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CDC Reports that the China Coronavirus Mortality “Is Currently Below Pandemic Threshold”

By Joe Hoft

The CDC now is reporting that the China coronavirus mortality is below a pandemic threshold.  Will Democrats be celebrating this?  Will the MSM report it?

The CDC is currently reporting on their website that the China coronavirus is no longer a pandemic – the mortality rate has fallen below the pandemic threshold:

Of course the Deep State CDC adds a caveat that this “will likely change as more death certificates are processed, particularly for recent weeks”.

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However, recent weeks show a declining number of deaths per the Worldometers coronavirus website:

It’s long past time to put this whole pandemic panic in check. 

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White House Legal Advisory
White House Legal Advisory
July 16, 2020

Yet another reason to sue China for trillions. If they’d only maintain mortality rates above those in the US and UK, we could show some token compassion in our lawsuit.

STOP-THE-WAR: Idealism And Ignorance — Part 2

America declaring China’s territorial claims illegal is all bark & no bite. The US is militarily & economically impotent