This is the Paul Pelosi story Elon Musk briefly tweeted [Video]

Mainstream media won’t touch the notion that Paul may have been walking on the wild side

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This is a full reprint of a piece in the Santa Monica Observer that was apparently blocked Monday after Elon Musk briefly tweeted a link to it.

The story it proposes is that Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul is an active homosexual, and that the well-publicized incident involving a very serious attack with a hammer may have been something like a sex-related quarrel.

Before going to the piece, it seems necessary to say a couple things:

First – while tremendously opposed to Nancy Pelosi in thought, word and deed, I think this incident is very tragic – if anything, the notion that this is closet homosexuality brought forth makes it even worse. I have been praying for Paul’s recovery simply because this is an awful thing to have happened – to ANYONE.

Second – If this is true (and the logic does connect), this may go a long way toward explaining the House Speaker’s inexplicable pro LGBT etc stand and abortion – because her own family life is outrageously afflicted, and like any human being in such a situation, there always exists a wish to self-justify in order to survive. If so, this is extremely, extremely sad.

Third, and most importantly – This is not a story for your children. Parents: Be Parents. What follows is disgusting and not suitable even for most adults. You have been warned.

Now, let’s look at the piece. Archive it – it has been blocked already, and it may be blocked again. In our times, that means it is worth keeping on your local drives and reposting as needed.

The Awful Truth: Paul Pelosi Was Drunk Again, And In a Dispute With a Male Prostitute Early Friday Morning.

“Paul Pelosi stated that he doesn’t know who the male is but he advised that his name is David and that he is a friend.” Yeah, right.

Update 10/30: In response to this story, San Francisco Police said today that victim Pelosi and suspect Depape, did not know each other prior to the attack. SFPD reaffirmed that the assault followed a break-in.

As SF’s gay bars closed at 2 am, two gay men met in a bar and went home together. Happens every night in the City by the Bay. Except one of these two men, was married to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

I might disappear for telling you the truth. If I do, you’ll all know why. But here’s what really happened early Friday morning in San Francisco. IMHO–in my humble opinion.

According to SFPD “RP [Reporting Person] stated that there’s a male in the home and that he’s going to wait for his wife. RP stated that he doesn’t know who the male is but he advised that his name is David, and that he is a friend,” the dispatch official said. “RP sounded somewhat confused.”

It’s been a rumor for years in SF that Paul Pelosi is gay. David Depape is said to be a Castro Nudist. “The lunatic who allegedly assaulted Paul Pelosi is a Berkeley resident and a ‘Former Castro Nudist Protester’ and hemp ‘jewelry maker’ …sounds totally MAGA Republican to me. 🤣🤣” this from Twitter.

Ok, so here’s the theory, as related to me by a source: “Castro Nudists are a group of really radical gay male prostitutes that parade around naked with c–k rings. First of all, the Police did not come in response to an alarm. They come in response to a “wellness check”. So someone called them to check on Pelosi.”

“When he didn’t answer the phone, the cops broke the sliding glass door to get in. Pelosi was struggling with the suspect, who was in his underwear.

Pelosi owned the hammer. Not Depape. Or, the male prostitute was doing something Pelosi didn’t like.”

“And then there was the press conference when they didn’t know the mic was on. During that, a reporter confirmed that the suspect was a gay Castro Nudist, but (authorities) told him he couldn’t use it.”

“Now tell me something. These people are worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Nancy is third in line to the Presidency. You don’t think they have the most amazing security? And by the way, when Pelosi was in that drunk driving accident, he had a young man with him, and that too was covered up by the police and the press.”

“How would (suspect Depape) have been able to break a window that without triggering an alarm? He didn’t. The police broke the window to gain entry. There was only one hammer, and it belonged to Pelosi. And only ONE cop quoted the perpetrator saying, “Where’s Nancy?” None of the other sources said that happened. ”

“And one of them could easily have broken that window. Remember, there was no alarm triggered. How would (suspect Depape) have gotten into that house without doing that? The cops smashed the glass to gain entry.”

Who called 911 to initiate a wellness check? Either Nancy or her staff, who hadn’t hear from Paul all evening and suddenly it’s 2 am. Or a neighbor, hearing a fight at the Pelosi residence.

Admittedly, David Depape is a known nutcase. He’s an election denier, says mainstream media, who has posted conspiracy theories online. That may be true, but he also lives in Berkeley, where he is a 42 year old career student.

“My law firm served a lawsuit against Paul Pelosi one time in SF after attempting to serve at other residences-Napa, Georgetown. They weren’t home, but staff were, and multiple law enforcement officers were on the perimeter. Break-in is odd given this level of security.” said Harmeet Dillon, Republican National Committee Chairman.

Update: This story has gained a lot of interest. Our response to some of the comments is posted on Twitter.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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November 1, 2022

If you married Nancy Pelosi you have, umm, “problems”. Enuff said.

November 1, 2022

Jeeeezus! What a demented family.

Kevin Holt
Kevin Holt
November 2, 2022

God gives the unrepentant over to a depraved mind eventually. I really think that is what is going on. To explain that statement just read Romans 1:15-32 in its entirety. Paul explains to us through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit that when humans choose to engage in self-destructive behavior and will not turn away from it even after having the truth explained to them, they eventually get so far down the path of destruction that God finally lets them go as they choose, and they walk right off into hell. All of these depraved people in the world are… Read more »

November 2, 2022

I questioned the official story when it first came out. Especially the claim the perpetrator broke in. I find it insulting my intelligence by the media and the Police, to expect us to simply accept their concocted story. The FACT is Pelosi’s are MULTI MILLIONARES TEN TIMES OVER, and probably even more. To claim that such folks would not have the best security system installed in their homes, instantly raise the red flag. Why were the police even called, one would think an efficient security system, would have been activated the minute the ALLEGED perp broke the glass. The story… Read more »

Reply to  Eddy
November 4, 2022

A former neighbor of the Pelosis, claimed that the Pelosis’ security systems scrambled the computers in her house.

November 4, 2022
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This explains Nancy’s hysterical behavior towards Trump, she is not getting any at home.

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