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The Seven Weird Demands Of Black Lives Matter

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This page from the website of this pernicious organisation was archived on June 18, but the demands therein have been there for some time.

Let’s go through them sequentially first, then we will add some further comment. Demand number 1 is: “Convict and ban Trump from future political office”.

That’s President Trump to you, or Mr Trump, or at the very least, Donald Trump, although some urban blacks are now calling him Daddy Trump because as one Fox News pundit put it, most Americans would rather have $2 a gallon gas and a few mean tweets than what they are currently experiencing.

Demand 2: “Expel Republican members of Congress who attempted to overturn the election and incited a white supremacist attack”.

You mean the stolen election? And what white supremacist attack might that be?

“Launch a full investigation into the ties between white supremacy and the Capitol Police, law enforcement, and the military”.

Hmm, does that include the black Capitol police officer who murdered a white woman named Ashli Babbitt on January 6, 2021?

“Permanently ban Trump from all digital media platforms”.

That Trump fella again, hmm. Who else does Black Lives Matter want censored, anyone they don’t like? How about anyone who reports on the way they spend the money sent them by well-meaning saps?

“Defund the police”.

This phrase sounds insane but if done correctly would be sensible. For example, in the UK, the police have taken to investigating “non-crimes”. That is something that definitely does need to be defunded. In the United States, prostitution is illegal. Whatever one thinks about this profession, there are better ways of reducing the social evils associated with it than arresting whores and their clients. Legalising brothels, and giving women a pathway out of prostitution are just two of them.

Sadly, this isn’t what the Black Lives Matter organisation means.

“Don’t let the coup be used as an excuse to crack down on our movement”.

In other words, let us riot like we did after the death of George Floyd and as we will do on any suitable pretext. In case you forgot, looting = reparations.

“Pass the BREATHE Act”.

This has been endorsed by useful idiots like Marc Lamont Hill.

Alas, we are told “The police were born out of slave patrols. We cannot reform an institution built upon white supremacy.”

It is difficult to take these people seriously. The police have been around in one form or another since civilisation began as have the courts, criminal and civil. The Emperor Augustus created a policing system of sorts in 7BC. Today, we need dedicated professionals to maintain public order, deal with traffic, look for missing children, detect crime, prevent crime, take dangerous people off the streets, and so on. Exactly how does this equate with “slave patrols” and “white supremacy” or anything of that nature?

In short, like all the others, this claim is idiotic.

The bottom line is that Black Lives Matter is a scam and always has been. As it was formed years before Donald Trump announced he would run for President, clearly it wasn’t started as an anti-Trump project, but it has certainly become one.

It is currently under investigation in Indiana and ultra-liberal California, but the big question is what has it done for the people it professes to care about? Donald Trump set up enterprise zones and passed prison reform legislation that affects those at the bottom of the food chain. He also guaranteed funding for historically black colleges, something of assistance to upwardly mobile blacks. On the other hand, along with the white braindeads of Antifa, Black Lives Matter set the nation on fire, literally. If people are to be judged by their actions, who would you rather see running America, Patrisse Cullors and her gang, or Daddy Trump?


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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June 19, 2022

We might also observe that Black Crime matters. Oh wait, is that a political Third Rail? A forbidden topic? A no-go zone. Sorry.

William H Warrick III MD
William H Warrick III MD
June 20, 2022

I’ll take Daddy Trump.

There’s nothing defensive about NATO. It’s 100% for U.S.-backed INVASIONS.