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Sidney Powell Lawsuits Reaction & Kraken Analysis, New Exhibits & Filings, Election Fraud Leftovers

I seen The Duran’s latest video on GooTube, and you had some legal questions about the US election, so figured you would gain a bit of insight as to the legal end of things with this video. This GooTube video is from the R & R Law Group explaining some of the things now going on with the Trump Legal Team. They go over a lot of the evidence they have now seen, and what it all means legally.. Hope this helps…

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Craig Watson
November 30, 2020

Here is Gen. Michael Flynn discussing the Kraken and why they are providing security for Trump now in his first interview since being pardoned. He discusses who the Kraken are, and the ongoing coup and treason being committed by quite a few in the government to depose Trump. This is the kind of information being censored by YouTube so I suggest watching for a lot of very interesting info before YouTube removes it because it contradicts the deep state agenda:

Reply to  Craig Watson
December 1, 2020

I listen to this. What I want to know is if the CIA fired on and killed American soldiers. That seems like a really serious situation to me.

Killing a man just for smuggling cigarettes

Boris Johnson Unleashes The British Police Force Against His Own People, As He Crucifies An Entire Nation On The Cross Of The NHS