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Steve Pieczenik talks on Infowars

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Most recently, Alex Jones interviewed Jewish American writer, former US state official, psychiatrist, and publisher Steve Pieczenik. The full video, without commercial breaks, can be accessed here. I do recommend people take time to watch it. Some key takeaways from this hallucinating interview are mentioned below.

Doctor Steve Pieczenik claimed to have been part of all sorts of operations, from soft coups to assassinations. Among other things, he claimed involvement in the “soft coup” against Nixon, in “disarming” the Khmer Rouge, and the assassination of Ytzhak Rabin. Pieczenik said the Mossad didn’t know about “the coup against Rabin,” which I find extremely implausible. According to Pieczenik, he had interviewed Rabin and found him to be too depressed, so he referred the matter to Bibi Netanyahu’s right hand man [he refused to name the person], and then the operation commenced. Pieczenik maintained the assassination wasn’t a response to the Oslo Accords… Strangely enough, at least at first glance, Pieczenik views Bibi as a corrupt narcissist, and thinks Gantz should run the efficient “company” of Israel.

He also explained why the CIA had to partner with the Mossad for, more or less, its day to day operations. According to him, the CIA was infiltrated with “communists” and it was the Mossad who made this revelation to the US chiefs at the time and they helped the CIA clean out the Cambridge Five. After that episode, Pieczenik said the white anglo-saxon protestants came in and others who decided the CIA had to infiltrate the press, control the media, have everyone on the CIA payroll, and compromise influential individuals through blackmail. Pieczenik points out that everything the Mossad did in the US was in conjunction with the CIA, and that he was 40 years against the practice of entrapment and blackmail – referring to Jeffrey Epstein as one example. Unfortunately for Pieczenik, though he claimed to have arrested one Mossad agent after 9/11 and claimed to have warned the Israeli secret service he’d go after their agents if they didn’t fall into line, such stances are, again, highly implausible. But I guess he has to say that in order to deny accusations of being an Israeli agent or a double agent. He had the decency, at least, of denying the Epstein suicide narrative, and said the CIA and the Mossad will never be held accountable…

Referring to JFK, Steve Pieczenik said he had extreme mental issues and “the greatest number of wars everyone had ever seen.” He also pointed to LBJ who had “increased the war presence.” In Steve Pieczenik’s view, these people were part of the Jewish-Italian-Irish mafia. He puts the Maxwells in this same group. He also made correct assessments on continental European geopolitics, on Syria [Bashar al Assad], and Iran. Surprisingly, in these segments, though short lived, Pieczenik makes good observations and comes out highly reasonable. Then again, we can’t rule out dissimulation, especially for people with his background. Next, he prided himself in having put Hun Sen into power in Cambodia, in helping Pol Pot, and lamented the fact that the Chinese are populating the Spratly Islands [just like he warned decades ago] and are “taking over” Cambodia, “a country I helped to create.” It’s fair to say that Pieczenik knows how to dissimulate, how to feign indignation, how to frame history in order to disinform – and I think he had a particular easy time with many people on Jones’ platform, albeit some were wise to his selective bs. I think the man’s very clever and knowledgeable, but he suffers from American Exceptionalism…

At no point did Alex Jones grill him for his involvement in these nefarious, psychotic operations. Maybe grilling would be too much to ask, but at least a follow up question, the least bit critical. None. The fake patriot, warmonger, Christian Zionist shill Jones went on to state that the US going into a full “war with China is good.” Alternate media commentators who criticize US covert and overt involvement in the Middle East and in East Europe, but who insist that the US needs to pull out of those quagmires so it can instead focus on opening up a new front in East Asia – with the aim of launching a cold war with China, and even escalating it into a shooting war like Steve Bannon and Jones would love to see – these people are just as hypocritical and dangerous as the neocons they criticize. These warmongers, preachers of Judeo-Christian values as they like to present themselves, are in my opinion the most dangerous group, simply because they have the military hegemonic advantage over the globe. They make the law, they warp perception of events, and manufacture consent for arbitrary, unfair, unaccountable, brutal state policy – which impacts the lives of people across the world.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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December 25, 2019

Pieczenik paints himself as a white hat sort of guy but his closet if full of dirty laundry .So tied into disinformation ,this type even believe their own deceptions .
Looking forward to a better year in 2020 .Fingers crossed.

December 26, 2019

Amen, excellent summary and analysis.

December 26, 2019

Check out the picture behind him. he’s Epsteinian.

December 27, 2019

“full war with China is good” really…well, I guess its one way to clean up the “US problem”, and in short order. But I would be a little concerned about the “fallout” associated with that solution…

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