Snagged: Adam Schiff caught in his Russian collusion whopper [Video]

Coronavirus pandemic cannot conceal this disaster for the American Deep State

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Liars always get caught. It may take some time, even years or even longer. They may even die before they get caught, but they always get caught. Right, Adam (Schiff)?

However, it is also true that liars always try to get away with their lies. Enter one Democrat US Representative from California, Adam Schiff. For going on three-plus years, this man has been insisting that he possesses “direct evidence” that Candidate Trump’s campaign colluded with agencies of the Russian Federation to interfere with the 2016 presidential elections.

Not that this should matter, as it is now 2020 with a new presidential election on its way. Nevertheless, despite repeated conclusions by investigative committees in the House, the Senate and other places, the Special Counsel that ran for two years, headed by a team of Trump-hating investigators, none of which were able to get anywhere close to confirming Mr. Schiff’s claim, he held on to it.

Of course, he also did something that many liars also do. When asked to be shown the evidence, he refuses, or deflects the question to give them an answer like “I already told you how”, when he did nothing. Being a politician, the man is gifted with a few skills that make him surprisingly adept at the art of the lie. He has a pleasant speaking voice. He is slick with his rhetoric. And best of all, he has these bug-eyes that make people either think he really is emphatic about what he says (or that he is crazy, as the multitudinous memes of him show).

Fox News released a report about 11pm Wednesday (New York Time) that started with this simple lede:

Transcripts of House Intelligence Committee interviews that have been cleared for release show top law enforcement and intelligence officials affirming they had no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia during the 2016 election, senior administration and intelligence community officials told Fox News on Wednesday.

But it gets better:

This would align with the results of former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation — which found no evidence of illegal or criminal coordination between President Trump, the Trump campaign and Russia in 2016 — but the numerous transcribed interviews could raise further questions about committee Chairman Adam Schiff’s past statements saying that there was “direct evidence” of collusion.

“Schiff is in panic mode,” a senior administration official told Fox News.

This seems most evident because the article goes on to say that the hapless Schiff tried to throw this off track by investigating the acting Director of National Intelligence for being a Trump hack (The acting DNI, Richard Grennell is a Trump supporter), and therefore potentially obfuscating or twisting the release of the transcripts in the President’s favor. However, that also did not appear to work out so well:

A day later, acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell notified Schiff, D-Calif., that the redaction and declassification process was complete, and that the records were ready for release, putting the ball in Schiff’s court.

However, intelligence officials told Fox News on Wednesday that Schiff has had his subcommittee staff director reaching out to heads of intelligence community agencies asking how Grenell was involved and what role Grenell — a known Trump ally — may have played in the declassification and redaction process.

Fox News is told, however, that the redactions were completed before Grenell took the helm as acting director this past February.

Sorry, Adam. What was that thought about “the walls closing in”?

Another source familiar with the transcripts told Fox News that the people interviewed by the House Intelligence Committee during its Russia probe were asked whether they had evidence that Trump, himself, or the Trump campaign conspired, colluded or coordinated with Russia during the 2016 election.

Two sources familiar with the transcripts told Fox News that not one of the 53 witnesses could provide evidence of collusion.

“The transcripts show a total lack of evidence, despite Schiff personally going out saying he had more than circumstantial evidence that there was collusion,” one source involved in House Russia investigations told Fox News.

Brooke Singman, who authored the Fox piece, has a solid piece here that just piles evidence on that shows that Adam Schiff appears to be in his own little world as far as his claims go.

Now, truth be told, I am a rather rabid Trump supporter. It began because when I heard him take the government to task for being stupid, in very plain language, it was what I and so many others had been saying we wished someone running would say, and of course that they would do something about it. The President has definitely been doing as well as saying. The chaos in Washington is evidence to that fact.

But the emotionalism behind the anti-Trump crowd comes from a lot of people who are not neccessarily rabid liberals, but people who have not come to terms with the reality of the United States at the present time. These folks talk about wanting to feel that the government takes care of them (which is a complete 180 from how the US government was envisioned), or that the Chief Executive should be “presidential”, rather like a nobleman in terms of how he speaks and how he acts. Donald Trump fails on both of these counts. While he uses the powers of the government to help people, his goal is to let people help themselves and to get the government out of their way.

This would make Americans truly free and independent once again, and that frightens a lot of folks who are afraid to be free and independent. It means they have to risk, and fail, and risk again.

The other issue, the “nobility” factor, went away a long time ago. President George W. Bush tried, very valiantly, to uphold the Office of the President as a noble office and a noble calling. Now, of course, many geopolitical wonks will take issue with this thought, but this is not my opinion. This was the President’s own opinion of how the Presidency ought to be approached. He particularly took issue with the prior occupants (the Clintons) ransacking of the White House before they left. He wanted to bring dignity back into DC. He failed.

Donald Trump understands reality. He punches because he gets punched and he knows that it is very important that he win. The people that put him in the White House expect nothing less, and he has been nothing but faithful to them.

We have reported again and again how this behavior is counter to the Washington establishment, which for many decades has excelled only in serving itself. Now, with the COVID-19 crisis in place, the government on all levels has vastly increased its level of control on American society. The Americans generally do not like it, either. The nanny state that some people want – well, it is here! This is the reality: Stay at home. Do not gather in groups. Don’t go to Church, because your government deems it ‘non-essential’, and so on. Now we hear stories about the food supply having difficulties.

Thanks to super-powerful government, the kind that Adam Schiff dreams of, perhaps, the United States is becoming Venezuela. While the crisis is a temporary factor that may indeed require draconian measures like this (we still do not really know), the evidence is amazingly clear that government control yields disaster. The question now is which is the bigger problem: Covid illnesses or a collapsed nation?

Trump has to fight to get the US back on a paying basis, and he is doing a good job at it. Is it messy? Absolutely. Independence is messy business. It is risky? Will his reopening of the country kill more people? Probably not. The virus was transmitted around the world despite all the quarantines (which is a subject of further investigation that is coming). COVID is now part of the endemic disease landscape. This is probably the best assumption. Because of this assumption, it seems to be time to get up, dust ourselves off, and get back to living. This appears to be the plan, not only in the US, but also here, in Russia, as the reality of our situation becomes more clear.

How does this relate to Adam Schiff and his apparent Russia collusion fantasies?

It doesn’t. That is the point. Representative Schiff seems to live in an alternate universe and while he does this, it is unlikely that he is successfully representing even the most liberal of liberals in his district in California. His crusade against the President takes energy and time away from solving real problems, and with this latest bit of news, his efforts are shown to be more and more irrelevant.

Political inertia is very high in the US, though, so one cannot be sure that he will be removed from his elected post come Election Day. However, an informed reader here might be able to discern for themselves and decide that perhaps someone who understands reality might be better suited to elected office.

Steve Turley gives his further, excellent commentary here.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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May 8, 2020

Wouldn’t give you a plugged nickel for anyone mentioned in this article.

gwynn oneill
May 9, 2020

He can always plead insanity, his eyes already do that anyway.

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