Syrian special forces moving to crush rebels who killed Russian pilot

Tiger Forces are ready to ‘teach them a lesson about bringing down planes’

A video has emerged from Syrian Tiger Forces, the elite of the Syrian Army, and they are ready to avenge their comrade, the Russian pilot who was recently shot down.

The terrorist scum better watch out, these are the same guys who broke the siege of Deir ez-Zor, aka Syria’s Stalingrad, and they’re ready for retaliatory action.

“Now they need to be stepped on. Now we’re on our way to Idlib. We’re going to Saraqeb to run them over, to teach them a lesson about bringing down planes”. Soldiers repordily said in the video.

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Go get em’ tigers

The leader of the Tiger Forces, Maj Gen Suheil Al Hassan is well known in Moscow, as are his famous Tiger Forces.

For their particular specialty in eating ISIS for breakfast, their general has been decorated by the Russian military.

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Al-Hassan has received the “Gold Sabre for Bravery” from the Russian Army Chief, and he has no intention of playing around. This is a man who kept postponing his promotion to general…the reason for it…

He was afraid being a general would take him away from his troops, and keep him distracted with democracy from his true passion – grinding terrorists into dust.

The “Moderate Decapitators” in Idlib better hope the Russian air force carpet bombs them first, because if this guy get’s his hands on them, they are in for a very, very, very bad day.

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