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STOP-THE-WAR: Idealism And Ignorance — Part 2

Quigley might have added the British stamped out thugee and suttee in India the same way they stamped out not only slavery but ritual murder in Africa, the latter being a practice that was still being carried out in the second half of the Twentieth Century.

To this we might add that India has also retained English as an official language, the country has a wonderful English language press, and many educated Indians speak it better than many of us natives.

It should come as no surprise that Yaqoob also endorses Black Lives Matter, which begs the question what does her imam think of its lesbian founders and their rejection of not only religion but the family?

Third speaker Chris Nineham was anodyne in comparison with the previous two, although he did speak of the Mau Mau as though this terrorist uprising enjoyed massive popular support. The truth about Mau Mau was very different. As Frank Kitson wrote in his 1960 book Gangs And Counter-gangs:

it was “One of the most remarkable instances of a cause being manipulated, if not invented, in order to make a wide appeal…educated African nationalists clearly wanted to get control of the government so as to steer the country towards independence [but] they realized that such an idea was far too vague to appeal to the tribally minded people of the time. They therefore decided to concentrate on one relatively minor grievance which existed by reason of the fact that when the country had been settled by Europeans in the first decade of the present century, a very small area of Kikuyu land had been occupied because, at the time, there were no Kikuyu living there.”

In other words, Mau Mau was a totally contrived uprising, and, incidentally, a native regiment, the King’s African Rifles, was instrumental in putting it down.

Nineham is on firmer ground when he attacks the Thatcher Government for the outrageous Falklands War, a conflict that was both totally unnecessary and could easily have been avoided.

He doesn’t think much of the war on terror either, but who does? He ends with China but again places all the blame on the Western Imperialists for the current poor state of relations. Doesn’t he realise the Chinese have been colonising Africa by stealth? Some African leaders do.

The question and answer session afterwards saw Onoura asked about reparations for slavery. Unsurprisingly he is for them, but when the subject turned to debt, Salma Yaqoob gave the most promising answer pointing out that the banks can create money out of nothing when it suits them.

All she needs to do now is join up the dots to realise the big problem isn’t Imperialism, rather it is usury. Don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen.

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