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Steven Turley: New Civil War being fought on three fronts [Video]

Rural versus urban, and Radical Left versus Democrat in the nastiest and most pathetic civil conflict in history

Remember this piece I wrote a few months back? “The Second Civil War Part III” in which I outlined the rural/urban divide that denotes this conflict? And also how there is no real option other than that the rural side will win, because of one simple truth:

Cities cannot feed themselves.

See? I told you so. I caught on to this several weeks ago.


The thing is, I do not have to be the best journalist in the world to see simple facts. The amazing thing is that in America it is taking so long for people to see these very simple facts. But, thank God, they appear to be accepting the reality.

There are also some aspects that I did not predict, but which make absolutely perfect sense. One point is that it is unlikely that all voters who are members of the Democrat Party support the riots and violence. Indeed, as the supposed “moderate” Joe Biden continues to cave to the far-left within his own party, it is become more and more clear that the radicals have taken the Democrat Party away from a much larger segment of the American population that, while Democrat, certainly are not anti-police and socialist, let alone revolutionaries.

In this aspect a very interesting setup seems to be taking place. The rural residents of the US are predominantly conservative and mostly Republicans, and many suburbanites are Democrat, especially university educated people and women. But most of them are easy converts to a more conservative cause once they see a riot happen before their eyes, or worse, if their home or family is directly attacked by the radicals.

This conflict is not yet to the place where it collapses under its own weight. In fact, given the nature of people in situations like this, things are likely to continue to deteriorate for some period of time. However, the backlash, in the form of neighborhood militias, cooperation with what police forces remain in defunded cities and what we might call the “privatization” of security is putting many Americans back about one hundred years, to a time when each of us knew that we needed to be able to protect ourselves.

Unfortunately, there is likely to continue to be bloodshed. Even these most pathetic leftists are dangerous with their weapons, and the neighborhoods they try to invade or intimidate are equally – if not more – dangerous with their own weapons. People are going to get killed, and there will not be much done about that, since there are not enough police to do the protecting in the framework we all had come to rely on for so many years.

You saw it here many weeks before it started. I hate to say “I told you so” when the reality is that people have probably died and certainly been injured seriously to prove my point, but I told you so.

The question is simple: how long will it be before the American people who want law and order realize fully that if they want this, they must make it happen themselves? It may take a while yet.

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