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The Truth About The Deep State

The repeated and ongoing attempts to take down Donald Trump have led to claims that he is a victim of something called the Deep State. There are two extreme positions regarding this narrative. The first is that Trump is indeed the victim of a massive conspiracy. The second is that this conspiracy is so massive that the only place it can exist is in the minds of “conspiracy theorists” and that any and all attempts to overthrow Trump are justified.

The reality is that the conspiracy against Trump is very real, and if it has been exaggerated at all, this exaggeration is minimal. Furthermore, those with long memories will recall a certain Hillary Clinton alluding to a “vast right wing conspiracy” to destroy her husband’s Presidency.

Before proceeding, some necessary explanation to dispell the stupid semantic games of the mainstream media. The dictionary definition of a conspiracy is a combination of persons for an evil or unlawful purpose. That is all. A conspiracy requires a minimum of two people. When E. Jean Carroll claimed Donald Trump raped her two decades and more ago, the truth about this phantom rape was soon revealed. A 2012 episode of an American TV series featured the same unlikely scenario of a woman being raped in the lingerie department of the Bergdorf Goodman department store.

Shortly, Media Matters contributor Alex Kaplan published a lengthy article in which he claimed this was a conspiracy theory, adding that Carroll told two people shortly afterwards. The truth is there was no conspiracy here because it was not suggested that Carroll concocted this claim in collaboration with anyone. She is simply away with the fairies whatever her friends now claim, but to call her detractors conspiracy theorists sounds good.

Hillary Clinton’s earlier claim was probably due partly to the claims of sexual harassment  and worse that were levelled at her husband. However disgraceful was Bill Clinton’s treatment of Monica Lewinsky, men like him and Donald Trump don’t need to prey on “victims”, victims come to them. It is only years or decades later they realise they were victims, that’s if they even met the alleged abuser in the first place.

Returning to conspiracies in general, it will be seen that the dictionary definition is sufficiently broad to encompass most human activity. An atheist may considered religion evil, and a believer may consider atheism evil. As both believers and non-believers organise, most of humanity can be considered conspirators by that measure alone. Where does that get us?

The reality is that broadly speaking there are two types of conspiracies: open and closed. Theists, atheists, pornographers, censors…any category you care to name, can all be considered members of open conspiracies because they operate openly and legally. On the other hand, a closed conspiracy – anything from a paedophile ring to a terrorist cell – can only operate in secret because of legal suppression.

Those who mock conspiracy theorists wilfully confuse the two types of conspiracy – a campaign of defamation in the mass media is not the same as a concerted attempt by a few people at the top of the previous administration to frame the new President as a Russian agent. Which brings us to the Deep State.

Two of the many pledges Donald Trump made in his election campaign were to stop America’s endless foreign wars, and to scale down its massive bureaucracy in order to allow free enterprise to thrive. His pledge on stopping foreign wars has gone down well with the military because he coupled it with a promise to actually build up the military so that no other nation will dare start a war with America, ie peace through strength. But consider his other promise.

In 2014, then British Prime Minister David Cameron vowed to cut three thousand regulations that were holding back especially small businesses. Trump has gone much further, simplifying tax returns, labour regulation, restrictions on agriculture, and a great deal more. While some regulation is necessary for health and safety, etc, much government regulation simply creates make-work jobs. As Trump supporter Dan Bongino has often pointed out, there is no power in yes.

If  you were wondering about the relevance of the cartoon at top of this article, wonder no more. That cartoon is from India, but its message is universal: government jobs are secure, they tend to be well paid, have excellent conditions, and fat pensions at the end. Furthermore, apart from China, where corrupt or incompetent officials may suffer Draconian sanctions, apparatchiks enjoy immunity from their mistakes and their perfidy. A wrongfully arrested person may sue for wrongful arrest or assault, but the police don’t pay out of their own pockets.

In short, government employment is an enormous gravy train, especially for those at the top. Donald Trump is a threat to all these people: their abuse of power, their kickbacks, their lack of accountability. Those at the top of the pyramid constitute the Deep State, and it is no wonder they have moved and are still moving Heaven and Earth to be rid of him.



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j t
j t
December 25, 2019

Did you just say something? I kept waiting to hear you discuss who exactly makes up the deep state and the things they do that we/people don’t know about, or some such thing. (I already have my own fairly informed view of who these mainly ex-govt/military/intel/etc employees and appointees are…but that’s a different point.) But you didn’t really say anything that speaks to “the truth about the deep state.” What truth?

December 27, 2019

“However disgraceful was Bill Clinton’s treatment of Monica Lewinsky, men like him and Donald Trump don’t need to prey on “victims”, victims come to them. It is only years or decades later they realise they were victims, that’s if they even met the alleged abuser in the first place.” You, you sexist pig you! How DARE you? Why, you don’t understand what it is to a woman subjected to the dirty, filthy abuses of those in the male patriarchy at ALL! YOU! YOU INSENSITIVE BEAST YOU!! To suggest that poor exploited women would use sex to advance their position in… Read more »

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