Top ten most triggered liberal lunatics (Video)

Will This Insanity Continue in 2018?

Will the liberal lunatics continue to spread their insane ideologies in 2017?

Here is Mark Dice’s “Top 10 Triggered Liberal Lunatics of 2017.”

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Ioannis Xanthopoulos
Ioannis Xanthopoulos
January 2, 2018

Yes the western liberal movement unfortunately will continue into the ages of ages! Amen

Seán McGouran
Seán McGouran
January 2, 2018

Boring wank…

john vieira
john vieira
January 3, 2018

There are a LOT more ‘hanging around’….heck an entire generation was ‘taught’ stupid, ‘graduated’ ignorant and ‘earned’ participatory degrees in things like Applied Ignorance and Hooliganistic Endeavours…

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