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Shocking scenes outside Donald Trump’s D.C. hotel

Of the many horrific scenes which have transpired on the streets of America at George Soros funded riots, one of the most horrific, eerie and disturbing occurred outside of Donald Trump’s recently opened hotel in Washington D.C. One of the rioters was marching with a sign that simply said ‘Rape Melania’, an unambiguous reference to future First Lady, Melania Trump.

Thus far, the media have not identified the person holding the placard but they should identify the individual and he or she should be arrested for making a criminal threat. Based on the tense atmosphere of the riot, one cannot discard the prospect that the individual intended to carry out the criminal act.

The photo of the event was initially brought to my attention after being widely shared by Breitbart news editor Milo Yiannopoulos. He stated that he too did not know the initial origin of the photo.

The fact that someone could wave a sign like that with impunity totally vindicates the need to have a more adequate police response to the riots. I of course do not blame front-line officers, I blame the political establishment who are afraid to take on George Soros and the big money behind the riots.

Such a sign is simply inexcusable. Beyond the criminality of the statement, there is an underlying deep hypocrisy. Donald Trump was accused of every misdemeanour and indeed every high crime in the book though he remains totally innocent. If he had the time to take to court all of the people who slandered and libelled him, I doubt he’d have time to run the United States.

It’s time to expose the crimes of the miscreants polluting the streets of America and LOCK CRIMINALS AWAY AGAIN!

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