Spoiled brat Russian presidential candidate defiles church, dances drunk on New Year’s (VIDEO)

Liberal ‘opposition’ heroine Ksenia Sobchak channels Pussy Riot and shows her true colors at the entrance to an Orthodox Church, posted on Instagram

It would seem that at least one Russian presidential candidate is a bit more daring than a candidate elsewhere might be.

Or, should we replace the word ‘daring’ with ‘thoughtless’? How about just stupid?

At any rate, this video shows Candidate Ksenia Sobchak dancing, apparently drunk, in front of an Orthodox Church with two men, accompanying the video with the description, “About last night, or Pussy Riot is no longer what they used to be.”

While the dancing itself is relatively tame, the fact that these three are drunk and dancing in front of an Orthodox Church to secular music is one that will not go over well with many Russian people.

In 2012 the feminist group Pussy Riot staged a performance inside Christ the Saviour Cathedral, with lyrics to their singing that were laced with obscenities.  They were arrested, tried and convicted of hooliganism and sent to prison for two years. Considering the very conservative sentiment most Russian people feel about the Church, this is not a good comparison for Sobchak to make of herself, even though she is well-known as a liberal.

This is not the first time Sobchak has dealt with Pussy Riot. In 2013, she interviewed the band and, as liberal as Sobchak may be, she was completely unable to comprehend the band members’ own attitudes.  This interview made Buzzfeed, and is credited for showing the dazzling lack of intelligence Ksenia Sobchak really has.

Even the reputedly liberal St Petersburg crowd might have some problems with this, and in Moscow, the thought that might accurately describe her chances of becoming President of the Russian Federation would have to be, “not a snowball’s chance in Hell.”

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