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They are waiting for Biden

Kurdish media sites revealed information that “an American intervention the Ain Issa line in syria  to persuade the Kurds not to hand over the city to the Syrian army and the Russians, and to wait until the administration of the new US president, Joe Biden, takes over its duties.”

According to those sites, “US military commanders have confirmed that President Biden may return US forces to Ain Issa, Manbij and Ain Al-Arab, and expand the American military presence in the region to prevent Moscow from expanding east of the Euphrates.”

She also talked about “the Kurdish leaders will seek to prolong the negotiations until the new US administration takes over, and the features of its own policy in the Syrian file become clear.” In the same direction, the official spokesperson for the “Autonomous Administration” confirmed, in media statements, that “the Autonomous Administration will not hand over the town of Ain Issa or any other region to any party,” accusing “Russia of not assuming its responsibilities in front of the Turkish violations against the city.

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Taffy Tuck
Taffy Tuck
January 1, 2021

So. because Russia is not assuming its responsibility to protect the Kurds from NATO Turkish onslaught, the NATO Americans must intervene to do it. Is that the story they want to stick with?

Sounds to me as daffy as a bridge made of Turkish taffy.

Jens Stoltenberg
Jens Stoltenberg
Reply to  Taffy Tuck
January 1, 2021

I once tried to ford a fjord with a shipload full of Turkish taffy.
But had to stop midstream when ordered to bomb that guy Gadaffi.

It’s tough being a mindless flunky.

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