From deep state to police state: Censorship in America

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In a society that values free speech and a marketplace of opinions, reading or viewing any source of information shouldn’t be scandalous or controversial. But thanks to Deep State, mainstream media and Congressional attacks on alternative media, those who enjoy alternative media sources are often socially ridiculed, scored and shunned.

Imagine if you will,  a normal workplace environment in the New York, to use just one example of a big US city. In that office there will be Republicans and Democrats, Giants fans and Jets fans, men and women, black and white, US born and foreign born people. So far so normal.

One wouldn’t be shocked to see the Jets fan reading websites with positive views of the Jets nor would one expect a Giants fan to read papers which don’t give detailed predictions on the next Giants game.

But what if person ‘K’ isn’t into sports, gossip, music or art. Person K prefers to read political websites in his free time. Again so far so normal. But what if instead of reading the New York Times or watching CNN he watches RT, listens to Alex Jones or Ron Paul and reads Breitbart, Sputnik, The Duran or ZeroHedge?

In a country at peace with its own free speech laws, this would be no more of an exciting issue than the fact that someone from New York supports a New York based football team. But in today’s neo-McCarthyite era, this is not the case.

People who have diverse opinions which may include those regularly voiced by alternative media sources are meant to feel unpatriotic, they are meant to feel un-American, they are meant to feel subversive, salacious, stupid, ill-informed or even dishonest.

If you think these epithets are hyperbolic, think again. A quick glance through social media or worse yet the comments sections of MSM stories slandering alternative media, will prove that I am actually being restrained in my use of the adjectives which are constantly thrown at alternative media readers and viewers.

How can it be that in the ‘land of the free’ and frankly in Britain and Europe to an equal if not at times worse degree, people who challenge prevailing government and media orthodoxy are meant to feel less than decent? Why is it that the freedom of expressing or even reading a political opinion can get one unfriended not just on social media but in real life as though listening to InfoWars is tantamount to being some kind of criminal pervert?

Such shunning applies even to those who speak highly of Wikileaks, virtually the only journalistic outlet in history with a 100% record of accuracy. So not only do the elite and their useful idiots fear intellectual opposition, they fear something that is a statistical absolute truth; the releases from Julian Assange’s Wikileaks.

The answer to paraphrase Ronald Reagan is that the shame trickles down. When supposedly respected Senators like John McCain and Representatives like Maxine Waters deride all people who don’t subscribe to their politics as ‘Putin employees’ or ‘foreign agents’, people will pick up on it and they will both consciously and unconsciously think of those who support Donald Trump or Rand Paul in the same light.

These are the physiological tactics of ideologically driven police states. Because the thought police cannot be everywhere at once, citizens of police states throughout history have often been asked to ‘turn in the Jew’ (Nazi Germany), ‘turn in the man with a Bible’ (North Korea), ‘turn in the counter-revolutionary’ (Maoist China).

America is not at that level yet, but the trickle down isolation that alternative media followers are increasingly feeling is part of the same ethos, using similar tactics.

Had Donald Trump not won, I suspect things would have been a lot worse. At least now when people are shunned as being anti-American for supporting alternative media, one can say, ‘So too does the US President’.  But when the President himself is being accused of being some sort of Russian tool by the mainstream media, Congress and Deep State bodies, it does not bode well for the average citizen.

American liberals obsessed with Russiagate are doing to the US Constitution what ISIS attempt to do to the Holy Koran. They are taking beautiful documents (albeit one the word of man and the other, the Word of God) and distorting the meaning beyond the point of recognition.

We  must resist the temptation to think that such people, no matter how powerful and wicked, are the real America. The real America is people Ron Paul, and his son Rand,  just as real Islam is about community, family and piety not about death and destruction.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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