Sexism, ‘Macho atmosphere’ to blame for Trump victory, says Supreme Court Justice

Justice Ginsburg says that anyone who watched that election could tell that sexism ‘played a prominent part’

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, at a Columbia University Women’s Conference on Sunday, responded to a request for an elaboration for a comment that she made on PBS back in September of 2016 where she said that she had “no doubt” that sexism was among the reasons why Donald Trump won the Presidency instead of Hillary Clinton.

Ginsburg is of the opinion that nobody would have criticised a man the way that Hillary Clinton was criticised.

She added “I think it was difficult for Hillary Clinton to get by even the macho atmosphere prevailing during that campaign, and she was criticized in a way I think no man would have been criticized. I think anyone who watched that campaign unfold would answer it the same way I did: Yes, sexism played a prominent part.”

The Supreme Court Justice continues to criticise Trump, and has done so ever since he won the Republican Presidential nomination, to which Trump responded with a tweet in July of that same year.

Hillary also appears to be of the same sentiment, while she has expressed this position on numerous occasions, but most recently at a speech at Georgetown University, where she described the bleak future that this misogynist atmosphere will yield, in her opinion.

Meanwhile, all this time, the liberal media has been telling us that Russia is actually to blame for Trump’s victory. That they, the Russians, “meddled” in the election by buying some Facebook ads and posting a few tweets. So, now, the question is, is it the sexism or Russia, or maybe it’s both. Maybe Russia’s election meddling is sexist. Maybe that’s the next turn that the Russia probe will take.

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