still expect to see this activity as soon as the Left and MSM think they have something.

However of these 19, only one has filed suit at all, nine have not said anything since the election and one – Ivana Trump – retracted her claim as without merit and expressed her admiration for her ex-husband and the conviction that he “would make an incredible president.

Chances are that they will act in a superfluous, flawed manner though, and that they will be further shot down.  This is based on past and near-present behavior in the MSM now.

Prediction #3 has shown to be absolutely true.

The Democrats took Alabama and called it an “Anti-Trump” groundswell in the making.  They also used the Gubernatorial election in Virginia, and Al Franken’s resignation to bolster their narrative.

However, the Democrats have also done very little to form any kind of coherent platform of ideas for their party aside from calling Donald Trump a reprobate.

As the President sealed his first major legislative victory with a substantial tax reform package signed into law, the Democrats found themselves in the same position they themselves said the GOP was in 2009: of being obstructionists with no actual new ideas.

The only difference is that the MSM is on the Democrat side of this argument and the DNC still cannot be shown as the party with ideas.

The GOP had plenty of ideas and great ones during the years of Obama.  But they were squelched successfully since the vast majority of MSM is anti-GOP.

Further, it does not seem likely that the DNC can create a party line for itself based solely on identity politics. The tax cuts will give almost everyone in the USA a paycheck that is a bit larger, and in some cases, they will get quite a payout, because the repatriation of monies by companies from their overseas entities back to the USA will facilitate this.

Identity politics do not pay bills.  The DNC is going to have to work hard to find an effective answer to Trump, and it is not going to be about simply upholding the rights of minority groups.

Prediction #4 has not shown itself.

We have not said “yet” here, and this prediction may in fact be wrong.

Again, the issue here is not about Roy Moore.  In fact, it never really was.  The goose gunned for was Donald Trump and as noted above, he has scored in a BIG way.

The drama now has withdrawn back to the careworn dossier-instigated Mueller investigation.  And that also is not going as many people hoped for.

The liberals and never-Trumpers were hoping for a connection to be dredged up out of fantasy or for public opinion to get so poisonous against Trump that impeachment proceedings would then become something desired by the American populace.  But in what has to be one of the most amazing miscalculations of modern political history, the investigation is pinging the Democrats, and most notably, our Gal Pal, Hillary Rodham Clinton, as the force that created this mess.

Donald Trump has specifically stated that he has no plans to fire Robert Mueller.  And, why should he?  Mueller is actually doing a great job proving Trump to be correct – that there was no collusion between his campaign and Russia, and that if there was any such activity, it came from the Clinton camp.

The longer this thing goes, the more likely it is to destroy power players that actually did abuse their power and privilege, and this will serve to exonerate Trump and make the news media look more and more petty and biased.

So, at this point, it appears we are two out of four, with a third one yet to be manifest.

Something remarkable has been taking place in American politics, must like it has in the nation overall.

The departure of President Obama and his administration was like the departure of a miserable fog over the nation, and really of the world.

While the US has YUGE problems to solve, (in foreign policy, in this author’s opinion), it has begun to solve some of its internal difficulties, and this is a very important first step.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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