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CNN smokes weed on air to bring in 2018 New Year (Video)

CNN smokes weed on air to bring in 2018 New Year (Video)

They cannot shake the ‘fake news’ label, and so they’ve found a new strategy hoping to get viewers…trading in the “Fake News Network” moniker for the “Cannabis News Network.”

Via The Gateway Pundit

CNN reporter Randi Kaye, sporting large marijuana leaf styled earrings, lit a bong for a pot smoker during a live report from Denver broadcast on CNN’s New Year’s Eve show Sunday night that was hosted from Times Square by Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen. Kaye was also seen several times holding lit joints on air.

Video posted online shows Kaye placing an unlit ‘gas mask’ bong to her face while she is reporting from Denver, where pot is legal on the state level, on a party Cannibus headed to a ‘puff, pass and paint’ party. Kaye then hands the bong to a man who tells Kaye the bong is “stuffed” with cannabis. Kaye is then seen on air lighting the bong for the man.

Media analyst Mark Dice mocks CNN’s weed party coverage…

Twitter users mocked CNN for its pot stunt…

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CNN smokes everything.

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Igor Chornyvolk

CNN smokes old dirty socks

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