Russia goes all out with humanitarian aid effort in Syria’s war-torn Homs province

After the conflict is over, the Syrian people will be left in no doubt who there true friends are

Russia has delivered humanitarian aid by the truckload in Homs Province, which has been devastated during the war in Syria. Another big shipment has just arrived.

Russia has been handing out the life-saving aid, as well as providing medical assistance all throughout the country.

Russian soldiers protect children who speak Jesus’ language in Syria

You never see the Western coalition doing anything close to what Russians are doing for Syria, and as a result, Syrians won’t forget who their true friends are. Sputnik Reports:

KFERRAM (Syria) (Sputnik) – The Russian Defense Ministry’s Center for Syrian Reconciliation said on Tuesday that it had delivered a new batch of humanitarian aid to the settlement of Kferram in Syria’s central Homs province, which has been hosting 700 families displaced during the conflict in the country.

“There are 700 displaced families in this village, which have arrived there from other settlements over the past four years. Each of the families includes at least seven individuals. That is why we have decided to provide assistance to this particular settlement,” the center’s spokesman Dmitry Neutolimov told reporters.

The food kits supplied to the settlement will be primarily distributed between the families of those killed and injured, Musa Saad, the head of the village, said.

Saad also expressed gratitude to the Russian people for supporting Syria.

“Due to Russian help, and the efforts of our President Bashar Assad, and your [President] Vladimir Putin, we are restoring peaceful life here in the mountains,” Saad pointed out.

Russian military doctors also provided medical examinations to those of the village’s residents who needed it.

The Russian center’s military doctor Anton Ershov said that the Syrians in Kferram were suffering from respiratory system diseases, as well as colds, viral infections, and other diseases.

The Russian center supplied the required medications to the Syrians, Ershov noted.

Local Orthodox church superior father Isa welcomed the Russian military’s activities supporting Syria.

Russia has been providing military assistance to the Syrian pro-government forces, as well as regularly supplying humanitarian aid to the country’s nationals suffering from the civil war raging in Syria since 2011.

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