US backed ‘moderate decapitators’ shelled Russian Embassy in Syria

The militants intentionally provoke conflict with the Syrian Army, possibly to illicit a US response

In Damascus, militants formally classified as “moderates”, by the US from the Eastern Ghouta region have shelled the Russian embassy, and trade mission. According to Vesti News:

272 mines and projectiles have been fired at Damascus over 10 days, leaving 13 people dead and more than 100 injured.

While the Militant groups officially claim they want peace in Syria, and the US and their allies demand the Syrian government talk with them, and make every effort to protect the terrorists, the extremists betray their true motive was never peace.

This is because it seems they fire at the Syrian Army, whenever things become slightly more calm, in order to provoke an army response and escalate the violence. The terrorists not only sabotaged the humanitarian quarter meant to protect civilians, but attempt to sabotage and destroy the very Reconciliation Center set up by the Syrian Government for the purpose of peaceful negotiations with them.

The militants and their apologists in the west, try to make them out to be anti-government freedom fighters who want peace, yet why do they sabotage the peace talks? President Assad has in fact extended to ALL parties to conflict an amazing peace offer – even if they caused absolute terror, in the interest of ending the war and saving the lives of future Syrians, Assad has extended full amnesty to all fighters so long as they simply lay down their weapons, and cooperate with the reconciliation centre. Those who have not completed their mandatory conscription must go to the army, those who have are free to return to their lives after a short rehabilitation.

This program shows the unconditional lengths to which the Syrian government is willing to go, in order to save the Syrian people, and as a result, anyone who would sabotage it, as these militants did when they attacked the Russian embassy expose themselves as agents of terror, and enemies of the Syrian people.

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