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The Virome

By Zac Bush

What is the virome and how and why is it produced by the microbiome and human cells? In this 35 minute video, Dr. Zach Bush, M.D. elaborates on critical distinctions pertinent to human and planetary health as we look for solutions to respond to pandemic and endemic viruses. Learn how viruses have made the adaptive and resilient life that is exemplified in the mammals of our epoch, and how the toxins we’ve introduced on a massive scale create extinction level stress on the planet and ultimately destroy the fabric of this life within and around us. Ending the cycle of pollution is key to human and planetary health. Even though it may seem daunting, there is so much we can do to overcome these challenges and co-create a better future for our global community.

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Paul Martin
Paul Martin
September 18, 2020

Very good and Dr. Zach Bush packs a lot of info into 30 minutes, including some interesting observations to consider (such as why “cold and flu” season arrive every year in the third week of November, with carbon implications). But like many he still seems to play it according to the “rules” — e.g, sticking to the narrative of “Viruses According to Germ Theory,” and not only that, but conflating viruses and various microbes, including exosomes — while cautiously trying to posit the microbiome as part of a terrain theory approach to health. It’s only partly successful because I think he… Read more »


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