Syrian Immortal Regiment – 10,000 Syrians march honoring fallen Russians

‘Have you ever seen Iraqis marching for fallen US soldiers?’ asks Syrian News

More than ten thousand townspeople gathered in Aleppo to celebrate the anniversary of the liberation of the city.

They held an “Immortal Regiment”, a solemn¬†procession carrying portraits of Russian and Syrian servicemen who died during the counter-terrorist operation.

The Syrian media posed an interesting question, saying:

Have you ever seen citizens of Afghanistan or Iraq marching with photos of fallen US soldiers?

It’s a valid question, one would argue while the average¬†citizens of those countries certainly do not wish any ill on Americans, but they would never praise them, as in their view, these are the invaders who destroyed their countries. How many Americans truly believe a country they’ve invaded in recent memory would celebrate them like the way Syrians are celebrating Russians. It destroys the narrative that Russia is attacking Syria.

The fact that Syrians march indiscriminately with Russian and Syrian soldiers mixed together shows they know who their true comrades are.

Among the photographs of fallen Russians were:

Lieutenant Yevgeny Dolgin, Colonel Ryafagat Khabibullin, General Valery Asapov, Special Forces operator Alexander Prokhorenko, Marines Alexander Pozynich, Lieutenant Colonel Ivan Cheremisin and other fallen Heroes.

Two nurses were also not forgotten: Nadezhda Durachenko and sergeant Galina Mikhailova, who died tragically during the shelling of the field hospital in Aleppo by the militants.

In addition, the demonstrators carried posters depicting Bashar Assad and congratulated the servicemen who participated in Operation Dawn of Victory, which ended on December 22.

People expressed hope that next year all Syria will be cleared of terrorism.

For more photos, check out this Russian site.

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